Top 10 Things We Can Do to Prevent Weight Gain in Winter

Winter weight gain statistics show that people are more likely to gain weight during winter than during summer. There are a few reasons for which this happens. One of them is that we start to move less when it’s cold outside and we burn far less calories. Another reason is that we need to wear more clothes that cover the problem areas and we don’t see them anymore so we are not concerned about them. Still, there are a few things that tell us how to prevent weight gain in winter.

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10. Try to Prepare Healthier Food Instead of Traditional Meals

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During the holidays, most people gather their families around the Christmas and New Year’s Eve table and fill it with a lot of heavy and unhealthy dishes. Each winter weight gain story starts with the Christmas dishes. If you are hosting this parties or get-togethers, it is much simple to control what you eat. But if you are a guest, then you should eat at home before going there in order not to feel tempted to eat too much of the unhealthy food. It might seem rude to the host, but in the end, it is about you feeling good in your own shoes.

9. Try Not to Stress too Much


Other winter gain story will start with the holiday stress. Even though this period of time should only be about happiness and joy, a lot of stress gathers up as you have so many gifts to buy and you are afraid not to forget someone. There are so many things to do that you don’t find the time to relax and enjoy the season. Some people get confused because of this and start to eat compulsively even if they’re not hungry. Try to find at least 10 minutes of relaxation per day and before you eat anything, try to figure out if you are really hungry or you’re just stressed out.

8. Avoid Overscheduled Calendars

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Amongst all tips on how to prevent weight gain in winter is to put workout back on the list. Avoid using excuses like, I have to travel, to go shopping for presents or do other thing and move your ass to the gym. Thinking like “I got to exercise” will help you find time for yourself. This is equally important as the other things you have to do.

7. Portion Control


Winter weight gain statistics also show that during winter we tend to eat more in addition to eating unhealthy food. So, even if you eat food that you normally wouldn’t, at least try to do this in a moderate manner. Savor your favorite dishes in order to eat less. This doesn’t mean that you have to restrain yourself from all these goodies, just to eat smart.

6. Cook Smarter

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Learning how to prevent weight gain in winter will help you educate yourself in cooking. You can still use your favorite recipes but try to take out all unnecessary calories and fat and include other healthy ingredients. For instance, there are a lot of Italian recipes that can be transformed into high protein boosters and low calories containment. Change oil with applesauce for baking, use only small amounts of salt and remove yolks from egg recipes.

5. Be Persistent

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Other winter weight gain story starts with “all or nothing”. This is not recommended if you wish to accomplish anything in life, nor in fitness. In order to reach your goals and maintain them, you should be persistent and not overwork yourself. Try to banish out the idea of being perfect and implement perseverance into your life. If you don’t have time to exercise for an hour and a half don’t give up, just go to the gym for 30 minutes.

4. Be Active

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Winter weight gain statistics have revealed that most people just want to spend more time with their families and not spend their time in the gym during holidays. That is perfectly understandable, but how about finding a way to keep being active and exercise alongside your entire family. For example, go for walks, put on a Zumba DVD and dance with your kids, you’ll have fun together and keep your body to the optimal burning level.

3. Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

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Alcohol is responsible for getting fat according to winter weight gain statistics. Actually, it slows down the process of losing weight, especially cocktails that are full of sugars and carbs. Usually, when you go out with your friends, you feel the need to drink something, but you can order a glass of wine instead of a Cosmopolitan or a beer and try to stop after the first two glasses. If you don’t want them to look different at you just take your car and tell them that you’ll be driving back home and you can’t drink.

2. Weigh Daily

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Learning how to prevent weight gain in winter will mean nothing if you are not motivated to do this and you don’t have positive thoughts about it. Do this for yourself, do this because you want to stay fit and work harder in the beginning of the next year. Don’t give yourself a time limit, don’t force yourself to exercise only to show the ones who said you are fat that you will lose weight, to this because you want to.

1. Stay Motivated and Positive

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Finally, all winter weight gain statistics show that stress and society keep us from achieving our fitness goals and avoiding a winter weight gain loss. Still, it is only in your power to change that, start hosting holiday meals at your place and cook all dishes so that you will start changing your family’s habits. There is nothing more important than feeling good about yourself. So make things happen.

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