Top 10 Things We Can Do On Mars Colony In Future

By now you must be aware that Mars exploration has been yielding promising results in the recent years. Unlike other galaxies, Mars has soil, moisture in its atmosphere, liquid water and other habitable conditions that promote life. Research is ongoing but astronauts tend to believe that n the near future, life is possible on the surface of this planet only if we pay attention to a few things we can do on Mars colony. The world awaits the good news from NASA that the first person has managed to survive in Mars, then the rest of us can follow suit, Typical of the general mankind right!

Before this dream comes to pass however, here are the top 10 things we can on Mars colony to ensure total support of human, animal and plant life.


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10. Change the means of transportation


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As it is, touring space is quite expensive. NASA estimates a total price of $10,000 to send only one pound into space. Now bring in that calculation to the amounts of food, number of people and the space needed to store everything. One of the future things we can do on Mars colony to improve this is to create light-weight transportation modules that are not as heavy as aircrafts. Thankfully, some of our brilliant minds (namely the Bigelow Aerospace Company) have generated such a module called the Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). Once everything is ready, we will know just if it is what we need to travel to Mars.

9. Make oxygen available


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Unfortunately, Mars has an abundance of carbon dioxide on its atmosphere as opposed to oxygen, the single most important element that supports life. Apart from humans breathing it to live, rockets require it to burn as well. Even before we adjust transportation and carry food, among the first things we can do on Mars colony includes providing oxygen. Again, our creative and smart scientists (this time at MIT) are already designing a machine that can generate oxygen on Mars.

8. Print on 3-D


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It sounds awkward but one of the top 10 things we can do on Mars colony is to ensure 3-D printing is available there. NASA technologist and author Les Johnson made the observation that a colony cannot survive if it depends on a supply chain from another one. This is especially true about two different planets. 3-D printing allows us to create local spare parts, make solar arrays, colony materials, and many more.

7. Figure out everything about ecosystems


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Without a clear understanding of how ecosystems work, life on Mars might be just a dream that will never come to pass. According to Hedvig Nenzen, a PhD ecology student at Université du Québec à Montréal, the future things we can do on Mars colony to promote life include a deeper understanding of insect colonies, how plants survive and how food chains are regulated.

6. Use solar-powered space crafts


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In order to be economically sound, creation of solar-powered space ships is among the top 10 things we can do on Mars colony. NASA is already on top of its game on this one hoping to launch their first robotic spacecraft that uses 5-10 times less fuel that the present ones by the mid 2020s.

5. Improved space suits


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This is perhaps one of the easiest things we can do on Mars colony since we have an abundance of manufactures here on earth. As it turns out, the present spacesuits designed to regulate oxygen while removing carbon dioxide can only be used on the International Space Station spacewalks and not deep-space Mars missions. A mission that takes 6-12 months needs an upgrade on the clothing and therefore among the future things we can do on Mars colony, includes design and creation of long-lasting space suits.

4. Find a way to deal with gravity issues


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The physics teacher did not lie to you when he said things weigh a lot more in Mars than on earth. Spacesuits used in the ISS spacewalks weigh 200kg so you can only imagine what they would weigh on the surface of Mars. One of the brilliant top 10 things we can do on Mars colony according to Dr. Jonathan Clarke, an astro-geologist from Mars Society of Australia, is to create pressurized camper vans for use when moving from point A to point B.

3. Create a massive sun umbrella


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The Robotics industry can come in handy when we embark on a project that seeks to save us from cosmic rays and solar storms that are quite frequent on Mars. A giant sun umbrella, operated in a local station is among the creative and necessary future things we can do on Mars colony. This will also solve the problem of global warming once and for all.

2. Design monster rockets


Image source: Business Insider 

As mentioned before, one of the things we can do on Mars colony is to find lighter means of transporting heavy payloads to space. NASA is in the process of creating a powerful rocket called the Space Launch System that can perform deep-space missions. Apart from this, design of a rocket that can transport humans into space without the challenges of gravity is also among the future things we can do on Mars Colony. Space X Company is already working on such a space rocket known as Falcon Heavy and will soon launch it.

1. Supply of fuel, water and food


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Nothing is as important as having these three basic things in life. We cannot survive without them anywhere on the universe. Some people say that one of the top 10 things we can do on Mars colony to create fuel is to split frozen water on Mars into hydrogen and oxygen for use in the propellant. We could also extract water from the atmosphere in Mars or better still transport oxygen from earth and react it with Martian carbon dioxide to make methane.

It seems like most of the things we can do on Mars colony are already underway and soon, we will have more great news. Our fingers are crossed and we await the news with gusto. We definitely appreciate your time here and hope you can catch some of our fun and informative reads on the website.

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