Top 10 Things to Buy for New Year Party

New Year’s Eve is a synonym for partying! It could be said that there is no escape for most of the people. New Year Party is almost mandatory and even those who usually don’t attend parties throughout the year change their habits and go for the party. But to organize proper New Year party is not as easy as it seems. If you want party about which will people talk about for a long time you need a lot of stuff. Here is the list of New Year Party supplies you should buy before the party starts! And of course, a lot of them can be used on any party.

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10. Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

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We will start with the most classic of all new years eve party decorations. Balloons are really a must. Can you imagine a party without some of them? Balloons shown are made of latex and decorated with stars and „Happy New Year“ text. In one package, there are fifteen balloons, so depending on the scale of your New Year celebration, you should calculate a number of packages you will need.

9. “Happy New Year” Banners

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Altogether with balloons, some banners or garlands are very typical new years eve party decorations. You will definitely need some of them to decorate walls of the place where the party will be organized. This garland with a pennant size of 4 inch x 5.5 inch is the right one to buy!

8. Door Wreath

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Let your guests feel that they are at the party from the very beginning. With this wreath, they will feel the atmosphere of a New Year´s Eve in front of your door. The diameter of this wreath is 14.57 inches and it weights 0.88 lb.

7. LED Candles

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Using LED candles instead of real ones is a clever decision. Sometimes parties can turn wild and it can be quite dangerous to have an open fire on the table. Top of that, you can use LED imitations also in the room where kids are partying. In that case, you will eliminate risks of injury for children. Don´t forget to write them on the list of things to buy for new year party.

6. Party Hats

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If you organize the party, you need… party hats! It is an absolutely necessary item on your new year party supplies list! It´s cheap, it´s easy but it´s indispensable! These cardstock paper hats can be easily assembled so you can focus on the party instead of building your hat.

5. Squawkers

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What will you do at the midnight instead of kissing everybody at the range? You will make a noise with a squawker! With eight pieces in one package and luxury black and gold design, it has a good price/performance ratio. Of course, its usage is far from being limited to a New Year´s party. You can use it for your birthday party or any other special occasion.

4. Glowing Glasses

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What´s the purpose of these glowing, LED glasses? There is no purpose, it is just a party item made for fun! With these glasses, there will be more fun at your party! There are different colors and styles so don´t wait and chose yours!

3. Confetti Cannon

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Another indispensable item for any New Year´s Eve party. Confetti is a must. With this pressed air cannon for both outdoor and indoor use, you will fill the air with confetti and party will culminate! Again, don´t think o fit only as a new year party supplies list item. You can use them for birthday parties, weddings and for many other occasions.

2. Plastic Champagne Glasses

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The perfect solution for any wild party – plastic champagne glasses are a safe choice for such events. Glasses are made of hard plastic but they are still crystal clear and elegant. Looking for really essential things to buy for new year party? You have just found one such thing!

1. Party Game

New Year Party

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The best way to spend the time while waiting for a midnight is a party drinking game. This one is a good one and you will definitely have fun with it. A lot of funny questions are provided by it, even more funny answers will be surely provided by you!

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