Top 10 Technologies from Japan

Japan is one of the top leaders of the world when it comes to developing new technologies. Modern technology from Japan is the most advanced technology from Asia. For instance, they have invented the dimensional elevator that can take anyone from a floor of a building to another floor in just a few seconds. In addition, they are developing Gundam-like units that can float in the air while firing lasers. But the most interesting thing that is rumoring around is that they want to build a big barrier in order to protect their country from tsunamis and nuclear attacks. Now let’s have a look at the most interesting technologies from Japan.

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10. DVD’s

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During our childhood, we have all seen a laser player disc and a collection of 12-inch wide discs. When it was time for movie night, we all had the same issue: who will flip the disk in order for the movie to continue? Well, latest Japanese technologies ended this once the DVD appeared. The list of benefits and advantages of using them can simply sum up to small surface, big capacity to store a movie, or even more. 1995 was the year that changed the way we watch movies at home and store information.

9. Video Camera

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Now let’s imagine for a moment that this Japanese modern technology would not have been invented. How would it be possible for us to keep the funniest times of our lives as a memory, to watch them from time to time? We should be really thankful for this invention that allows us to record every important event in our life.

8. Digital Camera

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Amongst the Japanese modern technologies, we find digital cameras released in 1981. This has changed everything for us being able to take pictures of every single being and thing we love. We can laugh after 10 years from now about how we used to dress, to comb our hair. Of course, it is most commonly used to commemorate every embarrassing thing that children do when they are little.

7. Walkman

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In 1979 other technologies from Japan made a revolution around the world. Sony made it easier for us to listen to music while we walk to school. The entire experience was a miracle to us and we wore it proudly everywhere we go. That was the ‘80’s iPod.

6. CD

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In 1990, the latest Japanese technologies have lead to the appearance of CD’s. That day turned mixtapes into history and Sony was the guilty one. Technology changes fast and CD’s will be extinct in a while still they made our life easier and more beautiful.

5. Karaoke

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Japanese modern technology has led to other types of inventions that have a huge role in the entertainment industry. Making a fool of yourself after a few glasses of wine has become much easier due to this interesting invention.

4. Video Tape Recorder

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Another piece of the latest Japanese technologies that made history is the VHS tape that allowed us to store and record our favorite shows. They also had sticky labels on which you could put the titles. In 1975 all of this became possible because of Sony. Even though these days we use DVDs and Blu-rays, VTRs were the best between the 80s and 2000s.

3. Electronic Calculators

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The electronic calculator was one of the most useful technologies from Japan released in 1957 by Casio. Since then people can calculate everything much faster and easier. After finishing school you will never have to divide and multiply numbers on a piece of paper.

2. Instant Ramen

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If you say that you haven’t tried instant ramen at least once in your life I don’t believe you. This might not be part of the Japanese modern technology but it definitely is an intelligent invention that helps people have a hot supper while in a hurry. Moreover, the machines and processes that lead to the final result are definitely part of the latest Japanese technologies.

1. Electric Rice Cooker

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Modern times call for Japanese modern technology. Mitsubishi Electric invented the electric rice cooker in 1940 that helps millions of people cook their curry, sushi and donburi without sticking them to the pot or having their stoves on fire. Now we don’t need to worry about burning the rice or burning anything else.

Apart from the latest Japanese technologies, they have a lot of other inventions, some of the crazy of odd. For instance, they have avid rain-avoiding umbrella, ear enhancer, easy ear explorer, mobile toilet paper, metro chin-stick of never-ending bubble wrap. Of course, the selfie stick is part of technologies from Japan as well.

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