Top 10 Technologies That Can Change The Look Of Future

What a time to be alive. In the last decade, technology has changed our lives dramatically. And it will continue to do so. Let’s dive right into some of the new technologies that can change the look of our Future – and some not so new – which are going to bring huge changes to our lives in the next couple of decades.

top-10-technologies-that-can-change-the-look-of-futureImage source: Science Focus

10. 3D Printing to Build Houses

10-3d-printing-to-build-housesImage source: Inhabitat

3D printers are going to be one of the new technologies that will change the future. Additive manufacturing is the jargon for it. This tech is already printing up homes and offices in Russia, Dubai, China, Netherlands, complete with electricity, air conditioning, water and internet as well as energy saving blinds. What we have today is just a glimpse of future technology. In a few years, entire cities may be 3D printed. Dubai has set its sights on printing a fourth of its buildings by 2030!

9. Drones that Deliver

9-drones-that-deliverImage source: Baseline Health

Drones are technologies that will change the future. Amazon delivering the latest Playstation at your rooftop is only one of the soon-to-be-possible uses for drones. These little bots can deliver emergency medical supplies 16 minutes faster than ambulances. The time saved could mean the difference between life and death for cardiac patients.

Since these drones are unmanned, they can reach places that vehicles can’t and even deliver organs. Drones in the future will have come a long way from shooting National Geographic shows!

8. Hyperloop will Shrink the World

8-hyperloop-will-shrink-the-worldImage source: The Australian

San Francisco to LA in 35 minutes? In capsules inside a vacuum tube? Yes please! The Hyperloop could change the way we travel, and bring us closer to turning science fiction into non-fiction! The 800 engineers who are working on the Hyperloop around the world want it to deliver airplane speeds (760 mph) at the cost of a bus ticket. As long as you’re not claustrophobic, the first time you get into those futuristic capsules (by 2021, hopefully) will be the ride of your life.

7. Self-driving Vehicles Will be Everywhere

7-self-driving-vehicles-will-be-everywhereImage source: NPR

Driverless cars is one of the most useful future technology ideas. Elon Musk is already everywhere, singing the praises of a time in the future when traffic will be smooth, accidents due to distraction and error will be eliminated, the disabled and elderly will be able to move around easier in the back of a car that drives itself. Google is already test-driving such cars on its campus. One of the few things that are needed now is to develop an inexpensive battery to bring the costs of manufacturing these cars and to protect them against hackers.

6. Prosthetics that could give you skills

6-prosthetics-that-could-give-you-skillsImage source: Mic Network

The future of prosthetics is mindblowing to imagine. So far, these artificial limbs have been heavy, getting gradually less clunky with new innovations. The future technology of bionic limbs are not only going to involve stylish limbs that you can completely customize to taste. Like something out of a superhero comic book, they may even grant the wearer special skills. Sophisticated modern prosthetics and i-limbs (fitted with chips) could make you faster or stronger. Reason enough to get a leg amputated, don’t you think?

5. Robots will help around the house

5-robots-will-help-around-the-houseImage source: Pinterest

Robotics has created technologies that will change the future. There may come a time not too far away when you’ll have a robot helping you out with your chores at home. It could water your plants, make toast, wake you in time for work, lay out your clothes, cook and generally leave you with more time on your hands than you’d know what to do with. Robots will also make great care givers for the elderly, say Japanese researchers. Here’s to a future technology where humans actually become redundant!

4. Super tall buildings will function like mini-cities

4-super-tall-buildings-will-function-like-mini-citiesImage source: Business Insider

With growing populations and space crunch in cities, builders will build vertically. Within 30 years, say experts, super tall cities will grow to become self-contained minicities. They say there are other fantastic future technology ideas that will go into these buildings. Like virtual windows, special solar-power generating spray-on coating, smart lighting following you around the house and other cool stuff.

3. Interplanetary travel will be a day trip

3-interplanetary-travel-will-be-a-day-tripImage source: NPR

Is it our fate to eventually travel in space? Will we have to one day leave our gorgeous planet, with all its flaws? These are questions for you to ponder. Meanwhile, those who have their eyes on Mars are already planning the first interplanetary trip in six years. Will you be on board the SpaceX ship?

2. Renewable energy will be everywhere

2-renewable-energy-will-be-everywhereImage source: Our World

At least, we hope the new US government will not be able to snuff out the sproutings of renewable energy around the world. Many carbon neutral energy sources are being developed today. Solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative energies, can actually provide 80 percent of the electricity we use in the US, by 2050.

Here’s an intriguing question. If things are going so well for the planet at the time, will we still want to leave for Mars?

1. We will use artificial intelligence to control our homes

1-we-will-use-artificial-intelligence-to-control-our-homesImage source: Fast Company

We’re already in the age of the Internet of Things. We’re using AI in refrigerators to order fresh stock when stores are low. You can play music, control appliances, entertain your kid, and enjoy other future technology ideas. The future will only become more AI. We’re not sure how to feel about this, but we will of course have to adapt.

Do you think there are other future technology ideas and developing technologies that will change the future? What do you think about them? Will you, like the permaculturists, feel nostalgic for a time when we were close to the earth, when we fully participated in life rather than simply consuming the conveniences that technology brings us?

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