Top 10 Technologically Advanced Countries in the World

Without technology, humans would have the hardest time surviving on earth. It has opened a way for us to communicate easier and faster travel from one point to another conveniently and swiftly, light up our planet at night and access information from one place to the other in a matter of seconds, just to mention a few. Most countries have embraced technology, albeit, others are still in the dark about this subject. Here are ten of the world’s top technologically advanced countries:

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10. Netherlands

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The Netherlands is among the top 10 most technologically advanced countries as evidenced by the number of high-tech projects undertaken by its brilliant minds. Medical equipment and artificial organs such as the kidney are manufactured by the Dutch. Computers, telecommunication systems, electric gears, compact discs, telescopes, and microscopes come from this beautiful country making it one of the most technologically advanced countries.

9. Canada

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When it comes to space exploration and biotechnology, Canada always ranks number one. The government plays a huge role in technological advancement by allocating 1.8% of its GDP for research and development. It has even launched a council for innovation, research, and technology to enhance the quality of life of its beloved citizens. The creation of the twin-engine “Avro Narrow” made Canada one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries, not forgetting the chip-less credit and debit cards as well as its wireless interact machines.

8. Russia

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Everybody knows Russia has been serious about technology from as far back as the end of World War II. The manufacturing of military equipment by Russians is just exquisite. They were built for it. In addition, this country is among the technologically advanced countries because of its advances in chemical, medical and engineering sciences. Russia is the first country to come up with reactors and nuclear power plants that produce energy. Russia also boasts of being one of the world’s top technologically advanced countries because it put up the first artificial satellite on earth.

7. United Kingdom

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Among the vast number of technology advances, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, which produce the best tech innovations, place England as one of the most technologically advanced countries. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have top notch security owing to their technology in gadgets and spies. Some of the tech developments in the UK include the discovery of the World Wide Web, hydrogen, jet and locomotive engines, the light bulb and the electric motor. The BAE Systems Taranis and the Unmanned Air Vehicle are some of their recent discoveries.

6. Finland

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If you had no idea where Nokia was discovered, you have come to the right place. Finland’s great minds manufactured it. Apart from that, the country is known for its excellence in healthcare facilities and high-tech projects. Focus on biosciences, environmental sciences and energy make Finland one among the technologically advanced countries.

5. Germany

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How could we mention world top technologically advanced countries without talking about Germany? Not possible. It has been a technology hub for as long as we can remember. The most outstanding tech development is its automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, and Audi. Germany’s engineering field has achieved tremendous success in nanotechnology and space travel. Scientists who are supported by the country continue to do research on future tech innovations.

4. Israel

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Space science found its name in Israel. It ranks among the top five countries to explore space. Its defense industry also speaks for itself. It is estimated that 35% of exports from Israel are related to technology. What makes this country one of the most technologically advanced countries is its surveillance. Nothing passes their borders without being detected. The first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) complete with real-time surveillance was created in Israel. Their high-tech electric car system and recharging stations network rank it at among the technologically advanced countries.

3. China

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They always say that everything is made in China. Well, this statement is not entirely true but to be fair, a good number of innovation and technological developments found its origins in China. What makes China secure a spot in the list of world top technologically advanced countries is its manufacturing sector. This country has invented some of the quality and efficient machines and robots including trucks, cranes and iPod components.

2. USA

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Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the United States. Google, Microsoft and Silicon Valley are among the tech innovations that put America among the most technology advanced countries in the world. Its defense systems and infrastructure also secure it at the second place. The private market has seen innovation in the past decades especially knowing the tight budgets used.

1. Japan

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Japan is the mother of all technologically advanced countries. Tokyo just represents the future of the whole world. Its train systems use space-age technology which is simply epic. Mitsubishi, Sony, Toyota, and Nintendo are among the few technology developments that originate from Japan. The sectors of this great country use the internet to perform almost all their functions. Although Japan ranks first in the most technologically advanced countries, it is willing to help other nations reach their standards.

We may not all belong to these countries but we can choose to borrow a leaf from them and do our part to make our own nations better. It may take time and energy but a willing heart makes all the difference.

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