Top 10 Tallest Platform Heels

For men, high heels are a symbol of sexiness and attractiveness. For women, high heels are a tool that makes them look taller and slimmer. Also, for women, high heels can be a source of confidence. Fashion designers do what they can to design the most interesting and the most eccentric heels to attract attention. Very desirable is the title of the highest heeled shoes. Some of the tallest high heels are so high that shoes can’t be really worn and such shoes are manufactured for the design museums only.

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10. Kronier Creations Platform Boots

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OK, these shoes are obviously not made for daily usage. These 12-inch shoes were made by Berlin shoe design studio Kronier Creations for German fetish model Sinteque Berlin. In that case, it makes sense, I think.

9. Alexander McQueen Platform Boots

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British couturier and fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide back in 2010 but before that, he worked as a fashion designer for personalities as Prince Charles or Mikhail Gorbachev. During his career, he received many awards including an International Designer of the Year title. His 12-inch high shoes are one of his masterpieces. As a majority of the highest heeled shoes, these never went into serial production.

8. Christian Louboutin Ballet Shoes

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French shoe designer Christian Louboutin is working for celebrities including Lady Gaga, Madonna or Sarah Jessica Parker. These ballet shoes were not made for comfort. These ballet shoes were made to shine. That´s why these are covered by numerous Swarovski crystals. Are you shined?

7. United Nude

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Created by co-operation of United Nude design house and Iris Van Herpen, these 7-inches high shoes of futuristic design are really an option if you want to catch some interest. In fact, these are not really tallest high heels in the world. The design highlights the shape of the feet.

6. Jeffrey Campbell’s Moonwalk

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Jeffrey Cambell was inspired by an astronaut´s gear when he was designing his Moonwalk shoes. These 6-inch shoes can be yours for $200. But don´t forget that these are design shoes. Without an actual heel, it is not very pleasant or healthy to wear them for a long time. And don´t take them with you to the Moon…

5. Suede T-Bar Wedge by Giuseppe Zanotti

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It doesn´t seem so but you can actually wear these wonderfully designed shoes. Giuseppe Zanotti really made the best with these beautiful shoes. You can purchase this masterpiece for less than $600. Not bad, don´t you think?

4. LadyBWear Limited’s Lace-Up Platform Shoes

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Do you want something really special? Do you want to shine? Then these $1200 shoes are just for you! For some time, these were included in the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest platform heels in the world. Even now, these are still the highest heeled shoes available commercially.

3. Triple Stacked Wedges by Mihai Albu

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So you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd? With these shoes, it will be an easy task! 12.3-inches high with the extravagant design of triple stacked motive which is typical for Romanian designer Mihai Albu. You won´t need more than $1550 to get them so what are you waiting for?

2. Armadillo Heels by Alexander McQueen

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The second addition of Alexander McQueen to this list of the tallest high heels out there. With a height of 10 inches and snakeskin design, these shoes definitely know how to draw an attention. After all, they did it well in Lady Gaga´s music video. It´s the shape, design, materials and the fact that the pair of these was worn by a celebrity that leads to a quite high price. Be ready to pay something between $5,000 and $10,000 for them. It should be noted that they also appear in several lists of the most horrifying shoes ever. But negative advertising is the best one, right?

1. James Syiemiong’s Platform Boots

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OK, we have reached the top spot on our list of the tallest platform heels. The actual holder of a Guinness Book of World Records: 20-inches boots designed by an Indian designer James Syiemiong. It is more than interesting that these boots can be really worn on a daily basis.

An interesting list, don´t you think? Which shoes are your choice? Do you plan to buy something similar? As the creativity of the designers has no limits, you have many extravagant models to choose from! It would be nice if this list would be an inspiration to you! And with nice shoes, you will need some nice clothes as well, try some of these: Top Ten Most Expensive Dresses

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