Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands

A sustainable fashion is a term which describes the entrepreneurial philosophy combining an ethical approach, social responsibility and minimizing the impact of the business on the environment. First sustainable fashion brands were Patagonia and ESPRIT in the late 1980s. There are many organizations promoting a sustainable approach all around the world. It should be noted that it is sometimes quite difficult to decide which technology or material is more sustainable to use. For example, there is a bamboo fiber which is considered to be a suitable material for sustainable fashion as it absorbs greenhouse gasses. But on the other hand, the process of making a fabric of bamboo fiber needs toxic chemicals and generates a lot of waste.

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10. Everlane, USA

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The US manufacturer of clothing, shoes, and accessories became one of the best ethical fashion brands because it focuses on the careful choose of the right factories. It must be clear that the factory owners treat their employees properly and ethically. With Everlane, you will always exactly know how was your piece of clothes manufacturers and what were the real costs. Absolute transparency is Everlane´s pride!

9. People Tree, UK

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People Tree is proudly partnering with local farmers and craftsmen from the developing world countries who follow the fair trade rules of their work. Its production is both socially and environmentally responsible. It is one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands with British roots.

8. Nisolo, USA

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The American brand Nisolo is strongly supporting local artisans from Peru who are making shoes for the company and is providing them fair wages appropriate with their dedicated, truly full-time work. If you are looking for some of the best ethical fashion brands, try Nisolo.

7. Patagonia, USA

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Patagonia is considered to be one of the founders of the responsible approach to producing fashion. It has fair trade factories all around the world and is really committed to highest ethical standards. It uses recycled materials, organic cotton and othe eco-friendly components. Being one of the original sustainable fashion brands, Patagonia worth your attention, especially if you are an outdoor fan.

6. Fair Trade Winds

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Fair Trade Winds represents a successful, family owned business which offers its products through an e-shop and the chain of seven stores across the United States. It focuses on the social responsibility and is one of the best ethical fashion brands on market.

5. Alternative Apparel, USA

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Alternative Apparel offers the high-quality products which are being produced while fulfilling both highly ethical and environmentally friendly processes of the manufacture. If you will buy anything by Alternative Apparel, you can be sure that it is made of at least 70% of sustainable components. Being not only one of the eco-friendly fashion brands but also one of the best ethical fashion brands, it represents the truly sustainable approach.

4. Mini Mioche, Canada

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This Canadian kid´s fashion brand was founded by Alyssa Kerbel and it is inspired by her own baby. The ethical approach is stressed within this brand as well as usage of organic and eco-friendly components of every piece of children´s fashion they produce. The best ethical fashion brands for kids? Here it is!

3. Noctu, UK

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This producer of luxury nightwear is, in fact, a small family business. The family has both British and Norway roots but is popular worldwide among those who have the eco-friendly and socially responsible approach really high on the list of their priorities. Even the sustainable fashion brands can produce really luxury products. Noctu is an example.

2. Industry of All Nations, USA

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Founded in 2010, this is another of the sustainable fashion brands which chosen a novel approach to produce physical goods. It brings employment to the local communities and it is also a strong user of organic and eco-friendly manufacturing. Well done and consider buying anything from them to support sustainability!

1. Synergy Organic. USA

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The eco-friendly and ethical approach is the highest value which this company is giving to its costumers. Well known among Sustainable Fashion Brands, Synergy Organic offers products always some ecology and social response of the black tea! Another one to combine ecology and social responsibility.

So, did you like our list? And do you follow the principles of eco and social responsibility to fashion and if so, what about the list of Top 10 American Fashion Models. Models usually promote this approach! What about you? Do you use of any of the products are local craftsmen? Do you stress the sustainable lifestyle? The Best Ethical Fashion Brands and Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands deserve our full support!

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