Top 10 Supernatural Creatures From America

Remember the ghosts and the evil monsters which our parents would threaten us with when we refused to go to bed as kids or do our homework? They sure did sound ridiculous when we grew up a little but, what if I told you some of those creatures could actually exist? Have you ever wondered if there’s a place you can actually be alone and peaceful at, without someone or something lurking out there watching you? Were you able to explain those noises you would hear at night when you thought you were home alone? What if you’ve actually encountered one of those supernatural beings but never identified them? Read this article which involves a list of the top 10 supernatural creatures from America, and tell us if you’ve ever heard or if you think you might have seen one of the following blood-curdling creatures. (It is preferable that you do not head to bed straight after reading this article, unless you’ve got a brave heart!)

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10. La Llorona

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Also known as The Weeping Woman, La Llorona was a woman named Maria, who was guilty of the murder of her sons after she discovered that her husband cheated on her. There’s no certain theory as of how her sons died; one story states that she set out to the river one night and drowned her sons, upon discovering that her husband is no longer interested in her and prefers her sons’ company over hers, whereas another story states that her sons died while she was away with other men that night. Legend has it that Maria’s ghost is seen lurking near the Southwest rivers and is said to haunt the people who approach those rivers every night.

9. Champ Monster

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The infamous lake monster, Champ, has been seen in Lake Champlain (hence the name), and is reported to have a length of 25-30 feet, with circular spots inside the mouth that are white in color. In 1819, Captain Crum asserted that he had witnessed the lake monster and described him to have three sharp teeth, purple eyes and that he was approximately 187-feet long. Some descriptions from reported sightings stated the lake monster has a red belt around the neck, with others saying that he has a white star on the forehead. (Reference: Csicop)

8. East River Monster

Photographer Denise Ginley shot pics of the rotting, sand-covered corpse on Sunday while strolling with her boyfriend along the Manhattan side of the East River.Image Credits: NY Daily News

When three friends were enjoying a normal summer day at the beach, they glanced a gathering around something peculiar and went to quench their curiosity, only to find this unsightly creature that was washed ashore. Much like the Montauk Monster, the East River Monster was described as a ”discarded cooked pig,” however its legs were not similar to those of a pig at all; it was reported that it had five toes and no claws. The creature thus was titled as the East River Monster and is known for being one of the most famous supernatural creatures in America.

7. Sidehill Gouger

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With legs on one side shorter than those on the other side of the body, the Sidehill Gougers are divided into two categories, right-sided (clockwise) and left-sided (counter-clockwise) gougers. Those creatures are said to linger in the hillsides in North America and can only walk in one direction; hence if a right-sided and a left-sided Sidehill Gouger meet, one has to kill the other since they can only walk in one path, therefore this creature is one of the most unusual American legendary creatures known.

6. Demon Cat

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A few nights before the murder of America’s Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, this black cat was seen in Washington D.C by the security guards and is said to appear at the time of the year when presidential elections are held, and during the times of misery in America. Legend has it that this black cat was one of the cats which were brought to basements to get rid of the rats there, and the Demon Cat was the only one that never left the basement of the Capitol, which was also the initial location where President George Washington was to be buried.

5. Wendigo

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If a Wendigo, which is a huge yet extremely skinny beast who eats human beings, happens to possess a human, the human is lead to cannibalism. Similarly, if a human practices cannibalism, this attempt summons a Wendigo that instant. A rather abnormal myth states that there will never be a point of time when a Wendigo will not be hungry; those monsters will therefore continue to feed on humans forever. The phrase ‘Wendigo Psychosis’ was used to refer to some early reported cannibalism incidents, where the individuals were said to be possessed by the human-eating Wendigo monsters.

4. Chupacabra

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The Chupacabra is one of the creepiest American legendary creatures and is also known as the goat-sucker, due to its habit of sucking the blood of goats and any similar-looking mammals. There have been sightings reported in 1995 in Maine and Chile, where the reports described the creature to have spikes or thorns covering its body from head to tail. The first encounter of this creature was in March 1995, where eight sheep were found dead, with wounds in the chest and no sight of blood surrounding them, meaning they have been drained. Eyewitnesses were later reported in August, 1995, where approximately 150 livestock were found dead.

3. Boo Hag

Boo HagImage Credits: Dracula Chronicles

Whereas vampires are known to nourish on humans’ blood, the Boo Hag gains energy through riding humans and sucking their breath. Its red colour is due to the absence of skin, which causes it to take the skins of its victims temporarily. Once the Boo Hag finds a good victim at night, it sneaks in through small cracks in the building and lies on top of the sleeping human, feeding on his breath yet not killing him, in order to save him as a later source of energy. This results in the human being waking up tired and short of breath, that too after experiencing several nightmares during his sleep. However, if it so happens that a human being moves while the Boo Hag is sucking his breath, his skin will be stolen as the Boo Hag will fly away with it and will need to wear that skin by dawn, or else it will have to live forever without being able to steal anyone’s skin. So the next time you find yourself drained of energy or exhausted after waking up, make sure you cover all the cracks and holes in your house!

2. Mothman

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No one in West Virginia was able to explain or fathom the appearance of this large, winged, red-eyed beast during the night, which gave off loud moans that sounded like an eagle’s scream, and had his eyes glow red in the dark. This monster is actually one of the most common American supernatural creatures as there were numerous sightings reported since 1966. Although there are no death cases reported as of yet, it is said that anyone who looks into the eyes of a Mothman would experience psychological and mental instability and would suffer from nightmares for a long, unknown period of time. Other stories narrate that the Mothman appears right before a catastrophe is bound to take place, so as to warn the people of the evil that would befall them.

1. Bigfoot

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So popular that it has been featured in shows and even cartoons, the Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, is the most common and known supernatural creature in America. With various video tapes and recordings all over the internet proving this creature’s existence, the presence of this legendary creature is still a subject of constant debate. While it is said to have the face of a Gorilla, the creature can stand up and run like a human. In fact, there were traces of enormous footprints discovered in 1958 and there is a vast number of people, not only in the American population, but all over the world, who believe that Bigfoot is real and are carrying out continuous research regarding this supernatural creature.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this fear-filled article, tell us which of these supernatural creatures you think actually exist. To learn about more supernatural myths or creatures, be sure to click here to check out some unexplainable, mysterious supernatural theories and see if you can come to conclusions.

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