Top 10 Style Icons of 2016

In few days from now, 2016 will be over with all its ups and downs, twists and turns and all things stylish. As we look back, we cannot forget the fashion icons that took centre stage in the industry with their elegant statements that turned every head wherever they went. Some are completely new style icons but a number of them have dominated the fashion world for some time now with no signs of retreat or surrender. Take a look at the top 10 style icons of 2016 and find out why these men and women claimed these positions in the first place.

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10. Selena Gomez

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This is definitely not the first time Selena wowed fans across the world with her designer ensembles that bring out the best of her assets. This year, she took it a notch higher rocking Derek Rose, Mark Jacobs and Ulyana Segreenko outfits, all with fun and playful designs perfect for her petite body. Without a doubt, Selena makes it home to the list of style icons of 2016 and we sure hope her name will never leave the position in the years to come.

9. Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot is among the new style icons with immense eye for fashion as seen by the kinds of fashion items she comes out of her house in. We know her on-screen body suit which spells sex appeal for the most part not mentioning her glamorous sheath dresses and skinny pants when she’s not in front of a camera.

8. Phoebe Collings-James

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Looking at Phoebe’s outfits makes you wonder if you live in the same planet as hers. She is among this year’s fashion icons evidenced by her elegant and effortless style. Whether she is wearing her minis, low cut outfits or simple but witty leather dresses, Collings leaves everyone begging for more.

7. Priyanka Chopra

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When it comes to being one of the world’s style icons of 2016, nationality doesn’t matter. Priyanka has proven that this statement is true through her timeless fashion choices when both in India and in the United States. Albeit she is new in the US, many eyes are switching to her direction hoping to catch her in more out-of-this-world style pieces in the near and distant future.

6. Lily Rose Depp

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She may be young and innocent-looking but when it comes to fashion, Lily Rose Depp is anything but innocent. Perhaps she has taken after her dad who happens to be among all-time fashion icons or her mother Vanessa Paradis, the famous glam lady amongst other new style icons. We have come to fall in love with her low-cut denims, vintage dresses, pencil skirts, cropped t-shirts just to mention a few.

5. Ciara

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Ciara is not only good in music but in fashion as well. She has been one of the fashion icons in the years past but 2016 was an even better year for the beauty. Reem Acra, Elie Saab and Nili Lotan are some of the ensembles Ciara showed up in public wearing not forgetting her killer boots or strappy heels.

4. Daisy Ridley

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You cannot list down new style icons without mentioning Daisy Ridley. When she is not shooting Star Wars scenes, Daisy is busy making appearances in funky silhouettes of different colors and textures. We have also spotted her in tweed pantsuits, layered feather pencil skirts and playful mini dresses full of patchworks and boy! Doesn’t she look stunning always!

3. Calvin Harris

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Britain also boats of raising new style icons that keep emerging each year with great potential to take on the world’s fashion industry. Among the 2016 style icons is Calvin Harris who embraced a new way of casual dressing in 2016. Calvin has never shied away from taking fashion risks therefore he keeps reinventing himself as a star and leader in the entertainment industry.

2. The Weekend

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If you are one of the guys who wake up in the morning without any clue what to put on, The Weekend is one of the fashion icons you can look out for. Apart from his new classy haircut seen in his music videos, his clothes allow us to witness a great fashion transformation. Albeit he still loves to wear his signature all-black palettes, we definitely enjoy the new designer outfits he has embraced this year.

1. Juno Temple

Style Icons

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Our favorite girl in the category of style icons of 2016 is none other than Juno Temple, the HBO’s upcoming drama the Vinyl’s main cast. There are plenty of reasons why we love her fashion statements including her trademark ankle boots, killer shoes, outfits with favoring colors and prints and many more. She is definitely the focus of most style gurus who cannot wait to dress her up when the time comes.

This article just highlights ten of the best style icons of 2016 but the list goes on and on. Do a little research and you will be utterly surprised by some of the names you find out that are totally unexpected but deserve some attention. Before you do that however, we would love it if you found some time to read through our reads on this website therefore find time for that as well.

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