Top 10 Stupid Misconceptions about Science

The world is full of stupid misconceptions about science and a number of other general life topics. Do not believe everything you read, see, hear or watch- if you have no idea about the “reliability” of the source. You can choose to believe us though because we set the record straight; no beating about the bush. We have sampled ten of the worst science myths and misconceptions and their real scientific truths. Read on if you are remotely curious.

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10. Black holes are mere holes


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Many people imagine the infamous black holes being literally normal holes seen by the naked eye. This is among debunked science misconceptions because black holes are known to be black because they have the ability to attract anything in their paths. Imagine them as this empty space with the ability to suck anything close enough.

9. The moon has a dark side



For some time now, one of the science myths and misconceptions that fly by day and night is that the moon has one dark side. The truth, however, is that the moon is all dark on all sides only illuminated by the sun depending on its rotation. Due to the Earth’s strong gravitational pull on the moon, there’s one side that is never shown to us in a phenomenon called tidal locking. This by no means translates to the moon having a dark side.

8. Brain cells cannot regenerate


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Science taught us one of the stupid misconceptions about science that brain cells cannot regenerate. Luckily, some scientific research done in Sweden and California in 1998 revealed something interesting for the world. The researchers discovered that brain cells can in fact be regenerated. This not only classifies this among debunked science misconceptions but also gives hope in the quest for Alzheimer’s disease cure.

7. Death from a penny


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Have you come across another example of science myths and misconceptions alleging that if a penny from dropped from a high building such as the Burj Khalifa falls on you, you die? Well, we have and we are here to let you know it is a complete lie. Granted, you will feel an uncomfortable sting but science dictates that pennies do not have enough aerodynamics to end a life if dropped from whichever height.

6. A virus can be killed


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This is perhaps a shocker for many because it doesn’t seem to feature as one of the debunked science misconceptions. Viruses can only be deactivated or destroyed; not killed. The reason is simple-they weren’t alive in the first place. For life to be declared well, life, one has to reproduce and you know as well as I do that viruses aren’t lucky in that department.

5. Jonas Salk is the brilliant guy behind the discovery of Polio cure


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Wrong! First of all, it wasn’t a discovery but a series of slow and deliberate lab experiments (eight years to be exact). Secondly, he didn’t come up with a cure but a vaccine. This only means that if you contracted the awful disease by accident, there would be nothing for you to do but head over to an early grave. See now why this had to be on this list of stupid misconceptions about science?

4. Seasons come as a result of distance from the sun

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You must have aced your exam when you gave an answer close to this in physics but hey, it is among the science myths and misconceptions. It may seem to make sense that when the northern hemisphere, for instance, is nearer to the sun when the earth rotates, summer is experienced and vice versa. The truth, however, is that the angle of tilt from the sun is what really matters not the distance. Sorry people, that’s why we are here; to correct stupid misconceptions about science.

3. Humans make use of only 10% of their brain


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We blame this one entirely on Holywood. Movies have made us believe in this lie for a very long time. Well, it turns out it is among debunked science misconceptions ever told to man. To begin with, there is no tangible evidence of this misconception. What we know and are sure about is that we use all parts of our brain otherwise brain tumor victims would have more chances of living when one part of the brain develops a growth.

2. Lightning doesn’t necessarily strike the same place twice



The phrase “lightning never strikes the same place twice” is quite common in our world-we use it often. While it may sound correct, it certainly is one of the stupid misconceptions about science that deserve a place in the trash can. Actual lightning doesn’t really care; as long as the conditions are right, it can come down anywhere for whatever number of times.

1. Even after death, the growth of fingernails and hair continues

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Whoever believed this one must have been easy to convince because it is among the obvious science myths and misconceptions. If you studied biology a little, you would be aware of the fact that growth requires cellular activity as well as nutrients. There’s no way a dead person could grow anything. Sometimes nails protrude as a result of the drying out of the skin after death but that’s just that.

There you have it- ten of the greatest debunked science misconceptions. The decision to make things right is up to you now. You can begin by circulating this article within your social media circles. Otherwise thanks for the read. Catch more reads on this website.

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