Top 10 Strategies to Wake Up

Wake up strategies can also involve some good morning habits that don’t have anything to do with caffeine. Are you one of those people who become anxious at the sound of the alarm clock? Scientists suggest a few helpful strategies to wake up early and ready to roll.

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The trick to waking up fresh and on time in the morning is getting good sleep the night before. Rather than using drastic wake up strategies that will pull you out of bed under protest, change your habits so you actually feel like you’ve started your day on a great note.

10. Get the right amount of sleep

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Proper sleep is one of the most valuable tips to wake up early. Most people do well with about seven to nine hours of sleep. That is the number The National Sleep Foundation recommends. The foundation also strongly recommends that you stop everything you’re doing in order to get the sleep you need. This is probably one of the simplest strategies to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you don’t give your body the time it needs to rest, in its natural circadian rhythm, how do you expect it to function right when you’re up?

9. Make sure you’re comfortable in bed

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One of the more intuitive wake up strategies is making sure your bed is comfortable. This means ensuring that you’re sleeping at a comfortable ambient temperature – between 68 degrees F and 72 degrees F is ideal. Also make sure that your muscles are relaxed. You could take a shower before bed to help with this. You could also try some meditation or yoga before bed to relax you and put you in the right frame of mind for sleep.

8. Turn off your devices before bed. This also means no Netflix

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Wake up strategies that cut you off from technology may seem impossible. But it’s got to be done. We’re so connected on our devices all day that technology can sometimes feel like a burden. Why would you want to take that burden to sleep with you? The lights emitted by digital devices also tell your body that it’s not time to sleep yet. So you don’t get a good night’s sleep when you’re sleeping with your phone next to your bed, or watching Netflix right before bedtime. Don’t jeopardize your strategies to wake up fresh by caving to the latest hot Netflix series after work!

7. Avoid caffeine or a nightcap in the evenings

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This is one of those tips to wake up early that we rarely follow. But if you want to have a good nights’ sleep, don’t touch that cup of coffee in the evening. Avoid that nightcap close to bedtime too. Both coffee and alcohol will produce poor quality sleep. So will soda, energy drinks and chocolate. It will be that much harder waking up in the morning.

6. In the morning, end your shower with cold water

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Even if you never shower in cold water, try a blast of it for an unfailing wakeup call. Cold water will activate parts of your brain that controls wakefulness. It will raise your metabolic rate too.

5. Listen to music

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It’s not a surprise that music can wake anyone up. It’s up to you whether you prefer waking up to smooth Miles Davis, crooning Elvis or shrieking Axel Rose. Leave it on while you go about your morning chores. Let it play while you have breakfast. Scientists say music dilates the pupils and raises blood pressure. That’s what you need to feel awake. This is one of the most pleasurable tips to wake up early.

4. Have a good breakfast. Make it the night before

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A healthy breakfast will put you in a good mood. Healthy equates to fiber and carbs. Cereal, an apple and orange juice are excellent choices. Orange juice is known to increase alertness, because it contains flavanoids. If you want to save some time in the morning, you could prepare your breakfast the night before.

3. Focus on something happy and exciting when you wake

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It’s not always easy, we know. Plus, if the day before was a bad day, your waking thoughts are not likely to be pleasant. While we sleep, the stress hormone cortisol rises in our body and our sub-conscious works in mysterious ways that make us anxious when we wake. But people who want to wake happy, think differently. They make a conscious effort to think of something positive – something they’re looking forward to during the day, for instance. If it’s still hard, you might want to take a vacation and recharge.

2. Exercise

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It’s obvious that exercise will give you the energy boost you need to wake up properly in the morning. But if everyone was doing it, no one would have trouble waking up, would they? You don’t need to bring out your weights or get a gym membership. With a little stretching, the gears of your body will begin to turn. If you go for a run, your circulation will be working in top condition and you won’t need that cup of coffee anymore.

1. Stay hydrated

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We know drinking water on an empty stomach is not easy for quite a few people. But drinking water first thing after you get out of bed can give your body a kickstart that’s far healthier than coffee. Sleep dehydrates you, since you breath and sweat through the night. You need water to get your metabolism going in the morning. Water wakes up your cells, tissues and organs. Try two glasses and find out for yourself, how water can get your sleepy head wide awake!
Have you tried any of these tips to wake up early? Let us know how they work for you. Do you have any other strategies to wake up that you’d like to share? Do get the discussion going below, in the comments’ section.

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