Top 10 Strategy Games Ever

Strategy games have always been one of the most explored pastimes available to people of all ages. In the far past, people used to play strategy games on boards with most of them being compressed and wholly strategic. Chess has been one of the most played strategy games, while other older games like Stones and Mahjong were played in different historic empires all over the world. This article looks to review the best strategy games ever to be played on PC. PC strategy games are mostly strategy war games that contain more elaborate strategy and real-life scenario components like feeding an army or training soldiers and improving the technology of an empire. Some games even contain political strategies like alliances and marriage. Therefore, if you are looking to explore some of the best strategy games ever, our top 10 list should be your first stop before purchasing any games. Please note that all the games on our list are quite great and should be considered equally.

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10. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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This game is set in a fantastical world where you get a feel of the traditional strategy war games. The game includes some fascinating gameplay that is focused on empire expansion and conquering. The scenario setting of the game is such that it is set in a world of its own rich with history, creatures, technology and abilities.

9. World in Conflict

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This real-time strategy game was produced by Sierra Entertainment and is available on PC. The game features some amazing gameplay, advance tactical control and great graphics.

8. Crusader Kings II

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This game makes the list because of it added unique features that sets it apart from other strategy games PC. The game does not only have management functions for armies, economy and wars, it gives you the ability to manage politics and individual personalities. You can marry for political alliances, you can order the covert association of a potential threat and so much more

7. Men of War

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Men of War is a great strategy game that provides players with features like high-end, advanced GUI, elaborate scenario plots and larger gameplay.

6. Company of Heroes

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This is a game built on a perfect conditioning of the strategy game genre. The game actually provides the player with real-life scenario strategy, thereby topping some of the best strategy games ever to come before it.

5. Starcraft II

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As opposed to the fantasy setting of most strategy war games, Starcraft II and its prequel Starcraft is set in a sci-fi genre blended with a touch of the conventional. You are in charge in this game, you are given the helm of affairs and need to outwit your opponents with great tactics and resource management.

4. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

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This particular game makes it to our list because it is the pioneer for modern strategy games PC. The game brings the well-known history of some of the greatest empires and reenacts the greatest moments in their past. Bring it all to your computer screen. The game is so well-accepted that it has had many expansions and even a redo over 15 years after it was first released. It is definitely one of the best strategy games ever to hit the PC screen.

3. Warcraft III

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Warcraft was previously a real-time game of strategy played online, the game gradually gained recognition and development and now stands as one of the best strategy games ever due to the release of its third sequel. The game is more all-rounder unlike other strategy games PC including those on this list. This is because it integrates RPG and real-life scenarios (like weather change, day and night scenes etc.) into the gameplay.

2. Total War Series

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The Total War series is one of the most successful series of strategy war games to have hit the market in a while. Of strategy games PC, Total War series are one bundle that provides you with a total strategy gaming experience that leaves you wanting more. There are ten games in the series and these are; Shogun I & II; Medieval I & II; Rome I & II; Empire; Napoleon; Attila; and Warhammer.


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XCOM II is regarded by many as the best strategy games ever. But this is an ongoing and fierce argument. Regardless, it is still a very great game and it makes it to No. 1 on our list. The game is set in an alternate universe where people fight aliens. The amazing plotline, tactics and strategy management will definitely leave you wanting more

And that concludes our list of topmost strategy war games for PC. If you ever get interested in playing strategy games then look no further than this list. Also if you have already played one or two games from this list, then you can try another you won’t be disappointed.

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