Top 10 Strangest Tourist Destinations in the World

You probably know well world’s best tourist destinations like Paris, DisneyWorld or African Safari. Have you been there? Maybe you consider these destinations little bit boring and you are looking for something more. If you plan to really impress your friends and relatives, try to make selfie or two in one of the destinations from the following list which can be called “The List of the Strangest Tourist Destinations”.

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10. Karni Mata Temple, India

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In Rajasthan, India, there is a Hindu temple dedicated to Karni Mata. That temple is also called the “Temple of Rats” because 20,000 rats live there and are protected there. As the legend says, goddess Karni believed that members of her family will never die. Instead of that, they will live forever as rats. And because local people believe the goddess, they protect local rats and provide them refuge and high level of comfort in the temple. It is definitely an interesting experience.

9. Phallus Museum, Iceland

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Being one of the top attractions in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, Phallus Museum is a spot not to miss there. What will you see there? Penises. A lot of penises. 200 of them to be precise. You can see a penis of any animal living in Iceland and in waters around it. If you have some time between trekking, go and see it. It´s one of the strangest tourist destinations there.

8. Inveraray Jail, Scotland

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It´s not secret that most of the people are curious what is it like to spend some time in a jail. In Inveraray, Scotland, you have a chance to get to this experience as close as possible without committing a real crime. Inveraray jail was opened in 1820 and 19th century prison life is what you will have a chance to know. Characters in authentic costumes will provide you a unique experience which can be boosted when you will get thrown into a cell.

7. Cockroach Hall of Fame, Texas, United States

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Did you like Franz Kafka´s The Metamorphosis? If so, you will probably like the museum called the Cockroach Hall of Fame which can be found in Plano, Texas. Cockroaches in costumes arranged into several dioramas with names like David Letteroach, The Combates Motel, or Marilyn Monroach are waiting for you. Truly one of the strangest tourist destinations in the world.

6. Soviet Bunker, Lithuania

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Are you interested in a Cold War era? Do you want to feel on your own how it was like to live in the Soviet Union? You have a chance to experience it on your own skin in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the former Soviet bunker, you can turn into a Soviet citizen who will be interrogated by KGB officers. But be aware, this will be as close to reality as possible! At first, you have to agree with physical or psychological punishments, then you have to be ready for really hard approach by the actors portraying KGB officers, real dogs included. Really recommended, but not suitable for everyone.

5. Carhenge, Germany

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In fact, this attraction is very simple. It is just a Stonehenge copy made of classic cars painted in gray. Created by an artist Jim Reinders, this strange monument can be found in Alliance, Nebraska. Around it, other car monuments like “The Fourd Seasons” or “The Carnastoga Wagon” can be found.

4. Gruselkabinett, Berlin

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The only permanently opened WWII era bunker in Berlin, Germany seems as an ordinary historical museum at the first sight. The first floor depicts what it looked like here during the combat. It is definitely interesting but it would not be sufficient to enter our strangest tourist destinations in the world list. However, the bunker has two more levels… In the second floor, you’ll find scary mannequins reenacting not only the amputations and barbaric medical treatment and experiments performed during the second world war. The upper floor is arranged as a haunted house with costumed actors trying hard to scare you with popping out of the dark corners. Again, this attraction is not for everyone!

3. Sedlec Ossuary, the Czech Republic

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Just next to the city of Kutná Hora with UNESCO protected historical center and two cathedrals, a suburban area called Sedlec is hiding another gem. A small Roman Catholic chapel connected to the Cemetery Church of All Saints is offering a unique view to the face of death and human mortality. The chapel´s decorations and furnishings are all made of human bones. Overall, the ossuary contains bones of up to 70,000 people who died during historical plague epidemics and Hussite wars of 15th century. Two pieces of art are especially famous: a magnificent chandelier of bones and coat of arms of House of Schwarzenberg. Annually, the ossuary is visited by 200,000 people from all around the world.

2. Icehotel, Sweden

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Not a hot summer fan? If it is the case, try Swedish Icehotel located 120 miles above Artic Circle. And it is not called Icehotel just for fun as everything is made of the frozen water in it. Your bed, the bar, glasses and even a small church are made from ice. Cool, isn´t it?

1. Capuchin Catacombs, Italy

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Another place where tourists can make an appointment with death. In 16th century, the catacombs of one of Palermo monasteries were found to be a perfect place for natural mummification. Since that time, a lot of monks and other people were buried there. Today, you can have a tour among 8,000 bodies. In any place like this, it is hard not to remember the famous quote: “You are what we have been, we are what you will be”.

Did this list of strangest tourist destinations inspire you to travel and see some of them with your own eyes? If you are not leaving now, we would like to suggest you this travel article as well to get even more inspiration: Top 10 Mysterious Bizarre Places to Travel on Earth.

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