Top 10 Strange Diseases in the World

Medical conditions are anything but pretty. They cause us to be uncomfortable, less productive, stressed, broke and helpless. Although science has helped in uncovering, treating and preventing hundreds of diseases, a good number of them remain to be deadly to living organisms. We recently learnt about some of the strange diseases in the world and got shocked beyond measure. It is mind boggling trying to figure out how these strange diseases found their way into the universe in the first place. Here is the top ten list of strange diseases hopefully you can handle all of them.

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10. Alice in Wonderland Disease

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Movies sometimes contain utter real-life scenarios and some of the information contained there can help somebody in pain and agony. Alice in Wonderland is a syndrome named after the character in the Lewis Carroll novel. It is one of the strange diseases in humans mostly affecting children. Disorientation, hallucinations, size distortion and dysmetropsia are symptoms associated with this illness. Thankfully, it has no harm to the child and often dies out into his teens.

9. The “Stone Man Syndrome”

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Known medically as Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, the “Stone Man Disease” affects the soft tissues of the human body by turning them into bones. The gene is often found in tendons, muscles, bone and ligaments controlling the tissues. If not checked properly, the skeletal muscle can be turned into a bone which causes fusing together of joints. Strange diseases in humans such as this one can permanently damage the posture of the victim completely.

8. The Guinea Worm Disease

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Imagine having to live with a worm inside of you that can only be removed by gradually winding it with a stick over time. This is what drinking stagnant contaminated water with the larva of the responsible roundworm can do to you. This is among the strange diseases in the world because your body literally survives with a worm inside it.

7. The Walking Corpse Disease

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Yes, corpses walk too. In this case, the corpses are, well, not actual corpses but people who feel death energy within them. This is one of those mental disorders that can be deadly if not managed. Suicidal thoughts, depressions, addictions and the tendency to feel the presence of worms and rotting skin are the symptoms of the walking corpse syndrome. Like other strange diseases in humans, this syndrome still baffles the doctors and the world at large.

6. Ebola

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Ebola causes worry whenever it is mentioned. This is one among the strange diseases which kill within a matter of hours after infection. It is a virus that attacks the blood vessel lining leading to bleeding from all the organs. Fruit bats are believed to carry the virus and transfer it to humans. Once the lungs ooze blood, your body drowns in this blood and death soon follows. We actually thought it would be at the top of this list of the strange diseases in humans but as it turns out that some other medicals conditions are far worse.

5. Necrotizing Fasciitis

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Flesh-eating strange diseases in humans are real; they are no longer fictitious. Necrotizing Fasciitis is an example of a rare condition occurring deep inside the skin and tissues of the subcutaneous layer. Symptoms include extreme pain and trauma, discolored skin, blisters and fluid discharge. Surgery is the only known method of treatment for this scary disease.

4. Porphyria

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Porphyria is a vampire disease that emerges when blood production in the body becomes faulty. Faulty blood production means faulty hemoglobin production. The result is an irritation when the skin is exposed to sunlight which quickly leads to the formation of blisters and burns. Vampire legends originated from the discovery of Porphyria although some claim the disease had already been in existence before that. Apparently, even the old generation suffered from rare and strange diseases as well.

3. The Alien Hand Syndrome

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Aliens may have entered the universe and dropped one of their strange diseases in the world. Who knows! Otherwise, how do you explain a neurological disease that causes the victim to have no control over his hand at all? The hands just happen to reach out for objects without the owner realizing it. If you don’t think it falls under the category of strange diseases, you are clearly mistaken.

2. Lymphatic Filariasis

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Many people know it as elephantiasis and it is one among strange diseases in humans caused by a parasitic worm. At first, the disease shows no symptoms but soon leads to swelling of the legs, arms and even the genitals. The skin also thickens and can cause a lot of pain. Antibiotics are the only known treatment options.

1. The Werewolf Syndrome

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Hair all over the body can be something nasty; it can be highly uncomfortable and annoying. The werewolf syndrome was brought into the limelight by the Mexican family which has men with hairs in almost all parts of the body including the face. This disease can either cause a person to grow hair on all parts of his body or in patches. Of all strange diseases in the world, this is the worst.

We are happy to let you know that most of these strange diseases in the world have treatment options. The future also looks bright for those without treatment. So don’t lose hope. Thank you for the read. You can catch other articles of this nature on this website. Be sure to also share this article with your circle.

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