Top 10 Stand Up Presentations Of 2016

Presentations have always been at the center of shaping how information is delivered in boardrooms, classrooms and in front of audiences all over the world. Aside from the aesthetic values they add, most are actually designed to deliver the information to the intended recipient. Below, we look at some of the stand-up presentations featured to enhance the delivery of the required content to the intended recipient.

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10 Creating Content for the Content

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This should be if one of the most important, if not the most important factor to consider while creating your stand-up presentations. The best stand-up presentations should be designed for the content it is supposed to deliver. This makes it easy for the audience to understand and grasp the information being passed through the stand-up presentation. If considered when making the best stand-up presentations, one can be sure to deliver through their presentation.

9. Effective Use Of Colors

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Some of best 2016 stand-up presentations have attained their mark through effectively including colors as part of their presentations. Colors instill a sense of life in every presentation and also go a long way in determining the overall theme of the best stand-up presentations. Bright colors are usually associated with liveliness and activity while dull warm colors are associated with seriousness.

8. Creative Use of Typography

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Typography sheds a lot of light to the creativity on a presentation. When used adequately, it accentuates the information in the presentation allowing for better understanding of the content being shared. One of the best ways to engage your audience and drive the message home is by including typography as part of your stand-up presentations.

7. Originality

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Originality largely depends on the presenter`s taste and when incorporated as part of his work through his presentation, usually delivers the information as was intended by the presenter. The best thing about being original is the fact that it allows you enough space to try out new things and explore your creativity. Originality goes a long way in capturing the audience`s attention as they usually don’t know what to expect next. The feeling of wanting to know is what draws their attention to your presentation and retains it. If incorporated in one`s work, it stands to make one of the best 2016 stand-up presentations.

6. Flat Design

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For that modern sharp look. It is important to go with the trend in the market. The flat design is what is trending in the graphic design world. The outcome of the presentation largely depends on its overall outlook therefore including this as a factor goes a long way in ensuring that your presentation continues to capture the attention of the audience. Presentations that have adopted the flat design have made for some of the best stand-up presentations.

5. Graphics and Storytelling

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Stories are always captivating and can really capture the audience`s attention. It is for this reason that movies and novels have a great following. One of the best ways to keep your audience captivated and have them concentrate on your presentation is by including graphics and storytelling as part of the presentation. They make for good stand-up presentations.

4. Creative Illustrations

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Hand drawn elements and custom illustrations go a long way in delivering the message without necessarily being too ubiquitous. They have a huge potential of drawing massive attention to your presentation partly because they are unique and quite catchy to the eye. It also adds up a personal touch making some of the best stand-up presentations.

3. Stock Photo Alternatives

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Over using stock photos becomes cumbersome over time and deprives the presentation of its catchy look. For a swift and efficient way of delivering a message to an audience, the content has to capture their attention. In 2016 stand-up presentations, other alternatives to visual representation are being adopted to retain the attention of the audience.

2. Scrolling Presentations

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Gone are the days when we used to give out printed handbooks to the audience during presentations. Though the practice left them with something to carry home for a better review, the world is quickly looking away from that direction. Scrolling presentations are the new thing in 2016 stand-up presentations. The message is simply passed on to the audience by sending a link to your website that contains a scrolling presentation. The audience is then free to log in at their own convenience.

1. Immersive Photography

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2016 has embraced oversized images that continue to forge a path in the way content is delivered to the recipients. The aim is to use less text and more images to communicate the intended message. Study shows that these images not only capture the attention of the recipient but enhance the general look of the presentation by setting the required atmosphere necessary to communicate with the recipient. This definitely revolutionizes the delivery of information in 2016 stand-up presentations

It is always important to analyze the purpose of the stand-up presentation and visualize how the audience will see things from their perspective. This will enable you to understand best what needs to be done to ensure the audience get the required information.

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