Top 10 Spiciest Edibles on Earth

Are you one of those who are daring enough to try cuisines which may possibly lead to your death? Are you one of those who cannot live in a world without the hottest peppers? Scientists believe that those who love spicy dishes enjoy the boost of both pain and pleasure derived from the heat. It is therefore in honor of courageous people like you that we took the liberty to compile a list of the top 10 spiciest edibles on earth.

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10. Nua Pad Prik

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If you love Asian cuisines, you are guaranteed to love this. This is one of the simplest dishes to prepare. It is a combination of beef spiced with herbs, shallots, basil, garlic and one of the hottest peppers – the birds-eye chili pepper. This is clear evidence that the best edibles are those that are easy to make.

9. Vindaloo Pork

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Indian cuisines and spices go perfectly in the same sentence. It does not therefore come as a surprise to know that one of the spiciest edibles on earth is an Indian cuisine. Vindaloo pork contains Bhut Jolokia, one of the hottest peppers in the world.

8. Kua Kling Phat

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This is one popular dish which originates from Thailand, and it is slowly gaining popularity in Los Angeles where it is considered as one of the spiciest edibles on earth. It is a sumptuous beefy dish prepared with turmeric and curry. The heat of this dish has been described as almost unbearable.

7. Korean Suicide Burrito

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Like the name implies, trying this dish is pretty much like suicide. This burrito is prepared with the world’s hottest peppers; Chinese, Mexican and Korean peppers. Many who have experimented with this dish claim that although it’s one of the best edibles one should try, there is the likelihood it will burn out your intestines. This can definitely be categorized as one of the spiciest edibles on earth.

6. Sik Sik Wat

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This is one dish that has been classified as one of the best edibles by bread lovers. Originally from Ethiopia, this dish is prepared with paprika, chili pepper and fenugreek. These can be used to spice up the chicken or beef. The dish is usually served with a special kind of bread known as the injera bread.

5. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

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The second hottest pepper in the world is the Trinidad Moruga. With a score of 1,200,000-2,000,000 SHU, the Trinidad Moruga contains the same amount of capsaicin as a shot glass of pepper spray, making it truly spicy and truly hot! Considering that you can get blisters from eating this pepper, would you risk it to try?

4. Pot Douglah pepper

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Otherwise called Chocolate pepper due to it’s chocolate brown color that the pepper turns when ripe, the 7 pot Douglah peppers are the hottest pepper in the 7 group. Fortunately or otherwise, they are extremely rare so it is quite unlikely that you encounter one.

3. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

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Another of the spiciest edibles on earth is the Trinidad Scorpion. These peppers are so hot, that they cannot be handled without using protective gear. An excellent ingredient in any hot sauce, it provides a much needed kick to any meal.

2. Naga Viper Pepper

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There goes the offspring of three of the hottest peppers in history. The Nager Viper pepper was even for a brief period the hottest pepper in 2011. So hot is it that it is 270 times hotter that the Jalapeño. The pepper has a sweet taste though overpowered by the heat the pepper generates. And, if you are looking to find it, visit Cumbria, England.

1. Caroline Reaper Pepper

Spiciest Edibles

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It is advised that upon gaining contact with a Caroline Reaper pepper, a person avoid touching his eyes or other sensitive skin until hands have been washed. It is indeed a blistering experience for any person who gets to eat even the most microscopic piece of petter. Our, advice, avoid one of the hottest peppers on earth at all costs.

So we are finally here, at the conclusion. Our list of spiciest edibles on earth, which also contains some of the hottest peppers known to mankind, is clearly inconclusive. There are hot spices all over the globe, one only has to seek to find. Our daring compilation is simply an attempt at rating some of the world’s spiciest edibles. This is all subject to your opinion, which we warmly welcome in the comments section below. Have nothing to say? Simply share our post to those who may. Thanks for reading.

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