Top 10 Space Mysteries Revealed

We surely do not know why the universe confuses us so much. May be, the universe just loves to confuse us at all time. Some space mysteries are so confusing that even the best physicists and astronomers cannot explain them. Today, we will discuss some of the most amazing mysteries revealed about space. Here is the list of top 10 space mysteries revealed. I am sure that such mysteries will leave you amazed and confused as well. Here it goes:

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10. Moon’s Magnetic Field

We all have heard that our moon remains inert for a longer period of time. But some latest researches have proved that it isn’t always the case. About 4 million years ago, its magnetic field was extended as a result of some irregular events. It is also said that the magnetic field disappeared after around 3.8 million years. Scientists are still trying to find out why and how it happened since there is no justifiable answer. It is amongst the most confusing mysteries revealed about space.

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9. Some Galaxies Are As Much As 13 Billion Years Old!

It is said that the early universe was similar to hell. It cooled down with the passage of time and after some time, the space in it spread far away so that galaxies and stars could come into existence. A recent study has revealed 7 of the earliest galaxies appeared very quickly for some unknown reasons. It is one of the amazing space mysteries to make you baffled.

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8. Distribution Of Dark Matter

Below is the image of the presence of dark matter. According to scientists, around three-quarters of the universe is missing and the missing parts are in the form of dark energy and dark matter. The missing parts can never be detected by them. It is amongst the strange mysteries revealed about space.

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7. Image Of The Sun

Below is an image of the sun that was captured by Nasa’s orbiting observatory. It is one of the images of the sun that confuses the scientists. They have no answer to why the corona of the sun is so hot. Several researches have been conducted so far but there is still no answer. Scientists admit that it is one of the unsolvable space mysteries revealed.

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6. The Solar System

It is a fact that our solar system is very hot. The question is, how did it come into existence? Some scientists say all the stars were created through the burst of the sun. But nobody is sure about whether or not this claim is real. It is definitely one of the most confusing space mysteries revealed ever.

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5. The Source Of Energetic Cosmic Rays

The source of the cosmic rays is one of the most confusing space mysteries. Some cosmic rays come from our sun but most of these particles come from unknown sources. Fortunately, our earth’s atmosphere prevents them from hampering us but we are not sure where they mainly come from.

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4. UV Underproduction

According to a recent research, hydrogen and UV light coexist and that too in a well-defined proportion. However, many physicists have declared this supposition is not true with the help of Ultra Violet photos. What makes this subject more confusing is that the underproduction of ultra-violet light is obvious only at local distances. This mysterious result from that research makes it one of the amazing mysteries revealed about space.

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3. Missing Baryons

Baryons are the particles that make the normal matter. Due to some unknown reasons, when dark matter and dark energy were added to baryons, researchers were not able to find out the exact amount of Baryons. Where did the remaining baryons go? No one knows that and hence it is one of the unknown mysteries revealed about space.

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2. HD 106906 B

This super planet is one of the unexplained space mysteries. The planet could be even bigger than the Jupiter. The mystery here is that astronomers are not 100% sure about the presence of HD 106906 b as they could not find out the exact location of this star from such a great distance.

Image Credit: Thenakedscientists

1. Dark Energy

Dark energy appears to make 73% of all the things that exist. The mystery here is that it cannot be seen and measured. Such space mysteries have been confusing the astrophysicists for a long time.

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After knowing about such mysteries revealed about space, you must be totally amazed and confused. No one knows anything about them and they are still the unexplained space mysteries revealed. Such space mysteries will continue to happen as long as this universe is alive.

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