Top 10 Space Adventures

Can you imagine any better environment for an adventure than space? It is still almost absolutely unknown and everyone who had the privilege to spent some time there have the gloriole of an explorer and fits into the same group as Christopher Columbus, James Cook or Charles Lindbergh. While it is possible to buy a ticket for the space flight with Richard Branson´s Virgin Galactic for a price which is as „low“ as 200,000 $, the regular space tourism industry is still a few years away. But even with Virgin Galactic, a number of people who will be able to fly to space will be quite low. For us who can only dream about the real space trip, there are still ways how to experience the real space adventures – from entertainment products like books, movies, games to interactive expositions or virtual reality sets… All of those can stimulate our imagination and give us the feeling of how it is (or can be) in space.

top-10-space-adventuresImage Credit: George C. Marshall Institute

10. Star Trek Franchise

star-trek-franchiseImage Credit: The Robot’s Pajamas

Starting in 1966, the Star Trek tells the stories not only of the space exploration but also stories of humanity and goodwill. Six television series (with seventh in the production), thirteen motion pictures and hundreds of other franchise items like books, comic books, video games and many others. The Star Trek was an inspiration for many scientists, engineers, and astronauts. It can be said that Star Trek is more than just a TV show, it became a cultural phenomenon and it is one of the best space adventures you can experience without actually flying there.

9. A Beautiful Planet

a-beautiful-planetImage Credit: Youtube

This new IMAX film made in cooperation with NASA will take you to the International Space Station and will offer you the breathtaking views of our planet while thinking about our place in the galaxy. This is not the movie you will forget in an hour after leaving the cinema.

8. Journey to Space 3D

journey-to-space-3dImage Credit: Hip Mama’s Place

Another of NASA´s 3D movies which will allow you to experience best space adventures. You will learn a lot about NASA´s shuttle program or International Space Station and you will get the image about what´s the next step in an exploration of space. Will it be Mars, asteroids or something else? The movie is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart.

7. Visit a planetarium

visit-a-planetariumImage Credit: University of Alaska Anchorage

One of the best space adventures you can experience is the view of the night sky. However, it is not possible for people in large cities to find a spot with a proper condition. If it is the case, you should visit the planetarium where you can feel the magnificence of the universe. As everybody, you will leave the place with humbleness.

6. OnSight

onsightImage Credit: JPL

OnSight is the virtual reconstruction of the planet Mars surface. It is used for Mars rovers planning and other Mars missions tasks. You can experience this one of the affordable space adventures on your own at Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex in Florida.

5. View-Master

view-masterImage Credit: Google Play

This new generation of View-Master will offer you the experience of the space adventures at your home. There are several themes you can explore with the View-Master headset but the one called “Space” is one of the most popular ones.

4. Space Shuttle Mission Simulator

space-shuttle-mission-simulatorImage Credit: Fly Away Simulation

Space Shuttle Mission Simulator is the very realistic and exciting sim game which will allow you to virtually board the Space Shuttle and experience the best space adventures of your life. The simulation was created with the great passion and attention was given to every detail.

3. Zero-G Experience

zero-g-experienceImage Credit: Air Zero G

One of the most exciting things about traveling to space is (at least according to public opinion) the experience of the zero gravity. You can get the feeling yourself if you will book a special parabolic Zero-G flight for public. This are the ultimate space adventures!

2. Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex

kennedy-space-centre-visitor-complexImage Credit: Gray Line

When in Florida, don´t miss the chance to visit NASA´s Kennedy Space Center, the place from which astronauts departed to the Moon. It´s an ultimate chance to be as close as possible to the history of space exploration. And what are the highlights? Saturn V rocket, Apollo command and lunar modules, Mercury program control consoles… you name it. Of all the affordable space adventures, this is the top.

1. A trip to space

a-trip-to-spaceImage Credit: Wikipedia

We strongly believe that the best of all possible space adventures is… the real space adventure. The Virgin Galactic company is planning to begin with regular commercial sub-orbital flights so if you are interested, you better book your tickets as early as possible because a lot of people want to go and there already is a long waiting list. SpaceShip Two craft is waiting for you!

So, which of these space adventures will you pick? But if you want to choose the no. 1 on our list, don´t forget that the space exploration can be a risky business as you can read in our Top 10 Failures in Space Missions.

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