Top 10 Skills of the Animals You Never Knew

It is true that all animals are motile. This means that animals can move instinctively and without any help throughout their life. Normally, their body feature or structure becomes fixed, as they grow, mature, or reach a certain point. However, there are other animals that undergo a metamorphosis stage in a later part of their life. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure about animals, they are all heterotrophs. This further means that they need to take in, swallow, ingest, eat, consume, or absorb other organisms or their products for nourishment and to live. These are the most interesting facts about animals that are not to everyone.

However, there are a lot of things you never know about animals. They have various skills that no one ever knew they possess. This article will present you some amazing animal abilities you never knew existed.

Here are the top 10 skills of the animals you never knew.

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10. Plenty of Fish Do Exchange Sex Organs

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This might come as a shocker to everyone, but yes, you heard it right. Most of the fish go swapping sex organs. This is something that you never knew about these scaled organisms. Some of the biologists have found out that most of these scaly organisms undergo interchanging of sex in accordance with a hormonal cycle or changes in the environment. Several of the fish would do this process to enhance their mating procedure. Who thought that they do this kind of strange practice?

Indeed, this is among the things you never know about animals living in the deep blue sea. The perfect place to discover interesting facts about animals as you never knew what is going on down there. Hence, it is just right to include this fact to the list of amazing animal abilities.

9. Giraffes’ Distinctively Peculiar Blood Flow

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Another addition to the interesting facts about animals is the idiosyncrasy of the giraffes’ blood flow. If you have come to think about it, with the giraffe’s long neck how can their heart pump at a normal rate and in a normal condition with the regular blood flow? Thus, you would conclude that there must be something special with its body functioning.

This is the reason why this peculiar characteristic of giraffes is included in the list of amazing animal abilities.

8. Parrots Can Do More Than Just Mimicry

Image Credit: All Thats Interesting

Almost everyone believes that parrots can just simply do brainless squawking. They can only mimic like a feathered voice recorder whatever you utter to them. The truth is that parrots can do more than just a mere mimicry. There have been studies involving parrots for more than 3 decades that they can engage in talking. The professional experts who conducted the studies have added that the parrots can execute logical leaps.

They can also further resolve specific linguistic processing assignments as mild as could be done by 4 to 6-year-old children. In addition, parrots seem to be able to understand some comprehension ideas such as “same” and “different”. They also appear to comprehend the concept of “bigger” and “smaller”, “none” and numbers.

Moreover, they can understand the number zero. Another interesting fact about them is that they can mix labels and phrases in unusual ways. These things made it to the list of interesting facts about animals.

7. Mole-Rats Can See

Image Credit: Smithsonianmag

Another one of amazing animal abilities that would surely surprise you is the fact that mole-rats are not blind. They can detect or sense a minimal light and they use their eyes essentially more for perceiving changes in the air currents than for an actual sense of the sight. Now, that is something that you can include on your list of interesting facts about animals.

6. Whale Milk Contains A Huge Amount Of Fat Content


Image Credit: Wikipedia

This is something that you should include on your record for distinct things you never know about animals. The whales give off milk into the newborn’s mouth by employing muscles throughout the mammary gland. Their milk contains approximately fifty percent fat, which is about ten times the content in a woman’s milk.

5. Chicks Exercise Kin Selection

Image Credit: HDW

This is absolutely one of the amazing animal abilities that no one knew about. Baby chicks exercise a helping hand to those they are related genetically. For them, it is not all about “the survival of the fittest animal”, but the survival of the fittest genetic breed.

4. Elephants May Forget But Are Not Stupid

Image Credit: Didyouknow

It has been a known truth that elephants have the biggest brain which is about eleven pounds on average. They used to say that elephants are the dumbest creature on earth, but the truth is, their brains are quite good. This makes it to the wonderful things you never know about animals.

3. Beavers Stay Inside During Winter

Image Credit: Jacksonhole wildlife safaries

One of the unique things you never know about animals is the beavers’ behavior. Beavers are believed to stay inside their dwellings during winter to be able to conserve their energy through getting rid of the cold outdoors.

2. Birds Are Absolute Smart Breed

Image Credit: The spruce pets

Birds are innately interesting and probably, the most gorgeous animals ever existed in the ecological system, but that is not the only finest thing they are gifted. They are immensely smart as they utilize landmarks to be able to navigate into long journeys.

1. The Perpetual Jellyfish

Image Credit: JT Moger

This is probably one of the most interesting facts about animals. No one ever knew that any animal has immortality, but the Turritopsis nutricula is a jellyfish type of species that claims to have an immortality characteristic. It means that they can go back into being an immature polyp in recurring ways after being able to reach sexual maturity. They can do this process through the transdifferentiation process.

These are just some of the most interesting facts about animals. There are other amazing animal abilities that you can look for at different sites. The world is indeed full of wonders and the species that live in it.

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