Top 10 Situations in which Pet is Smarter than You

Is man the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom? And is it farfetched to think that animals are smarter than humans? Granted, man is indeed very intelligent. What we have accomplished over the years speaks for itself. But every now and then, your pet will do something that will leave you wondering farm animals are smarter than you. This article looks a deeper look at what makes pets smarter than you.

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10. Animals That Can Speak

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The African gray parrot is arguably the best evidence that animals are smarter than humans. We all know that parrots can mimic human words but the African gray parrot takes it to a whole new level. She has the ability to link meanings to words and can, therefore, be trained to hold conversations as well as perform certain activities.

9. The Cognitive Ability

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The rhesus monkey is a very intelligent monkey and that is why it is often used for research. They have displayed suicidal tendencies, complex social structures and have even coordinated attacks in manners that have left researchers wondering if some animals are smarter than humans. The rhesus monkeys have a wonderful memory, a great ability to learn and an impressive cognitive ability.

8. Sense Of Direction

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Ever noticed how your dog can wander away to the park and still find his way home? Or ever wondered how weaver birds locate their individual nest on a tree that is full of hundreds of similar nests? Well, animals have an impressive sense of direction, unlike humans who have to rely on GPS to get around. Maybe it’s not so absurd to think animals are smarter than humans huh?

7. Animals Can Detect Earthquakes

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Research has proven that dogs have an incredible ability to detect earthquakes hours before it happens. The ability of animals to detect earthquakes was first realized in Greece in 373 BC when dogs started howling, while snakes, rats and weasels moved away to safety days before an earthquake hit the country. As much as you may not like the sound of it, even farm animals are smarter than you so don’t take it for granted when they all started showing restlessness.

6. Dogs Can Smell Anything

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Your weak sense of smell is what makes pets smarter than you. We all know how the police use dogs to smell out narcotics and other contraband. The impressive ability of dogs to smell stuff has found many other domestic uses. For instance, in some countries, dogs are used by pest exterminators to smell out tiny pests like bed bugs. Dogs can even be trained to smell cancer – which can save your life!

5. The Irresistible Cat Purrs

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Cats are another proof that animals are smarter than humans. They usually reserve a special purr that has the same frequency as that of a human baby and they pull this purr up their sleeve whenever they need attention or food. No one can resist this awesomeness.

4. Cats Can Flush Toilets

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The next time someone in your house forgets to flush the toilet, take that a reminder that animals are smarter than humans. Cats can actually be trained to flush the toilet after using it. Just as a testament at how clever cats are, they actually only do it for their benefit – never for the humans’ benefit. That explains why they sleep when and where they want and demand attention when they want.

3. Pets Do Not Discriminate

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This is another reason why farm animals are smarter than you. They are not picky and will willingly be friends to anybody that befriends them. They don’t care about your race, gender, looks, economic or social status, or many other things that we humans place too much premium on.

2. Pets Can Wash- As They Watch TV

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When was the last time you took a shower as you watched your favorite TV show on Netflix? Well, unless you have a TV set in your bathroom, this will probably never happen. Farm animals are smarter than you, though – they know licking themselves is just as effective as taking a shower so they can clean as they catch up with the Kardashians.

1. Great Hearing

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Farm animals are smarter than you because of their incredible sense of hearing. Long before a visitor knocks on the door, your pet will already have detected them. It has nothing to do with their physic ability – just that they are very good at hearing stuff.

So there you have it. 10 interesting scenarios that prove that farm animals are smarter than you. Share the article with a friend and see what they think.

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