Top 10 Sitcoms That Will Make You Laugh

Feeling frustrated by too much stress and pressure in your life? Tired of hearing bad news? It’s time to take a break and laugh your heart out! The following list of the top 10 sitcoms that will make you laugh, will help you choose a sitcom that will not only aid you in breaking your bad mood but will also make you cry tears of laughter and help you see the bright side of life. So prepare yourself to replace the daily dose of work and stress with a daily dose of laughter!

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10. The Goldbergs

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Adam, the youngest family member, loves recording everything that happens in his life, including family events which he videotapes all the time, during the 1980s. This show is based on a real story of an American film producer named Adam Goldberg, who wanted to make a show where he would have an Adult Adam narrate the story of his life, based on the videotapes that he took as Young Adam. The show is known to have numerous comedic incidents which simply help anyone lighten up and break any bad mood.

9. The Middle

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Many people can relate to this American Family Comedy show, which highlights the hardships encountered in the daily lives of a family living in Indiana. Parents Mike and Frankie try to be the best parents they could be, but with their busy work life, they can’t help but get irked by their kids’ demands, complaints, and noise. The show, therefore, emphasizes how hard it is to raise kids while being a full-time worker and has gained a lot of support since 2009 (when it was first aired), which is lasting till date, as the 8th season has only recently premiered, in 2016.

8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Things wouldn’t have to go wrong if only the 5 friends, called ”The Gang,” did not hide a layer of dishonesty, greed, and selfishness in order to harm each other and benefit themselves. Despite running an Irish bar in South Philadelphia together, The Gang spends a lot of time and effort in plotting conspiracies against each other. The so-called friends, however, sometimes do unite. But this unity is quick to vanish as soon as one of them finds an opportunity to gain quick profit, as they bail out on each other without any second thoughts.

7. South Park


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South Park serves to be one of the most satirical and catchy sitcoms of all time, being a show that mocks the modern life, displaying a lot of recurring characters and resembling the daily life situations regarding a variety of subject matters, including politics. The show revolves around four boys named Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman, who live in a fictional town named South Park, which they consider to be dull and boring; yet they venture around the Colorado town and go through comedic experiences.

6. Family Guy

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Winning many accolades and earning a lot of attention from various age groups, the American sitcom consists of a family who live in Quahog, a fictional city, and go through much of the typical situations that occur in the daily American life, many of which criticize the American culture in a humorous, satirical manner. The show, which first aired in 1998, is also known for being one of the longest running TV shows, with 274 episodes as of 2016.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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Falling under the genre of Police procedural, the American sitcom has gathered 6.17 million views after it first aired in 2013. The show talks about a group of detectives, lead by Captain Ray Holt, who go through bizarre yet adventurous experiences, making it a humorous show and one of the most popular sitcoms that will make you laugh. The characters display different, interesting personalities, making the show even more intriguing as each character adds their own bit of humor to the show.

4. New Girl

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After Jessica, a naive, awkward yet optimistic girl, had a painful breakup with her boyfriend, Spencer, she moved into an apartment along with a grounded and smart guy named Nick, an immature yet curious guy named Schmidt, a sportsman named Coach, and Jessica’s supportive, childhood best friend, Cece. Together, the five come to realize that they complete each other and they go through several experiences together, gradually getting used to one another, and eventually becoming one united family.

3. The Simpsons

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Much like Family Guy, The Simpsons displays satirical comedy regarding the American culture, which involves politics, society and human condition. The show is centered on The Simpsons family, which consists of two parents, three kids, a pet cat and a pet dog, living in the town of Springfield and portraying real-life incidents which take place in America. This sitcom has been ranked as one of the funniest sitcoms, as numerous individuals were able to relate to the incidents demonstrated.

2. Modern Family

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Being one of the most popular and admired mockumentaries, this sitcom has been the source of laughter for a great many people, as it depicts circumstances encountered by normal families in the modern day. It involves the characters often facing the camera and talking directly towards it. In 2012, it ranked as the 10th highest income-generating sitcom, making about 2.13 million dollars per episode, thus earning the position of the second funniest sitcom in America.

1. The Big Bang Theory

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We finally come down to the sitcom that has ranked first and has been awarded the title of the funniest sitcom ever. The Big Bang Theory, also called TBBT, is an American sitcom that talks about five characters who live in California. The two physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, share an apartment and they happen to meet Penny, a beautiful, smart blonde waitress living across the hall. They are joined by their two equally anti-social and awkward friends, Howard and Raj, and the show involves incidents where the awkwardness of the four guys creates a hilarious effect when matched against Penny’s sharp and social attitude.

Now that you have reached the end of the list, we hope you have decided which sitcom you’ll be watching next to lift your mood whenever you’re feeling down. Moreover, if you’re interested in finding a show that will never come to an end, make sure you click here to check out our list of the top 10 longest-running TV shows and choose your favorite.

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