Top 10 Shocking Facts about Death Metal

The term death metal has become synonymous with our culture. Yet there is so much that is unknown about heavy metal music’s extreme subgenre. For the surprising novices, death metal is a combination of aggressive powerful drumming, deep growling vocals and screams, tremolo picking, palm muting, and low-tuned and heavily distorted guitars. Yet there are interesting facts about Death Metal that we do not often recognize.

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10. Death Metal glorifies evil

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Often as can be noted in most of the lyrics of the most Death Metal songs, one of Death Metal shocking facts often opined by many is how it glorifies evil. Most of the lyrics are themed on occultism, mutilation, cannibalism, rape, torture, dissection and necrophilia. So dark are Death Metal songs considered to be that we ignore those that speak of nature, mysticism, mythology, politics, science fiction, and religion. Death Metal is an all encompassing genre of music that though dark, does more than just glorifying evil.

9. Death Metal origins

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One of the interesting facts about Death Metal borders around its origins. Death Metal originated from three styles of music, hardcore punk, thrash metal and first wave black metal. It’s cultural origins emanated in Florida, United States in the Mid-1980s. Today Death Metal has firm roots in Brazil, Sweden, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan and New York.

8. The first known Death Metal band

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The first known Death Metal band or better yet one of the bands that produced the first semblance of Death Metal was Venom. Venom was an English heavy metal band which emerged in Newcastle. Their album Welcome to Hell brought with it harsh vocals, blistering sound whose dark nature and lyrics full of Satanic imagery inspired other extreme metal bands. That same year another metal band, Slayer followed.

7. Slayer was not exactly Death Metal

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Of the Death Metal shocking facts, few equate to the fact that Slayer was not exactly While many consider the band Slayer to be Death Metal due to their extremely violent music, greater than their contemporaries Megadeth and Metallica, Slayer was a thrash metal act. Yet another interesting fact about Death Metal and Slayer is that the bands emergence, helped improve the prominence of this genre of music without Slayer ever playing Death Metal in its true essence.

6. The three label giants in Death Metal

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Another Death Metal shocking facts are that the genre has produced major label giants. Of these three are most prominent. The three label giants in Death Metal are Earache, Combat and Road Runner. These giants were responsible for the rapid signing of Death Metal bands during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Many of these bands have gone on to become extremely prominent.

5. Death metal has many subgenres

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One of the interesting facts about death metal is that since the early 1990s death metal has gone on to create many different subgenres. Of these subgenres the most prominent and distinct are technical death metal, melodic death metal, death doom, goregrind, deathgrind, deathcore and pornogrind. There is also death ‘n’ roll which combines the elements of ’70s hard rock and heavy metal.

4. The album that made death metal

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Slayer’s third album Reign in Blood was the inspiration for the death metal genre. It was this inspiration that formed the basis of many death metal bands such as Morbid, Obituary and Death. Then here comes some other interesting facts about death metal. The same album, Reign in Blood has also been said to have influenced, alongside Motorhead and Venom, the death metal band Possessed which emerged from San Francisco.

3. Founder of death metal

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Chuck Schuldiner is the referred to as the founding father of death metal

One death metal shocking facts is that despite Slayer, Motorhead, Venom, among others being referred to as the creators of the genre, Death’s frontman, Chuck Schuldiner is revered as the Godfather or “Father of death metal.” The solos and speedy minor-key riffs, complemented with rapid drumming created a sound that forms the basis of death metal today.

2. Death metal setup

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The common setup for death metal bands is as follows; a bass player, two guitarists, a drummer and a vocalist. Some other bands have also incorporated instruments such as electronic keyboards. The guitars are played using techniques such as tremolo picking and palm muting.

1. Death metal is dead

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Maybe the header’s construction was designed to make it worthy of being one of death metal shocking facts, but in truth death metal is a far cry from what it was in the ‘90s. Death metal has become so adulterated with so many subgenres and lost interests that it has lost a great deal of its following and is now a mirage of what it once was.

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