Top 10 Secrets to Sustain Happiness in Life

It is oftentimes seen among a properly studied cross section of modern human consensus that most people do seem to be getting things right after all. But what is it that keeps making them such losers, such loners and more often than not, hopeless romantics in dire need of a silver lining of blinding bright light? Here are the top 10 secrets to sustain happiness in life that we think are the way for you to sustain such contentment and pleasure, often termed “Happiness”, in Life.

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It has been no secret since the dawn of time itself that a life well lived, is a life lived happily. People have sometimes the easiest time finding the secrets to such an unparalleled virtue. Most often, however, people find it quite challenging to figure things out, so to speak. They may have arrived at this place after lot of struggle, yearning or simply just a greater share or helping of suffering. After all, it does evidently take a lot of contrary talk to joy, to achieve that particular wave of happiness we all are after.

10 Being Noble:

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As a number 10, we have formulated one of the most intricate virtues of happiness itself. All wisdom and faith, intelligence and steadfastness, not to mention the all conquering emphatic take on life spawns from being noble. Being noble involves the textbook yes, right and up. This might sound like it is impractical to achieve but that can’t be any more further from the truth. As depicted and told by countless myths and fables and accounts from history, a life worth living is a noble life.

9 Feeling Content

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You’ve guessed it; the next top secret in our list to sustain happiness in life is the right to reflect on oneself to the degree of feeling fulfilled regardless of what the World makes of your growth. It could be true that you have not hit it off well as much as many around you but it’s always a measure of what is worth at the end of the day, isn’t it? Taking a look at how fast you’re grown, at the number of bounds and leaps and feeling content with the things in your life that make you smile sure could be a well-kept secret to happiness in life.

8 Making every meal a hearty meal

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The next secret on our list is no great hush-hush as it is what every living being on the Planet, those even not Human –Oh yes, most certainly Yes- enjoy without even being asked to: It’s eating! Eating is the most important requirement for us to stay alive and stable but how many of us do that responsibly and conscientiously every time? Not many I suspect.  Making every meal something to remember and something that gives you great reason could well be “The” most important secret to a happy life! But wait, there’s more.

7 Explore the Outdoors

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What we make of the World is what it is. But how can we tell for sure? We can tell without a speck of a doubt by only experiencing the World ourselves, first hand with no bars held in between. Exploring the World could mean an activity as simple as taking an evening walk through a never before ventured path or an altogether new route with old paths or contrariwise to trekking rugged mountain paths to camping in a remote spot that could be a tent in the jungle or just beyond the beach line on the borders of a thicket in an uninhabited island out at sea. Nothing, in ways, could be more exhilarating.

6 Avoid the Machine

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Life today has become so autonomous that we have lost touch with the need to be in touch with certain things that have defined the joys of living life at all. From letting a machine do the spelling for you, not to mention grammar and all other forms of wording your thoughts, to simply stretching your legs to the quick stop for a bunch of apples; everyone needs something to “aid” them and make things “easier” for them than doing things the way they are supposed to be done. Avoid the machine, and do these and many more things yourself and you will not be surprised to feel happy.

5 Frequent sex

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There have been more than a handful of myths surrounding this I’d say, more than what is healthy. Sex had been observed to only emphasize procreation since time immemorial but times, Ladies, Gentlemen and all you other lovelier people have changed! Sex is now viewed as that special something that we could use to express ourselves in countless ways, other than just the mindless hop stops and bang for an offspring. Having long hours of intense and mellow sex has become a trend among many inadvertently, but harmoniously. And this has been set down as one of the secrets to sustain happiness in life by our super intelligent scribes.

4 Reading into the mystery

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Life as we know it seems to be “losing its cover” for itself ever since or even since prior to the information age –no doubt. But how many of these discoveries have you made yourself? The World Heritage has recorded only a handful of fact uncovered, of Earth, of Life itself, by laymen. In the present time and age this does not seem to be a magical feat in any way, given that we have access to all we need to know the little that the mysteries are telling us, to uncover the bigger picture and popularize it. Some hints are Google or Discovery to research and Writerscafe or Facebook to simply share it with the World, thus propagating the wisdom. What more can make one happier than the joy of seeing the World grow with you? Not so much of a secret any more is it?

3 Get all the rest and sleep you want

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The Human body regenerates during its suspension, as we all have come to know at one time or the other. In today’s World, this can’t be truer, or more aptly more essential. What with our strained eyes and nerves, not to mention fingers and back and neck that at least 1 in a thousand people around the world over are risking to various forms of ailments or even diseases sometimes running the danger of even being incapacitated, the simple observance for well deserved rest is more than enough to sustain that risk free healthy comfort that leads to sustain happiness in life.

2 Get acquainted with nature

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The life you are given is most valuable in that you can learn countless lessons in countless dimensions from those friends and family around you. Look further –you can very well step this up with a more harmonized inclusion of the other beings alive from domestic animals to not so domestic animals to foliage about your garden and the very grass around your feet. Touch, feel, interact and be amazed at how much Nature can step up and sustain happiness in life and this is a surefire guarantee throughout your life.

1 Choose your company

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In the ever changing and growing world today that has literally exploded into all avenues of existentialism be it industry or entertainment or intimacy, one is constantly faced with some of the most challenging choices that involve choosing the way you wish to be disposed to sustain your personal happiness. These could involve being in the throng of a music festival, which some find extremely joyous and uplifting, even inspiring or in a group of friends who are constantly the same people so the faces all around are learned with each other’s feelings and the atmosphere sublime. Further yet are people who wish to be by themselves. What kind of company is that you may wonder? Well a company well-kept reflects on the happiness sustained!

And there, we have all we need for now, to hold on to what makes us happy (but not so tight that we hurt it). Just one more much, much greater and more meaningful secret we have discovered that helps promise us happiness for millions more years, end to end, is the divine virtue of Sharing. Sharing is after all, Caring as they say and have said since time immemorial. So, remember to simply click the Share button and facilitate happiness for everyone else in the World! Thank you so much for your presence and consideration!

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