Top 10 Scientific Discoveries About Animals

Year after year, scientists are searching the deserts, museums, and jungle in order to examine animals and discover new species or new things about them. Last year was a flood year for new scientific discoveries animals. For instance, there were strange animal discoveries in Australia, China, and Galapagos. Scientists are trying to learn as much as they can about these animals in order to use that information in medicines, development of robots and new materials. Their scientific discoveries about animals include living animals as well as extinct species.

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10. The Vegetarian Dinosaur

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T-Rex is a carnivore dinosaur that is known for his lust for meat, bone-crushing bite and his teeth like knives. But, Chilesaurus Diegosuarezi, his cousin, is a vegetarian and was one of the scientific discoveries about animals made by a 7-year-old boy, son of a paleontologist during a Chile excavation. Alongside this skeleton, there were at least 10 others, strict plant-eaters, a turkey and others that were about 10 feet long. These strange animal discoveries have shown that people don’t know that as much about dinosaurs as they believed.

9. The Vampire Piggy Rat

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Amongst the new scientific discoveries about animals, we find this rat with a nose similar to that of pig and teeth as that of vampire from Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This is a weird species of animal that will make a vampire jealous for his teeth and has a nose like a pig. He was caught in a trap by a curator of mammals of the Louisiana State University’s Museum of Natural Science.

8. The Snake With Four Legs

Image credit: National Geographic

Nowadays snakes move around on their bellies, but over 100 million years ago they had four legs each having five fingers. This is a type of scientific discoveries about animals have changed the way we look at their evolution. This snake was discovered in Brazil, in a fossils exhibition from the Crato Formation. The same species was found in a museum in Germany under the label of “Unknown species”. But a paleobiologist from the UK made some research and discovered that it is a tetrapodophis amplectus.

7. Gigantic Sea Scorpion

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During an excavation into an old crater of a meteorite that crashed into the Upper Iowa River, the scientists made another one of the strange animal discoveries. They found fossils of sea scorpions that are as big as a human being and have paddle-shaped, pointy limbs. Researchers have stated that this creature ate squishy and bivalves creatures during the day. They are old relatives of sparkle muffins and skeletorus

6. Sparklemuffins and Skeletorus

Image credit: ZME Science

Scientific discoveries about animals have brought to attention two species of spiders: Sparklemuffins and Skeletorus. They are both peacock spiders with courtship dance rituals and bright colors. Sparklemuffins are colored in blue and red, while Skeletorus are black and white. Both species were found in Australia getting the group of peacock spiders larger.

5. The Vacuum Cleaner As Large As A Hippo

Image credit: Earth Archives

This is one of the funniest strange animal discoveries due to the mammal’s long snout that it uses as a vacuum cleaner to suck up sea grass and marine algae. Even though you can’t use it to vacuum your house, it is known as a vacuum cleaner. This species belongs to the extinct world, but the scientists found four such skeletons in Unalaska on the Aleutian Islands.

4. The Dementor Wasp

Image credit: Wikipedia

This new scientific discoveries animals name was inspired by dementors of Harry Potter due to their common way of dealing with their prey. Dementors suck the happiness of their victim, while the wasp injects venom into the cockroach’s belly making it immobile. Their venom just freezes them, so the victims are eaten alive.

3. The Terror Bird

Image credit: Mental Floss

Some scientific discoveries about animals can really terrify you. For instance, this 10-foot tall bird that is flying over her prays with its hooked claws. These terror birds were inhabitants of South America about 1.8 million years ago and they created panic amongst lots of animal species they used to chase. In 2015, terror birds with new species have been discovered in Argentina through a 3.5 million-year-old skeleton. They were able to hear low-frequency sounds that helped them hear any move of their prey from very far away.

2. The Smallest Snail On The Planet

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Amongst new scientific discoveries animals, you can also find some pretty ones. For example, this tiny snail originated in China, with a translucent white shell of 0.027 inches tall. It lives in the tropical islands on limestone hills. Because of its small dimensions, researchers were forced to take shovels of dirt into their labs in order to be able to observe it under the microscope, as it could not be seen with naked eyes.

1. The Sneezing Monkey

Image credit: Smithsonianmag

Other strange animal discoveries, maybe one of the strangest are the sneezing monkeys. On rainy days their upturned nose collect water and it starts to sneeze. This unusual species of monkeys can be found in Myanmar. On the other hand, the monkey usually tucks its head between its knees so that it won’t sneeze all day long.

Besides these top 10 animal discoveries, there are lots of other discoveries, such as the spikey worm with 30 legs from China, the ruby-red sea dragon from Australia and the new species of enormous tortoise from Galapagos. Scientist try to investigate as much as they can about ancient species that are already extinct and try to protect the ones that are on the edge of extinction.

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