Top 10 Scarily Plausible Hauntings

Our life is full of unexplainable stories or situations that mark our existence and remain vivid in our memories for a long period of time. No matter if we talk about the law of attraction, about creepy feelings or scary stories. Although, there are some plausible ghost stories that people actually can believe happened, as well as some plausible hauntings of spirits.

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10. A ghost story from Egypt

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This happened in ancient Egypt back in 1200 B.C. and has been translated and published by Gaston Maspero, Egyptologist, in 1915. This is one of the scarily plausible hauntings that took place in ancient Thebes, Luxor, found written on four pieces of pottery. It is about a ghost of a mummified man speaking about his current condition with a high priest of Amun the god. The ghost said that he grew without breathing the air, without seeing the sun, in dark every day with no one coming to find him. He complains about an accident that happened to his tomb or to him.

9. Tu-po ghost

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Another one of the plausible ghost stories originates in China. The ghost of Tu-po was a lusting for vengeance spirit due to his disagreements with the Chinese Emperor Hsuan where he worked as a minister. Hsuan killed Tu-po not taking into consideration the warning that he will haunt him and what followed was more than a simple haunting. In 783 B.C., 3 years after he was killed, Hsuan was found dead in front of an assembly of feudal lords by an apparition resembling Tu-Po .

8. Athens haunted by a chained man

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Plausible hauntings also happened in Athens. In 113 A.D. senator Pliny told one of the most scarily plausible hauntings that are still alive today. In a house with a very bad name were usually heard noises of chains clashing with the walls. It turned out to be an old man with a long beard, extremely squalid appearance and emancipated that had chains around his hands and feet. Athenodorus, a Greek philosopher, wanted to confront the ghost so he rented the house but it rattled around and disappeared into thin air. The next day, Athenodorus dug up the place where the ghost disappeared and found a skeleton of a man in chains.

7. The bathhouse

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More plausible hauntings come from Greece. For instance, in Chaeronea, a commander of the roman army fell in love with a little boy named Damon, but Damon rejected him, the thing that annoyed him. Damon knew he will kill him, so he gathered his friends together in order to kill the commander and a few other soldiers. They ran away to the countryside and when people in town allowed him to come back they killed him in the local bathhouse. After a weird period of time and scary noises coming from there, the door was walled up till this day.

6. Tower of London

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After Greece, Grain Britain comes with a series of plausible ghost stories. Tower of London alongside Queen’s House is the most haunted location. The Martin Tower, a part of the tower of London is haunted by a bear ghost that scared a guard to death, while in Queen’s House, we can find the specter of Arabella Stuart, the cousin of King James I that made the mistake to marry against his wish and was punished being a prisoner in the tower.

5. Aokigahara Woods

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These woods from Japan, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, are full of scarily plausible hauntings since dozens of people that committed suicide there were found there. There are quite a few stories to be found there and a lot of signs in the woods to advise people to seek help and avoid killing themselves.

4. Ronald Doe’s Exorcism

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On the fourth place of plausible hauntings, we find a story from 1949, Cottage City, Maryland, where Ronald was exorcised by a few Roman Catholic priests. Apparently, the boy could speak in ancient languages that he hadn’t known, he could float above the bed and had supernatural strength.

3. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

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Our top three plausible ghost stories top start with the Brown Lady. She was discovered by accident by a photographer who, in 1936, was taking pictures of the Raynham Hall, UK. When he looked at the pictures he saw an apparition floating down the stairs. It is amongst the most famous photos of ghosts ever.

2. The CCTV ghost

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England is one of the most filled places with scarily plausible hauntings. This time it took place in Surrey at the Hampton Court Palace. In 2003, a skeletal figure was recorded on a CCTV camera, it wore very old clothes. In addition, Catherine Howard is still haunting the screaming gallery, where she was dragged to her room, screaming all the way. She was one of Henry the VIII wives.

1. Amityville

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The first place is for one of the most known plausible hauntings. It took place in America where Ronald Defeo Jr. was jailed for killing his father, mother and four brothers in 1974. The massacre happened in their home in New York, Amityville. Police reports were quite confusing since the gun had no silencer and there were no struggling signs in the house. In 1975, Lutze family moved in but only for a month. They could hear voices and their daughter had an imaginary friend called Jodie that was a pig with red eyes.

Although there are hundreds and thousands of ghost stories not all of them are plausible ghost stories. Some of them might be invented, but most of them are based on true stories with some added details. Still, true or not they still give me the creeps.

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