Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies with Twist Ending

Some of the scariest Horror Movies of all time are those twist ending horror movies where you never see the end coming until you get there. As for a list of horror movies 2016, you can hardly find twist ending horror movies produced this year. Perhaps the directors and scriptwriters believe that twist endings are not as catchy as they once were and less complicated plots are more likely to sell or maybe horror movies are just not that good anymore. Be that as it may! Here is a list of some of the scariest horror movies that had twist endings. Sadly, horror movies 2016 do not make the cut; that is not to say there are not great horror movies in 2016.

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10. 10 Cloverfield Lane

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The movie at first gives the impression of being about the survival of two people from the clutches of a maniac with which they are trapped, in an underground bunker. Michelle, the female protagonist, and her male counterpart are able to escape Howard (the scary guy) only to discover that there was actually an alien invasion (can you believe that!).

9. The Wicker Man

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This is one of the twist ending horror movies that has been talked about for many years. The movie is about cults and pagan sex rituals and it revolves around one Sergeant Howie who gets a letter to come and investigate a little girl (Rowan) who has disappeared. On arrival to the island, he gets to know about the pagan cult and believes that they want to sacrifice Rowan in their May Day festivities to bring fertility to the land once again. The twist is that Rowan was actually a bait for Howie to come to the island willingly. Being a virgin himself, he was the intended sacrifice.

8. Shutter Island

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Leonardo DiCaprio plays the character of Teddy Daniels, a US Marshal who goes with his partner to Shutter Island, an asylum for the mentally ill on an island around Boston, USA. Their mission is to investigate how an asylum patient disappeared. The movie gets weirder and weirder and the plot gets more complicated. At the movie’s end, we discover that Daniel is actually one of the asylum’s patients. He was convicted for murdering his wife after he found out she had murdered their children. The entire murder and disappearance case was actually an elaborate enactment by the hospital staff hoping to make him remember what had happened.

7. The Others

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Here is another good one, definitely one of scariest Horror Movies in recent years. The whole film is based on Henry James’ short story, The Turn of the Screw. A woman (called Grace) and her three children live in an English mansion but never come out due to extreme sensitivity to sunlight. The twist is that there is no sensitivity to sunlight, they are actually dead, all three of them.

6. Orphan

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John and Kate adopt a child after Kate has a miscarriage. The child they adopt from the orphanage is Esther. Living with them things start to go wrong and they believe Esther might be behind it all. The twist in the movie is that she not actually young, she is really 33 years old but has a disorder that gave her a stunted growth.

5. Angel Heart

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Harry Angel is investigating for Johnny Favorite, a popular singer. Every person Henry talks to on the case ends up dead. Along the line, he discovers that Favorite was a Satanist. The twist is Harry Angel and Johnny Favorite are the same. Favorite sold his soul to the devil but reneged on the deal and his soul was transferred into Harry Angel’s body.

4. Scream

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This movie features on every scariest Horror Movies list you can find. It is about a serial killer (Ghostface) who was after a girl Sidney Prescott. The twist is that Ghostface is actually two people: Sidney’s boyfriend, Bill, and her friend from school Stu.

3. The Orphanage

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This is more of a drama that has a bit of a thriller edge to it. The movie is about Laura who convinces her husband to buy the very orphanage she grew up in. She has an adopted son, Simon, who goes missing and was thought dead due to his condition as an HIV patient. Laura, throughout the movie, does not believe Simon is dead and keeps searching till the end where it is revealed that Simon was indeed dead and actually killed by Laura.

2. Saw

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This is one of the scariest Horror Movies out there. In fact, if this movie was released this year, it would definitely make the top horror movies 2016 list. The movie is about a serial killer who captures people and makes them go through a series of (life-threatening) puzzles and tests. The twist in this one is the real identity of the Jigsaw killer who is the actually the corpse in the bathroom and one of the victim’s patients.

1. The Ring

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The ring is about a woman, Rachel Keller, who investigates a curse and what a child abuse case. She discovers where Samara was thrown into (a well). The movie reveals that there was no abuse on the girl.

And that’s our list of scariest Horror Movies that also twist ending horror movies. You can see any of these movies and be guaranteed of satisfaction. Or you are can peruse the horror movies 2016 list if you are more of an “I watch new movies only” kind of person.

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