Top 10 Scariest Bands of All Time

It is well known that certain musical styles are tightly connected with performing the show which can be easily called extreme by many people. Various bands use elements of horror or pretending of gory violence to multiply the spectator´s experience of the music. Is it exactly the type of music which can be either loved or hated, nothing in between. The die-hard fans will always buy this kind of music and they will be always attending the concerts. On the other hand, the rest of the people will be always trying to avoid this kind of music at any cost. In the following list of all time scariest bands, the most famous of those musicians are charted. It is completely upon you if you will love or hate them.


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10. Kiss


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Probably the most famous of all time scariest bands all around the world, Kiss is the American hard-rock group which was founded in 1973 and is still active today. Their well known live performances contained fire-breathing, extensive smoke effects, fake blood-spitting and of course the most famous of their tell-tale signs – painted faces of the band members.

9. Rammstein


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German metal-rock band Rammstein was formed in 1994 and first made the success in Europe. In 1997, Rammstein had their first tour of the United States. Their shows are full of flame effects including the use of arm flamethrowers. The dark atmosphere of the songs makes Rammstein one of the scariest music bands in the industry.

8. Slayer


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Being formed in 1981 in California, these representatives of the trash-metal sparked many controversies when accused of being Satanists and white supremacists who use Nazi symbols. The band must sometimes face the ban of some of their albums. It´s your decision if you find this scary. Nevertheless, there are people who consider the Slayer to be among scariest bands ever.

7. Stalaggh & Gulaggh


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At this point, our list of the scariest bands ever is getting really interesting. No one really knows who Stalaggh & Gulaggh are, but their music is absolutely insane using the sounds of the patients with mental illness or the children crying.

6. Black Sabbath


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Black Sabbath´s frontman Ozzy Osbourne is the most famous member of the band which was founded in 1968 in Birmingham. Ozzy became well known worldwide when he almost bit off the head of the bat during the concert. The truth is that the extensive use of drugs and alcohol by the band members is scary enough itself.

5. Eminem


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Eminem is an American rapper raised in the poor neighborhood of the Detroit. He is often given as an example of the success through the very hard work. However, Eminem´s songs are often full of violence and especially his album „Slim Shady“ was very controversial because of that.

4. Marilyn Manson


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The truth is that some of the scariest music bands were probably inspired by Marilyn Manson – the name of both the band and its frontman. In the 1990s, Marilyn Manson was constantly shocking the world by each of its performance. As others of all time scariest bands, Marilyn Manson is facing many controversies. Most serious of them was an accusation that the music served as an inspiration of the Columbine shootings.

3. Gwar


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The heavy metal band Gwar was formed in 1984. The band´s performance is based on the use of scary costumes and the extensive use of fake blood. Although the peak of their fame is probably over, Gwar is still kind of a cult for many people and one of the scariest bands ever.

2. Gorgoroth


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The name of this Norwegian black metal band comes from the J.R.R.Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings where it was a name of the plain of the dead. When they have used impaled sheep heads and liters of sheep blood during one of their concerts, they were investigated by the police. Crucifixes, blood, and violence are common stage properties of this band.

1. Mayhem


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The band frontman´s name was Dead, he used to cut himself on the stage and he was regularly using pig´s or sheep´s heads during the concerts. When he committed suicide, his mates used the photo of his body for the cover of their album and there were rumours that they ate part of his body… OK, it´s enough. Definitely one of the scariest bands ever.

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