Top 10 Sad Moments on Screen That Were Unintentionally Hilarious

It is unfortunate when a moviemaker puts so much effort into having his movie taken seriously and a few particular sad moments on screen end up turning out to becoming unintentionally hilarious moments on screen. Most times the joke is more on the effort that was put in shooting the scene that did not reflect what the filmmakers had envisaged. For your viewing pleasure we have compiled a list of the top ten sap moments on screen that turned out to be unintentionally hilarious moments on screen for you viewing pleasure.


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10. The Thing


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The irony is puzzling especially when the intensity of the alien has heightened to the level it has reached. Brimley’s Blair is desperately trying to stop the alien getting out of the base waving a gun around, shooting at everyone. Hence, it is baffling that Kurt Russell’s MacReady and his pals are able to gather more than enough guts to charge at him with a table and punch him in the head. This scene should usher in a chuckle or two.

9. Aaron Eckharts hilarious reactions in The Dark Knight


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Harvey Dent’s entire act – or almost all of it – in The Dark Knight had a funny bite to it. Top of the list and one of the sad moments on screen, was the facial expression he pulled when Rossi pointed a gun at him in court. But then there’s also his interesting attempt at extracting himself from a warehouse bursting with explosives while tied to a chair. His ineffectual yet violent act of shifting around in his seat for a bit before overly dramatically tipping himself to the floor and turning his face directly into the leaking gasoline around him before huffing and puffing the gasoline out of his mouth will bring out the howls you never expected to have in on of our most unintentionally hilarious moments on screen.

8. Antichrist


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Apart from the unrestricted sex scenes there is not to bother yourself with the movie but who am I to say? Nonetheless, the baffling aspect of the film is how Gainsbourg notices her son has fallen out of a window – or at least notices that something’s wrong – but keeps on with her slow-motion sex scene with Dafoe right after glancing over Dafoe’s sweat-ridden shoulder.

7. Snowpiercer


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As no joke and sad cannibalism is, it is highly comical therefore to listen to Chris Evans line reading where he says that he knows what people taste like and babies are the best tasting. For supposedly sad moments on screen, nothing could sound more off.

6. Rachel’s death scene in The Dark Knight


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The more you watch The Dark Knight, the more hilarious it becomes. Women in Refrigerators have been a cliché  across comic books, an excuse for the husbands and boyfriends – Nicolas Cage, Spiderman and Wolverine – to beat up the bad guys. In The Dark Knight Rachel’s death scene is so unsympathetic you must get some chuckles out as she gets blown to bits. Doubt me?

5. Lawless last scene


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Lawless stayed true to its title and ditch the fairytale ending. Possibly an afterthought by the producers, the fairytale scene earlier created of them getting married and settling down in a utopian setting gets shattered when Forrest wanders alone onto an icy lake, dances and crashes through the freezing water and to a horrible death. Like most of the unintentionally hilarious moments on screen on this list, it never looked sensible to me.

4. Molly’s melodrama in Ghost


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Nothing seemed crappier in Ghost than Molly begging an already clearly very dead Sam’s body to hold on. Then there’s Sam looking at the body he has just vacated clearly highlighting the hilarious special effects that the 90s had to offer. Patrick Swayze remains a legend nonetheless.

3. Specially delivered line in Se7en


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Well before Brad Pitt became the person we know today, he had a few blunders of his own. Well he has been forgiven. It was 1995 for crying out loud. That doesn’t take a way the fact that his pronunciation of box as baux made the film – and its heavy ending – a whole lot easier to take.

2. Disclosure discloses Hollywood’s ignorance about technology in the 90’s


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The makers of Disclosure had no idea what hacking was and made Michael Douglas portray their ignorance. How else could you explain an SFX visor, virtual reality gloves and pulling files from a VR mansion and who ever wanted to stop you simply had to create a 3D framework of themselves. Hollywood’s ignorance remains laughable at best.

1. Hard Ticket To Hawaii


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Everything in this movie is hard to take, possibly the genius behind the title. From being killed by a bazooka while on a skateboard to a razor Frisbee being a cause of death. How this film was ever made remains a mystery? Maybe Hollywood could make a film about that.

These unintentionally hilarious moments on screen spawned out of some sad moments on screens that viewers never expected a few chuckles from. These are the top 10. For more laughs and interesting listings about what goes on around us, please like, share and comment. We appreciate.

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