Top 10 Most Ruthless People in World History

People look different, feel different and act differently. Therefore, people look at people differently and someone can consider another person as being a tyrant while other can see him as a hero. Still, the means that leaders use to reach their goals are less susceptible to interpretation. There are many world ruthless people no matter how long the list of their good contributions to history is. For example, having men building a tower using live men mixed up with cement is very brutal.

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10. Genghis Khan

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One of the most ruthless people in the world was Genghis Khan of the Mongolian Empire. During his ruling period, he conquered most of the Caspian Sea and China. He had a huge thirst for blood, was cruel and vengeful but above all, ruthless and destroyed a lot of children, soldiers, cities and civilians on his way. His killing method was pouring silver and molten metal into people’s ears and eyes. Moreover, in only one massacre he killed 700,000 people. He tortured the rich to find out where their treasures were and decapitated the poor.

9. Leopold II of Belgium

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This second King of Belgium is amongst the ruthless people in world history and he ruled over the Congo Free State. Above all, he remained in history for being a great liar for telling the entire world he wanted to help Congo. This turned out to be used for forced labor and use Congo Free State as his own property. He implemented a regime of terror having Congolese maimed, slaughtered and tortured only for not bringing enough rubber. Leopold left thousands of people without noses, hands, feet and ears and let his men flog, wrap and eat natives.

8. Tomas de Torquemada

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The Grand Inquisitor of Spain has his own place in our top 10 world ruthless people. He started the Spanish Inquisition in 1478 and brought it to the end in 1834. All people that were a threat to the status of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain were banished. His spies were very good in turning people of same blood against each other in court. Only because he dispraised Jews he would order to be tortured or even killed. Torquemada tortured people until they surrendered everything they had.

7. Mao Zedong


This dictator of China is found amongst the most ruthless people in the world due to the greatest genocide and famine in history. He devoted to making China the most powerful country in the world at all costs. During his dictatorship, China has experienced political terrorism and economic disasters. Chinese have committed suicide or died because of starvation or were executed. A couple ten million others were used for forced labor. He used fear in order to accomplish his objectives and killed a lot of children.

6. Ivan the Terrible

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On our list of world ruthless people, we find the Tsar of Russia, Ivan, a cruel, merciless and brutal person since his childhood. As a kid, he used to take bears, dogs and cats and throw them off the tallest building he could find. He even killed people as a teenager for his amusement. As a Tsar, paranoia started to follow him and made him see enemies all around him. Ivan forced a lot of people to give up their properties and tortured innocent people that he saw as enemies. He had a special torture chamber.

5. Idi Amin

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Uganda’s dictator, Amin, promised democracy and peace for his country but he brought death and poverty. Therefore, it is only expected to categorize him as one of the ruthless people in world history. Ethnic persecutions, massacres, human right abuses and political repression were only a few of his rules. He even broadcasted people executions on TV and tortured government officials, photographers, teachers, soldiers, business people, police officers, politicians, lawyers, engineers, citizens, children and ministers. He used to keep pictures of his men killing people with sledge-hammers for his own amusement.

4. Pol Pot

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The prime minister of Cambodia was planning to destroy the entire civilization of the country and transform it into new age generation. Most ruthless people in the world are meant to create chaos, and Pol Pot made no exception by turning Cambodia into a killing arena. He is the only leader in the entire history that has officially ordered genocide against his own country and killed as many people as he could during his power status.

3. Adolf Hitler

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This Chancellor of Germany became a Fuhrer. The funny thing about this top 3 most ruthless people in the world is that some of them weren’t even thinking about such thing before they had power in their hands. For example, Hitler wanted to become an artist but failed so he decided to become a member of the German army and was a soldier in World War I. During the surrender of the German army he managed to escape and turn back to Germany and became bitter because he believed that surrendering meant that they lost. Hitler started to think that Jews were a threat and planned to eliminate them from Europe and take control over the world. He used to test killing methods on wounded people in hospitals, such as the use of carbon dioxide gas.

2. Joseph Stalin

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The second place amongst world ruthless people is the dictator of the Soviet Union, Stalin. He used to be an assassin, bank robber and agitator during his youth. When he got the power he wanted he became paranoid leading to his ascension to being the vengeful, unforgiving, ruthless and brutal dictator that is known. His 30 years regime was founded on terror, murder, destruction and violence. At first, he wanted to turn the Soviet Union into an industrial superpower of the world and start to kill thousands of people who would displease him.

1. Vlad Dracula

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The prince of Wallachia is by far the first of all ruthless people in world history and is known for his vampire legends. He had cruel torturing and killing methods for his enemies and he enjoyed using them. Impalement was his favorite killing method. By attaching a horse to each leg of the victim and slowly forcing an oiled and not so sharp stake was pushed into his body. On the battle fields he destroyed everything in his way, no matter if it were his villages.

All of the above are part of the world ruthless people due to their merciless tactics and strategies to achieve their goals. No one can argue that their methods were not cruel, mean and ruthless no matter what their opinion about the certain leader is. Most of the people mentioned about were feared by their subordinates and no one liked to be around them.

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