Top 10 Richest Politicians Ever

America today is famously hailed for its progress that has been marked by its years of toil in the fields of science and technology. Doubtless, and with these efforts, some men have reaped major rewards for themselves through their powers of entrepreneurship and their long-sightedness. These are men who belong to various fields of life but have one common denominator: their wealth is blinding and shattering. These are some of the richest men in America including big names such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have made their mark in their fields as well as in their bank accounts.

But there are those who are filthy rich without being directly associated with science and technology – and these are the politicians of US, some of whom happen to be the richest politicians ever – not just in America but all over the world. So here is a rundown of some of the richest politicians not only in the US but in the world at large:

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10. Hillary Clinton

Net Worth: 31.3 Million Us Dollars

Where She’s From: Chicago

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31.3 US Dollars might be pale – quite pale, in fact – in comparison to her rival’s net worth for the elections (Donald Trump, as you will see later on in this list) but she is still among the richest politicians ever. Hillary Clinton’s fame outdoes her wealth, but together she is a lethal combination, and one of the fan favorite politicians for the upcoming elections. Her Public Finance Disclosure Reports are what fund Hillary’s net worth.

9. Senator Diane Fienstein

Net Worth: 70 Million Us Dollars

Where She’s From: San Francisco

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Senator Diane Fienstein served as the mayor of San Francisco in 1990 where she had actually run for Governor. Although she did not win the seat in 1990, she managed to cover it in 1992 and still serves, also being one of the pivotal politicians besides. She has always had a say in the affairs of the state and her word is respected greatly.

8. Bill Clinton

Net Worth: 80 Million Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Arkansas

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Some sources even put his net worth at 100.8 million US Dollars, but most sources claim it nearer to an estimated 80 million dollars. The ex-US President and the present husband to a forerunner for the position of President-to-be, Bill Clinton is a famed named throughout the world and also, as is apparent, one of the richest US politicians to be alive.

7. Rep. Vernon Buchanan

Net Worth: 89 Million Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Florida

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Rep. Vernon Buchanan’s wealth comes from his expanse of businesses which means that he would have been a millionaire regardless of his political statement. He has represented the districts 13 and 16 of Florida, District 16 that he still continues to represent. He cuts a very important figure in the political dynamics of the state and makes it to the list of the richest politicians of America.

6. John Kerry

Net Worth: 236 Million Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Colorado

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“John Kerry” is a name who shouldn’t surprise anyone by being included in this list – of course he is one of America’s richest politicians. Currently serving as the Secretary of State, and having previously served as Senator, Kerry is no alien to dealing with high-end jobs that of course earn him high-end dough. He was also the Democratic runner for President in the elections back in 2004, though George Bush won that one. Still Kerry’s wealth was not in the least affected, and as of now he is wealthier than ever.

5. Mark Warner

Net Worth: 257 Million Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Indiana

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It is a rare feat to be richer than the current Secretary of State, but Senator Mark Warner is one who has performed it. Senator Warner is one who has accumulated great wealth over the time and is now of the richest politicians in the US. But the start of his financing success was not politics – however, it was the cellular companies and the telecom boom that he invested in timely and rued his rewards later on. He serves as the Senator of Virginia where he has also served as Governor.

4. Darrell Issa

Net Worth: 464 Million Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Ohio

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Rep. Darrell Issa is actually a bit of an oddity here – he’s not entirely American in his roots but Lebanese American to be exact. Yet his net worth puts his apart and above his other American counterparts. His wealth comes largely from his position as CEO of Directed Electronics. He presently represents the 49th District from California and is one of the most powerful figures in the dynamics.

3. Mark Dayton

Net Worth: 1.6 Billion Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Minnesota

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The first of the billionaires to enter this list, Dayton’s great wealth comes more from family than from politics. In fact it is his family’s wealth that got the store chain Target constructed. No wonder he’s one of the richest politicians ever. He is the current governor of Minnesota.

2. Bill Haslam

Net Worth: 2 Billion Us Dollars

Where He’s From: Tennessee

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Pale only in comparison to one other on our list, Haslam gets crowned the runners up in this list of the richest politicians ever. The Governor of Tennessee is the heir to J truck stop chain, and the changing gas prices work all but to his favor.

1. Donald Trump

Net Worth: 3.7 Billion Us Dollars

Where He’s From: New York City


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It would be a criminal list of the richest politicians ever if the list did not include everyone’s favorite Republican candidate: Donald Trump. Before he was a politician, Trump was a thriving businessman, television producer, and the inspiration for Bret Easton Ellis’s novel’s protagonist American Psycho. He now runs for the 2017 Election as the Republican candidate – arguably not everyone’s favorite – but certainly one of the richest. With his numerous Trump Towers and Hotels and other business dealings – to as far as the Middle East – Trump is one filthy rich man, and one of the richest ever US politicians in history.

The Verdict

Money, money, money.
Brighter than sunshine, sweeter than honey!

Of course, for as long as the invention of money can be traced, the world has been known to be ruled by the monetarily rich. Swiss Bank Accounts are all the rage, Capitalism was the bane of many a great thinker – Karl Marx, we’re looking specifically at you – and a sally of movements started as a counter activism in face of such blatant money worship. Yet to no avail. The Occupy Wall Street circus did as much good as a bird with fins and gills will do: none. The world is still very much a hub of the Bourgeoisie and the Bourgeoisie wouldn’t be the Bourgeoisie without their bank accounts full to the brim.

Yet not all these rich individuals end up in your parliament – and in this list you went through those who do. You learnt how and where they earned their dough, and how they came to maintain it. You also learnt of their positions in the parliament or in the government and now that you have a fair list of information: do you reckon you are going to make it to one of these lists in the future?

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