Top 10 Reasons You Should Watch This Is Us

Before its premiere, This Is Us, was not too strongly expected to become the big hit but it was exactly what happened when it premiered in September 2016. The TV show about the group of people who are connected by the same birthday was very well accepted by both critics and viewers. With each new episode, another group of positive reviews appeared in the media. Among others, main stars of the show are Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and Chris Sullivan. The show has received a great success and in the following list, you will find the best reasons you should watch This Is Us.

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10. Realistic emotions

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If you are usually watching the TV with a pack of paper tissues, this show is the one for you. Not because it is sad but because it offers you the wide range of emotions so realistic that you will probably forget that it is just a TV series. If the emotions are what you are looking in the TV, choose This Is Us.

9. Jack and Rebecca – the pair to follow

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Jack and Rebecca form the great pair and Jack´s relationship to his wife and his kids is exemplary. But no, he is not an unrealistic ideal man. He is just trying to do his best. One of the most expected This Is Us news is that about Jack´s future. We all want to know if this character will change in some sense or not.

8. Incredibly good mix of characters

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It is common that we have a favorite character within the show. It is different with This Is Us. In this show, all the characters are so great that it is hard to pick up one to like more than others. Each of them is unique, each of them has own problems as well as his or her way how to handle those. Characters and the chemistry between them work well.


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One of the top reasons you should watch This Is Us is the fact that this show is full of quotes which sill stay in your head for a long time and you won´t be able to get rid of them whole day after you will see the episode. Some are really deep and you find them fit perfectly for the situations from your own life.

6. Exploring the characters´ past

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This item of our list is closely connected to the item No. 8. It´s incredibly funny and exciting to discover new and new details from the lives of the main characters which are being served to us in the form of a memory flashbacks. It is so great because these flashbacks are always really deeply connected to something in the actual events within the story.

5. The Big Three

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Three kids of Jack and Rebecca are in the center of the show and it is exciting to watch their development through the time and various situations their lives had (and still have) stocked for them. We are all interested in This Is Us news and one of the main reasons is that we want to know more about the destiny of The Big Three.

4. The lesson of forgiveness

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We all know that the forgiveness should sometimes take over our emotions. But it can be very difficult and we do not have any intention for an act of forgiveness. But if Randall can make it, I´m sure that we can do it as well. It is one of the lessons of This Is Us.

3. Diversity of characters

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This show is not only about successful characters or about the failed characters. It is about the real life, it is about both. The reasons you should watch This Is Us are closely related to this fact. That is why we all love it.

2. The new season!

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The premiere season of This Is Us is over but we can all look forward to season 2. The fact that the NBC will continue with the show was the biggest This Is Us News last year. It will be the long summer with waiting for the new episodes.

1. The show is the reminder of what the real family look alike

the-show-is-the-reminder-of-what-the-real-family-look-alikeImage Credit: Voice of TV

The best thing about this show is the Pearson family. The way how the characters and the whole script were written is the blessing. Other shows and even our own social media bubble caused that we have almost forgotten what is the normal family. Not a perfect family without its own problems or faults, but the family which has to overcome its problems and which is strengthening the mutual bonds thanks to it. No, the perfect smiling pictures of your friends on Facebook are not depicting their real life. This is us.

These were some of the reasons you should Watch This Is Us. But why not to kill some time of waiting for season 2 with Top 10 Last Minute Suspense Thriller Movies. It can be fun too.

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