Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hum Croatia

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Croatia has picturesque coastal towns, perfect pebbled beaches, breathtaking natural beauty, delicious seafood, and also the world’s smallest town: Hum. Visit Hum, Croatia when you are feeling like a quiet day out in Istria, enjoying excellent local brandy and the beautiful countryside. Here’s why Hum should definitely be among the places to visit in Croatia on your next holiday in Europe.

10. Fewer people live in Hum than in your neighborhood!

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The biggest – though not the only – novelty about Hum is that less than thirty people live in the town. According to past censuses, there have been anywhere between 11 to 23 people in Hum. This probably makes Hum smaller than your apartment complex or even the population of your street back home! There are only about 20 buildings in town, but they are beautiful and really, really old. Visit Hum Croatia this summer and find out just how old the town is, and the many stories behind it!

9. The town may have been built by giants.

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At least, that’s the way the story goes. Because Hum is so small, it is said that giants built it with leftover stones from other construction projects! The Istria region where Hum lies is often called the Land of Giants. Towns like Bale, Roc and Motovun in the valley of the River Mirna were built by them. When these beautiful hill towns were finished, the leftover stones went into creating Hum. Visit Hum, Korea, sit down with the locals over a glass of the delicious local brew, and you’ll hear all the fairy tales and legends that make this region such a thrill for the imagination!

8. Everything looks like a Hollywood set

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The town may be small, and there may not be many tourist attractions. There are only two streets, and a few of the homes will lend out rooms to visitors. But one of the smallest towns to visit in Croatia is beautiful. Everywhere you turn looks like a set out of a Hollywood movie. The cobblestones look their age – they are over 1000 years old! Flowers are everywhere, and the frescoes of St. Jerolim’s Romanic chapel are lovely. Of course, the surrounding countryside with its olive groves and vineyards are wonderful, especially if you’ve got the perfect table at the local tavern and a glass of wine.

7. Fine Istrian food and views at the local tavern

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When your town has only one restaurant, it just has to be good, isn’t it? A suggestion to eat at Hum’s local tavern Humska Konoba is one of the best Croatia travel tips we can give you. There is an outdoor terrace where you can look down on the olive groves around the countryside. The restaurant serves local dishes which feature lots of cheese, high quality olive oil, and fantastic truffles. Try to get a good seat before the crowds come in around lunchtime!

6. The town is built partly within walls and has preserved its medieval double doors.

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Hum was actually built within medieval walls, over a thousand years ago. Today the wall stands along the Western side and the houses are built into the walls on the other sides. There is a mention of Hum from historical documents from as early as 1102! The watchtower in this Lilliput city was built a few hundred years later. The streets leading up to town aren’t great for driving. But the double doors at the entrance are a fascinating look at how things used to be in the past.

5. The path from Roc to Hum is studded with the old Croatian script

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There is an interesting trail of culture between the town of Roc, about 3 km away, and Hum. This path is part of what is called the Glagolitic Monks’ Lane. Only the Croatians used this old Greek script for a long time. On this path, you can see sculptures of some of the alphabets on the script along the way.

4. The Day of Hum sees the strangest and oldest mayoral voting system.

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If you visit Hum on the Day of Hum, you’ll get to see a bizarre way of voting. The 11-odd men of voting age in town gather to select the Prefect. They carve their votes on a wood and later celebrate the day with food and fun during the local festival.

3. There’s nothing touristy about Hum

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You’ll find Hum is a quiet, charming place without huge tourist crowds. Not that they would fit in the narrow streets of the town! There are a few gift shops. But you’ll find the locals aren’t pushy. Unless you go during the festivals in Hum, you’ll love the relaxing experience that a day or two in this tiny little town can give you.

2. The local brews are the best in the region.

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Here is another of the best Croatia travel tips you’ll need on your holiday: don’t forget to try the Humska Biska. The Biska is a local Istrian brew that those who visit Hum, Croatia will love. Biska is brandy that is distilled from grapes that have already been pressed to make wine. They don’t call it ‘firewater’ for nothing – it’s medicinal stuff into which is made with mistletoe and other herbs!

The Grappa Festival held every year offers a great opportunity to try the homemade brandy and mingle with the local producers. The recipe that the locals use for Biska is over 2000 years old!

1. Istrian Truffles! Period.

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The Istrian peninsula is one of the best places to visit in Croatia for truffles. One of our favorite Croatia travel tips is to try the Biska and the truffle-topped fuzi at the local tavern. Fuzi is homemade egg pasta that is twisted into various shapes. Truffles in Istria are iconic, and so are the prices so keep your wallet on hand!

We hope these Croatia travel tips will come in useful on your next holiday. Do you think Hum is a good place to visit? Please share if you think more people should know about one of the most charming places to visit in Croatia.


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