Top 10 Reasons Maine Coons Are the Best Cats

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cats breeds presently in the US and rightly so. The Maine Coon cat breed has many amazing characteristics that make one of the more favored choices for the home. So you, therefore, needn’t blame us for entreating you to read the top 10 reasons the Maine Coon cat breed is the best.

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10. Maine Coons Get Along Well With Cat-friendly Dogs

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The Maine Coon cat breed is well known for its amiability. Whilst some cats only bond with one member of the family or stay independent and aloof, Maine Coon kittens grew up showering the entire family with loads of affection. This makes them the best choice for cat-friendly dogs as well as families with children. Main Coons love the attention they get from children. They would not mind playing dress up games or going for a ride in a pram – as long as they feel treated respectfully and politely.

9. Good Genetic Health

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If you are interested in kittens, Maine Coon kittens are generally not too prone to illnesses though certain genetic factors may vary proneness to health problems. With that being said, the Maine Coon cat breed does have a lower risk of developing an illness.

8. Maine Coons Are Very Playful

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Maine coon kittens never grow up and we mean it literally. Main coons are very full of mischief and unceasing energy. Though this may be tiring for an adult, a family with children would enjoy the teasing nature of the Maine coons.

7. Maine Coons Adapt to Different Environment

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From Maine coon kittens to adulthood, Maine coons seem to have developed a knack for adapting to the human personalities they find themselves with and fitting into any environment.

6. The Maine Coon Cat Breed is Not Needy

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Yes, Maine coons may like to follow you as you go along and catch whatever affection you throw their way, but they certainly are not needy. Maine coons recognize that you are busy and are more than content to just supervise things. A Maine Coon may not be your typical lap cat but they do love being near you, as much as you let them.

5. Maine Coon Cat Breed Has Always Been “America’s Cat”

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Don’t get me wrong, the Persian may have taken over the first half of the 20th century but Maine coons have always been dominant. From the late 19th century, Maine coons have been continually recognized as the best cat in America. They were the winners of the first cat show held in America. It was not until the early part of the 20th century, which saw the arrival of the Persian, and Siamese cats did Maine coons dropt to between 2nd and 3rd on the pecking order. However, we recently seem to have recognized the error of our ways by restoring our cherished Maine Coon cat breed to its merited position as “America’s Cat.”

4. Maine Coon Cat Breed Comes in a Wide Variety of Patterns and Colors

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Maine coons are known to have over 70 distinct color combinations. Maine coons come in wide variety of colors such as; Golden, Bluecream, Tortoiseshell, Brown, Cream, Silver, Red, Black, Blue and White. Patterns of their coats may vary from Tortoiseshell to Shaded, Smoke, Bicolor, Solid color, Tabby to Tricolor/Calico. Irrespective of your taste in cats there is that Maine coon that would catch your fancy.

3. Maine Coon is the Only Longhaired Cat Breed Native to the United States

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The Maine Coon is known for being the only native longhaired cat breed in the United States. However, the silky texture of the Maine Coon’s coat helps ensure that it does not mat easily. That is, as long as it is groomed regularly. A twice weekly combing of this cat breed to circulate skin oils and remove dead hair is all that is needed to care for the coat of this longhaired cat breed.

2. Maine Coons Love Water and Do Not Meow

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Thank their water resistant fur for this. Maine Coons love being in the water and not surprisingly, are can be excellent swimmers. So do not expect your Maine Coon kittens or cats to freak out at the sight of a pool of transparent liquid. They’ll most likely be jumping right in. Maine coons do not meow. Their sound is more of a combination of a purr and meow (chirp and trill). Trill sounds are borne out of excitement whilst chirping is usually when they sight prey.

1. The Largest Domestic Cats are Maine Coons

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Maine Coon cats are big boned, muscular cats that can weigh up to about 18 pounds. The male cats are often larger than the female cats. Though their hair and tail may make them look larger than they really are, Maine Coons can grow to about 40 inches in length.

These are the top ten reasons proving that the Maine Coons are the best cats. Maine coon cat breed is the best there is and as a result, they arguably deserve the hefty price tag attached to them. A Maine Coon cat averages about $1000.

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