Top 10 Reasons Why Eating Fruit Improves Your Health

We may all have heard at one point in time or another of the health benefits of adding fruit to your meals. Whilst we could go on a rant about how fruit adds more color and appeal to your plate, and how fun they are to eat, there are other fruit improves your health in numerous ways. Out of these, we have highlighted the top 10 reasons why eating fruit improves your health for your reading pleasure. Hopefully when you are done reading this, you should have the urge to have some added fruit to your meal plan.

10. Fruits Contain Water

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Just in case you haven’t read Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by F. Bhatmangelidj, water is one of the most important ingredients that the human body needs. As he rightly puts it you are not sick, you are thirsty. Now fruits contain an average of 60 percent water to supplement on your daily water intake. A watermelon for example, contains over 90% water. It therefore improves your health to eat fruit.

9. Fruits Contain Little Fat

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Another reason why it improves your health to eat fruit is that fruits naturally are low in fat. This is so where you do not have them fried or roasted as this would mean them encountering oil. By containing little fat, fruit improves your health when eating as it helps you keep your heart healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

8. Fruits have Comparatively Lesser Calories

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One key reason why eating fruit improves your health is that fruits generally have lesser calories if you happen to compare them to many other foods. So if your meal has more vegetables, you are advertently reducing the number of calories that you consume. Take this example, 100g apple has 9 times less calories than a chocolate bar of the same weight.

7. Less Carbohydrate Content

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Unlike the common starchy foods we find in all the fast foods around, fruits are less in carbohydrate content. This if not anything, is why eating food improves your health. The greater water content, and resultant reduction in calories makes it less likely that fruits will produce insulin.

6. Fruits are Anti-Depressants

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Stories are abound about people who have felt better thanks to fruit. It improves your health to eat fruit especially where you may be feeling down or a bit depressed. By consuming substantial amounts of fruit regularly, you can bring yourself out of the depression. This is on of the mysterious ways eating fruit improves your health.

5. Reduces Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke

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It improves your health to eat fruit because eating fruit generates a lot of minerals, vitamins, and plant nutrients. These help reduce the risk of having stroke, heart disease or cancer. Diets rich in fruit would be of immense benefit to your immune system. This is why the DASH diet focuses majorly on having to eat 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits.

4. Reduces the Salt Level in your Body

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Because too much salt is harmful to your body, it is important that you cut down on the amount of sodium rich foods you consume. This is why eating fruit improves your health. It improves your health to eat fruit because they are naturally low in sodium content. This helps reduce the risk of blood pressure. Another helpful advice would be to substitute salt with black pepper in your meals.

3. Excellent Folic Acid Supplement

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Amongst the reasons why eating fruit improves your health is the excellent folic acid supplement fruit and vegetables are. This is especially helpful to women of childbearing age who intend to start a family. They have to improve their folate and vegetables are generally rich in that regard. During your baby’s development, folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects.

2. Fruit Makes you Filled Up

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Thanks to the soluble fibers contained in fruits, they form a jelly like substance in the stomach. This makes you feel filled up with a little amount of food. This is excellent for those who wish to maintain a healthy diet, lose weight and keep blood glucose stable. It also helps prevent constipation, maintain a healthy gut and prevent other digestion problems.

1. Fruit are Inexpensive

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One of the most popular misconceptions is that eating fruit is expensive. So we put you to a test, compare a week of meals rich in fruit and vegetables against other foods and find out which took out more from your purse. You are more than likely to soon realize that fruits may help reduce your budget whilst keeping you healthy and in great shape.

These are the top 10 reasons why eating fruit improves your health. Any ideas would certainly be welcome. Like and share to help others too.

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