Top 10 Reasons Criminal Minds Likely Won’t Have a 13th Season

For 12 years nobody has found a fundamental flaw in Jeff Davis’s Criminal Minds. From September 22, 2005, when it first premiered on CBS, Criminal Minds has gone on to span 12 seasons, 267 episodes and connect with millions of viewers and fans globally. Yet, there are fears a Criminal Minds 13th season may never reach fruition. Reasons for Criminal Minds wont have 13th season are numerous but here are the key 10 reasons that stand out.

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10. Thomas Gibson got fired

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One of the major reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have 13th season is the fact that Thomas Gibson would not be a part of it any more. After filming a few episodes of season 12, Thomas Gibson was eventually relieved of his role for reasons that are not as clear as is reported to be.

9. Reduction in shows ratings

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CBS and its partner broadcasters noticed during the 12th season of Criminal Minds that its ratings had dropped significantly. Irrespective of how popular the television series may be, it still remains a business, and ratings are a very important measure of how viable a series remains. Hence, the shows reduction in ratings is another reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have 13th season.

8. International viewers has dropped significantly

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Despite attracting 8.92 million viewers at the beginning of the 12th season of Criminal Minds, a drastic reduction in the number of viewers – most significantly those from outside USA – is one of the major reasons a Criminal Minds 13th season may just be a dream. We can only wish that a possible return of Thomas Gibson, in the second half of Criminal Minds will trigger a surge in the number of viewers.

7. CBS is bored with the project

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Tough to believe but true. CBS is certainly impressed by how successful the Criminal Minds project has been. However, they and Jeff Davis have become increasingly interesting in starting something new and finally putting to rest a series that has become an integral aspect of crime drama redefining it in new ways with its unique focus on the criminal instead of the crime itself. With the increasing boredom found in this series, there is every likelihood a Criminal Minds 13th season is only just a dream.

6. Reviews have depreciated

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Over the years the reviews Criminal Minds has received has depreciated from once stellar to borderline average. The show has been viewed by many to be confusing, filled with an excess of characters and incapable of keeping the audience attention for prolonged periods. These are some of the reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have 13th season.

5. The urban audience has failed to embrace Criminal Minds

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Irrespective of the immense success this television project has achieved, most of the US audience has been within the rural areas. This has not been well received by CBS who have always wanted to attract a fair amount of urban viewers as well. Sadly, this has not been the tale. While this cannot be a sole motivator for the absence of a Criminal Minds 13th season, it has been very persuasive.

4. Spin-off series have failed woefully

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, a spinoff of the Criminal Minds series was launched in February, 2011 by CBS. However, it failed to continue after being cancelled by CBS after a mere 13 episodes. The reason was simple, low ratings. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, another spinoff released in 2015 has failed to achieve the kind of success that was expected. Nonetheless, CBS managed to push it on for a second season to see how well it fared. The story has not been so good either. Without successful spinoffs, Criminal Minds cannot really be said to be a success. This is amongst the reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have 13th season.

3. Underperforming video game

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In an attempt to capitalize on the heyday fame of Criminal Minds, CBS decided to release a video game requiring gamers to examine crime scenes for the necessary clues to help them solve murder mysteries. The video game has so far received moderate success and not what was expected. Many factors contributed to this, of which one was CBS being unable to feature any of the actors as voices in the game. Without a successful accompanying franchise, there is a lot of reluctance amongst those at the head of CBS to push for a Criminal Minds 13th season.

2. CBS has kept everything close to chest

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Nothing fuels speculation like silence. The mere fact that CBS has been reluctant to let us in on whether Criminal Minds would be a reality or not is a major factor behind our speculation on the possibility of a Criminal Minds 13th season. Who can fault us?

1. Viewers are boycotting the show

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Viewers have so far been very serious about their NoHotchNoWatch campaign spurring millions to boycott the successful show. Should Thomas Gibson’s Hotch fail to return to Criminal Minds, then this would be one of the more significant reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have a 13th season.

These are the most important reasons for Criminal Minds won’t have a 13th season. Until our fears can be allayed by a definite announcement by CBS, we can only continue to speculate. And for now a Criminal Minds 13th season remains a myth.

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