Top 10 Reasons to Choose Samsung over Apple

In the world of technology, there is hardly a rivalry similar to this one. Apple and Samsung are fighting hard for the position of the strongest kid on a playground. A new model of one manufacturer is always being compared with the top model of the second one. With recent problems of Samsung´s Galaxy Note 7, Apple makes it forward for some time but it can be reversed soon.

Following list of top reasons to choose Samsung over Apple products was not created to convince die-hard Apple fans, they will definitely pay no attention to it (it would be same for hardcore Samsung fan if they will read about the reasons to buy an iPhone). It is just a list of features in which – according to our subjective opinion – Samsung products are superior. Some of these features are given to its devices by Samsung itself, some come from the fact that they use Android. Nevertheless, neither it is said that Apple isn´t superior in some other features nor it is said that there can´t be other interpretation of them.

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10. Physical Resistance to Water and Dust

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How many of your mobile phones died because you have forgotten them in your pocket while jumping into the pool? With IP68 certification, Samsung´s Galaxy S7 is superior to iPhones 7 and its IP67. If you like to attend a lot of parties in places with swimming pools, it´s Samsung over Apple for you.

9. Eye on Hardware

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Sorry Apple fans but in a raw comparison of hardware specs, more reason to choose Samsung over Apple can be found than the reasons for the opposite. With octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, better battery life, and AMOLED screen, Samsung is the winner here.

8. VR Possibilities

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It´s plain and simple. Samsung S7 is compatible with Samsung´s VR Gear headset. Do you want to try something new? While VR is still not heavily fed by a content, its possibilities are endless and if you are ready for a new dimension of receiving stimulus, this can be one of your top reasons to choose Samsung.

7. Fast Charging

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The difference between 0-100% charging is quite draconic and for some consumers, it can be the no.1 among top reasons to choose Samsung. According to a YouTuber SuperSafTV, S7 Edge can go to the full charge in 1:29:19 while iPhone 7 Plus will do the same in 3:27:00! Now, that is something…

6. Battery Life

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Sorry Apple fans but S7 can beat iPhone7 in the battery life as well. According to the test of Which? website, Samsung´s battery do better for 3G calls as well as 3G internet connection. As the battery is a key area for many customers, this can be a decision-making factor.

5. Environment Customization

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Now we are entering the bloodiest battlefield in today´s world of technology. Some people are willing to argue about eternal Android vs. iOS question and defend their side to the exhaustion. The truth is that Android can offer its users quite a lot. One of the things to highlight is the possibility of customization. Do you want new launcher? Do you prefer the third-party keyboard? Do you want your environment to look like the Star Trek computer system? No problem, it´s easy as pie. Of course, Android vs. iOS is the general question but it has a lot of influence within our Samsung over Apple battle.

4. Widgets

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It´s not completely clear what drives Apple´s problem with widgets. However, this is definitely one of the areas where Android is far, far away forward. Limited widgets available in iOS8 can hardly compete with selection within Android. It is probably not among the very top reasons to choose Samsung for most people but it is an issue.

3. Multitasking

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Do you want to run multiple apps at the same time? It´s normal on desktop computers and with Android, it comes also to our mobiles. Samsung S7 has this feature and believe me, you will like it… Apple is running to catch the train but they have it only on iPad so far and the solution is not as good as it should be…

2. Limited Capacity? Why?

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Can someone tell me just one single and relevant reason why iPhone doesn´t have a microSD card port? This is a huge limitation and I simply do not understand why. This is a major reason why to choose Samsung over Apple.

1. Google Play

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Google Play is the best app store on the market, better than Amazon app store and better than Apple app store. It offers a huge amount of apps, it has a great user-friendly interface and it is much easier to use for developers. Again, Android scores points for Samsung and shouts Samsung over Apple!

So, here it is. I hope that it will not serve as a trigger for another of millions of arguements all around the internet and I hope that your phones (being it Apple, Samsung or any other label) will work as along and as good as you need. And for Apple fans, if you want to get in a better mood, try our Top 10 Facts About Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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