Top 10 Reasons to Choose Brain over Beauty

There is no doubt that the physical attraction is an important thing for any relationship. The beauty of a person is usually the very first thing you can judge. Almost always, your first look belongs to the face and body of the woman or man you are interested in. But in the following list of reasons to choose brain over beauty, we will try to convince you that despite the importance of the physical attraction, the second look aimed at the personality and intelligence is much more important than the first one. Fascination by someone´s beauty is a short term thing and it will lose appeal quite early. On the other hand, the great personality of your counterpart can keep you fascinated for the rest of your life. For us, it´s definitely the brain over beauty and now, we will try to tell you why.


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10. Short-Term vs. Long-Term

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It was already mentioned above but it worth repeating as it is one of the most important reasons to choose brain over beauty. How long can you be charmed by a beautiful body until your interest will turn elsewhere? Is it a week or a month? Sooner or later, you will find yourself paying no attention to his or her physical parameters. Do you know anybody who is with someone for years just because he or she is good-looking?

9. Talking

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The Very simple heading of this item says it all. If you are looking for someone with whom you want to spend more than one night, you need to talk with him or her. In that case, the perfectly shaped body is pretty useless. Is brain better than beauty? For a meaningful conversation, it surely is.

8. Success in Her/His Life

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It´s the well-known fact that for the happy relationship, the self-realization of both partners is mandatory. The intelligent person has more possibilities and a higher chance to get a job in which he or she will come to reach fruition. So, it is brain over beauty once again. No doubt about it.

7. Intelligence Can Substitute Beauty


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Maybe you have experienced it yourself: you are in the group of people and there is also someone who is not beautiful. He or she is apparently lacking in this field and your attention is naturally being turned to those more beautiful. But as the time is passing and you getting know all those people closer, your attention changed direction because he or she is intelligent and interesting and suddenly you fin yourself to feel the physical attraction to him or her. The intelligence can kindle the physical attraction but it doesn´t work in the opposite direction.

6. Mutual Trust


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This item is a little bit controversial because there are intelligent people who lie and cheat on their partners but in general, we believe that highly intelligent people better know what they want from life and act according to it. In this case, the answer to the question „Is brain better than beauty?“ would be „Yes, to some extent“.

5. Meeting With Your Family and Friends


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Most probably, you are not living in a social vacuum. It means that your future partner will have to interact with many people of your inner circle – parents, family, friends, colleagues. If your partner is intelligent, it is likely that he or she will be able to communicate with other people important to you and he or she will find a positive relationship with them much easier. Of course, a beautiful person will probably grab their attention as well but it is definitely not the same. Another point for brain over beauty.

4. Fights and Argues


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Nobody is perfect, neither you nor your partner. There will be problems and fights between you two. But to fight with an intelligent person is much better than to fight with stupid one. Yes, there is higher chance that you will loose when arguing with an intelligent person but the argues are meaningful and composed of logical arguments instead of empty shouting and insults. In fact, a fight with an intelligent person can be beneficial to both of you.

3. Learning From Mistakes


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This point is to some extent connected with the previous one. As written above, nobody is perfect and we all are making mistakes. But intelligent people are able to learn from those mistakes and take care not to repeat them. This is very important among the reasons to choose brain over beauty.

2. More Fun Together

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It´s obvious that you can much wider variety of options what to do with the intelligent partner than with unintelligent one. You have much more topics to talk about, you can go to the museums, galleries, theaters… and both of you will enjoy it. Once again: „Is brain better than beauty?“. Yes, it is!

1. Children

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Within our list summarizing the reasons to choose brain over beauty, there is one thing which significantly exceeds all others in importance. When choosing a partner, you are choosing also the future mother or father of your children. Who do you want to raise them? Nice, intelligent person or just a good looking one? I think that the answer is apparent.

So, these were our arguments in the „Is brain better than beauty?“ debate. Before the end, there must be mentioned that there is no reason why a person shouldn´t be both physically beautiful and intelligent. Don´t get it wrong, these two characteristics are not opposites! If your partner has both, you´ve won the jackpot! Now you can read our list of Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Changes that are guaranteed to make you Live Longer as it will also make your life better!

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