Top 10 Reality Shows Ever

Great is the number of people who cannot imagine life without reality shows; it just has no fun according to them. Sometimes we wonder how mankind actually thrived without this kind of entertainment. Nowadays, best reality shows grace our screens all day long-they are almost replacing fictional drama. So which are the craziest reality shows ever? Here is the top ten list.

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10. The Hills

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If you were into reality TV by the year 2006, you may certainly remember The Hills, a show which featured a bunch of women living in Los Angeles, California. Liz Gateley was the executive producer of the show that aired for a total of 6 seasons between May 2006 and July 2010. The Hills makes it home to amazing reality shows ever because of the drama involved in both the personal and professional lives of this group of women.

9. Jon & Kate Plus Eight

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In the beginning, people were nuts about the story of one family with a total number of eight kids, six of whom are sextuplets. We say in the beginning because right now, the story has taken a whole new twist which many people have lost taste in. The first few seasons were all about the daily lives of these 10 members of one family; how they were pretty much making it through life. After sometime, divorce crept in even causing the name of the series to be changed to Kate plus eight. It is nonetheless one of the craziest reality shows ever.

8. The Osbournes

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Way before Kelly Osbourne became one of the fashion police hosts, she plus the rest of her nuclear family members allowed cameras in their house and ended up making one of the best reality shows of all time. The Osbournes hid nothing from the public; we often witnessed some serious fights, long battle with cancer and a number of other private and personal moments.

7. The Real Housewives

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It doesn’t matter which housewives are throwing their feminine bodies all over the screens, fans seem to have fallen in love with these most dramatic reality shows ever. We even know a few men who can’t get enough of the drama often indulging women in long discussions about the shows.

6. Flavor of Love

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Flavor of Love is without doubt among the craziest reality shows ever. If you haven’t watched it and you happen to be a lover of a mixture of crazy and funny, this is the TV show for you. Imagine several women high on tequila fighting for the attention and love of one man, Flavor Flav. What makes this one of the best reality shows is that this man is an interesting character; he is a crazy rapper with a massive clock and a big heart.

5. Big Brother

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Whoever thought of coming up with one of the great reality shows ever involving a number of people locked up in one house with no communication with the outside world, did us a huge favor. Big Brother addicts are ever increasing in number. Other countries have even begun their own versions with the ratings skyrocketing with each season.

4. Jersey Shore

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According to MTV, Jersey Shore is the most watched reality TV show since the beginning of time. The storyline follows the lives of eight friends who are housemates during a summer trip in Jersey Shore, New Jersey. The show is full of drama and emotions which is probably the reason why it finds a place in the craziest reality shows ever.

3. The Bachelor

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Ever since the Bachelor kicked off, its ratings have never gone down during any season. It is clearly among the entertaining reality shows ever. The plot is the story of looking for love where one man has to go on dates with many different women hoping to find the one he loves from the group. Like the man, each of the ladies comes on the show with the high hope of winning his heart.

2. American Idol

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America is yet to come across best reality shows in the caliber of American Idol; it is simply awesome. The US ratings always point out to this being one of the most watched and craziest reality shows ever. Like the Survivor, American Idol is a competition only this time in the singing department.

1. Survivor

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As the name suggests, Survivor is all about well, survival; in this case, survival in the jungle. Every season begins with a number of people who feel confident of their abilities to make it out in the jungle with new adventures, challenges, tribes, you name it. To add some juice in this production of the category of great reality shows ever, a one-million dollar prize is up for grabs for the person that makes it to the end.

So there you have it- the list of best reality shows of all time. Which ones have you watched and you agree they deserve a place on this list? Let us know on the comments section below. More reads can be found on this website so you can look out for those whenever you can.

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