Top 10 Real and Unbelievable Stories about Ovnis

We have always been baffled by the ardent refusal of our governments to admit to the existence and frequent visitations to our planet of esteemed members of extraterrestrial space. Ovnis history dates back millennia to ca. 1440 BCE when scribes to then Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III reported Ovnis reales sightings, flying discs across the sky. Less than a year ago, another Ovnis reales sighting occurred in India – a large sized disc object, hovering over Padri market in Gorakhpur. Amidst the frantic attempts at government cover up, here are the top ten real and unbelievable stories about Ovnis with links to videos for Ovnis available for your reading pleasure.

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10. Tierpoort Sighting

       Date: 11 May, 2011

       Location: Pretoria, South Africa

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On 11 May, Pretoria residents saw giant orange fireballs up in the sky. These gatherings of about twenty consistently luminous, yet silent orange lights traveled faster than an aeroplane and were witnessed by multiple persons over Krugersdorp and Tierpoort near Pretoria. Then these, on June 15 of the same year, seven of these ovnis reales were photographed as they crossed in a single line over Tierpoort. Whilst we do not have a link to any videos for Ovnis sighting in Pretoria, we do have links to pictures and newspaper reporting of the sighting.

9. Houston Mass UFO Sighting

     Date: 11 August, 2014

     Location: Houston, Texas


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Pictures emerged, apparently taken by multiple persons, of a ring of lights in flight during a thunderstorm. The object sighted seemed to be transparent, with a ring of lights arranged around it and a single light shining through the middle. There are photographs and videos for Ovnis reales sighting sin Houston according to reports and fortunately, we have a link to one of those videos for Ovnis reales sightings in Houston.

8. Wales Sightings

     Date: 20 June, 2008

     Location: Various parts of Wales

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It was an interesting day in Welsh Ovnis history when a police helicopter was reportedly almost hit by a UFO. The helicopter then made a failed attempt at pursuing it. Hundreds of people then recounted sighting these objects at various parts of Wales over many tays to follow.

7. Gorakhpur Oovnis reales sighting

     Date: 28 November, 2015

     Location: Gorakhpur, India


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Although India’s ovnis history dates back to 1954 Manbhum ovnis reales sighting, it is only the Gorakhpur ovnis sighting that makes it to this list. The reason is that we have some pretty viral pictures of this sighting across the social media today. These pictures taken by Rinku showing the ovnis hovering over Padri market are presently being studied by Gorakhpur university.

6. Eastern shore sighting of the third kind

     Date: 22 February, 1803

     Location: Eastern shore, Japan


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Whilst some records state the date as March 24, local fishermen in Japan were reported to have seen a vessel by the waters. Upon investigation, a beautiful woman with red and white hair, dressed in strange clothes appeared holding a box that nobody was allowed to touch. She spoke to them in a strange language which none could understand. This is important as this is the first sighting in Japanese ovnis history.

5. Thomas Mantell ovnis reales sighting

     Date: 1 July, 1948

     Location: Thomas Mantell, Kentucky, United States

UFO over Great Britain

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The United States Air Force had sent a pilot to investigate claims of an ovnis sighting in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The pilot not only discovered an ovnis reales, he also attempted to pursue it. Sadly, his attempts were in vain as his plane crashed leading to his death.

4. Erasmuskloof sighting

     Date: 28 July, 1996

     Location: Pretoria, South Africa

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South Africa has strangely been an interesting part of ovnis history. On the abovementioned date, Sergeant Becker saw a glowing disc in the sky above Adrian Vlok police station. The disc contained a pulsating red light and emitted bright green tentacles. A chase ensued involving a police helicopter and 200 policemen but it had to be abandoned at 10,000 feet as the disc began a vertical ascent.

3. Hangzhou ovnis sighting

     Date: 7 July, 2010

     Location: Hangzhou, China

UFO sighting in Hangzhou, China

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A video of ovnis reales flying above was recorded at about 9:00 pm at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Thanks to the sighting, the airport was closed down and an investigation commenced.

2. Alborz sighting

     Date: 11 November, 2014

     Location: Central Iran

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An airplane passenger filmed an object moving at incredible speeds across the sky and underneath his plane, which was flying over Iran. Attempts have been made to find an explanation for this event. It is yet to be clarified.

1. Turkey Sighting

    Date: May to September 2008

    Location: Istanbul

June 8, 2008

Image credit: Turkey UFO Case

Thanks to a night guard at the Yeni Kent Compound, the Sirius Ovnis Space Science Research Center has some videos for ovnis that it considers to be one of the most important Ovnis videos ever filmed. This night guard filmed in a 150- minute video, multiple (maybe the same) Ovnis flying over Turkey.

There you have it, our list of top ten real and unbelievable stories about ovnis. Feel free to make your thoughts known. We love reading from you.

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