Top 10 Real and Unbelievable Stories About Hitler You Did Not Know

As far as committing atrocities is concerned, very few humans can match Adolf Hitler- he was the Nazi dictator responsible for the death of over 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. That’s not all, the deaths of many more civilians is attributed to him during the World War II era. But you probably already know about these things. There are hundreds of stories about Hitler that will amaze you.

Despite being among those that are most documented in the history of mankind, there are several other things that most people didn’t know about this dictator. We’ve searched for these stories and came up with these top 10 real stories about Hitler that you are most likely unaware of.

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10. Hitler was a Disney aficionado

Is it really possible that a dictator can be moved by same things that touch the hearts of kids? When Disney actually represents family and kids’ entertainment, to Hitler, it was a representation of advancement in technology since the impressive animation of “Snow White” released approximately in 1937. The dictator also felt strong affection for “King Kong” due to its special effects. It is said that he actually used to watch it repeatedly, together with war films. The latter part is what actually makes it sound like real story about Hitler, otherwise it can be real difficult to convince someone that Hitler loved Disney comics.


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9. Hitler was an art school reject

Some of us already know that Hitler’s failures to enter the world of art is what led him to the life of fascism. However, you may not know that he actually did apply to an art school twice-but got rejected each time. The second rejection was so severe that he was not even allowed to sit for an entry exam. Even today, art experts still maintain that his artistic skills were way below average. Now, this is among the real stories about Hitler that can best describe him.

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8. He was an extravagant spender

Generally, Hitler was an out-of-control person, but his love for spending on opulent stuff was way out of control. Biographer Volker Ullrich uncovered recently that he spent thousands in cash on opulence including clothes, cars, champagne, etc. By the way, what is it that Hitler never spent money on? That’s definitely income tax! Now this is indeed a real story about Hitler that anyone can expect with a dictator of his type.

German money

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7. Hitler was commanded to trim his moustache

There’s nothing that went together perfectly as Hitler and his handlebar moustache. Unfortunately, during the World War I, he was commanded to trim it back so a gas mask could fit him well. This however never worked out as in 1918, when he was gassed and became blind temporarily. Who can dare command Hitler and expect a positive response! Perhaps this is among the many stories about Hitler that best describe his mean and fascist character.

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6. He bred an army of “intelligent” dogs

Dr. Jan Bondeson claimed that the German dictator and his henchman had rounded up an army of “educated” dogs that communicated by barking, tapping their paws, and tail wagging. He even got one of his dogs to bark “Mein Fuhrer!” It’s said that these dogs were bred for the purpose of helping him win wars. And this makes clear sense why he was closely attached to Bella and Blondi, his favorite dogs. He killed the latter before strangling himself to death. This is an extreme depiction of his cruelty, yet among the many real stories about Hitler.

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5. He was a vegetarian, diligent about tasting of food

How the hell on earth a guy as mean as Hitler can be a vegetarian? This is one of the most unbelievable yet real stories about Hitler. He was overly paranoid, that he even hired food tasters who enjoyed the crème de la crème cuisines during the starvation periods. Apparently, after his assassination attempt, he imprisoned these food tasters who went through a terrible ordeal.

Every meal that Adolf Hitler tasted was sampled by 15 young women, including Margot Woelk, to make sure it wasn't poisoned. Above, the dictator with his mistress Eva Braun

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4. Hitler defended rights of animals

Immediately after seizing power in 1933, Hitler through his Nazi Party created some comprehensive laws that protected the rights of animals. This was followed by Hitler’s statement, “In the new Reich, no more cruelty against animals shall be allowed!” Even though he was a mean dictator, he showed some shreds of tenderness…to living things at least! This of course sounds like the most unbelievable story about Hitler but it’s actually all true.

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3. He was kept out of visiting a tower by the French Resistance

Some of have never imagined that Hitler could face strong opposition to an extent of giving up before his death. Actually, this is one of the unbelievable stories about Hitler facing opposition during his rule. The French Resistance used a funny idea to keep Hitler from visiting the Eiffel Tower when he visited Paris during its fall. The resistance cut the cables to the tower’s elevator so Hitler wouldn’t visit it. When he thought of climbing the 1500 stairs of Eiffel Tower, he decided to opt out.

Adolf Hitler with other German officials walking in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, 1940.

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2. Hitler led the strongest anti-smoking crusade

Have you ever thought that Hitler could actually do something that was in favor of everybody else? Well, most people have never had it in their mind even for a second. But to your surprise, During the 1930s -1940s period, Hitler orchestrated the most powerful movement against smoking in the world. This is among one of the most overlooked real stories about Hitler. At least those who are against public smoking can feel it.

Hitler's antismoking veganism

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1. He wanted to collect Jewish artifacts to come up with a museum

If he really hated the Jews so much, why would he want to build a museum in their honor? Well, actually it wasn’t in their honor. He simply wanted to come up with a museum for an extinct race! Unfortunately, that museum never came to be. This is actually brutality of the highest order, and one of the most unbelievable stories about Hitler.

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Actually, there are yet many more real stories about Hitler that are astonishing, and these ten are just a drop in the ocean exposing his cruelty and somewhat interesting side of him.

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