Top 10 Racist Politicians

There are countless politicians we have revered for their words and actions. Some, not as much for many politicians throughout our history have found it impossible to show their innate dislike for diversity. This meant that persons of a different color, race or ethnicity were openly attacked upon and discriminated by them through their words, actions and inactions. In the light of Trump’s recent vote into the White House, and his pre-election comments of course, we look at the most racist politicians to ever step within the corridors of power and chart the history of our country. For those who think that racism is an affair declined to historical writings, if Trump’s election did not make you think twice, there are other current racist politicians on this list.

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10. Thomas Jefferson

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In spite of his declaration that “all men are created equal” was self-evident truth, Jefferson did not believe in the freedom of blacks. In actual fact he thought blacks inferior to whites. This was so despite his well-known affair with Sally Hemings which produced five children who remain the only slaves Jefferson freed till this day. Even upon his death Jefferson’s will ordered that his remaining 200 slaves be put up for auction. His actions place him amongst the most racist politicians of our time.

9. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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This is unsurprising. FDR’s 1924 Democratic National Convention was recognized for its numerous Ku Klux Klan supporters amongst delegates. His speech was well appreciated and 20,000 KKK members held a picnic shortly afterwards. Two of his appointees to the Supreme Court James Byrnes and Hugo Black believed in racial segregation and were firm supporters of lynching. Hugo Black was a known KKK member. Despite how hidden he attempted to acknowledge this fact and how he refused to congratulate Jesse Owens on his Olympics victory, FDR was one of the most racist politicians of the 20th century.

8. Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson one of the most racist politicians who discriminated blacks, Catholics and Jews and their supporters in his administration. This was noted by Monroe Trotter in his letter to Wilson. Woodrow Wilson screened the racially discriminatory film The Birth of a Nation, instrumental in the rise of the KKK in the White House. This was as a matter of fact the very first movie to be screened in the White House. The movie contained excerpts of Wilsons very own book A History of the American People in which he glorified the Ku Klux Klan and made derogatory comments about the blacks.

7. Jim Knotts

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Amongst the current racist politicians is Jim Knotts known as Raghead for his racially derogatory comments made during the 2010 Republican primary for the South Carolina gubernatorial seat. In that campaign he called Nikki Haley, his opponent and Obama ragheads saying, “we’ve already got one in the White House, we should ensure one does not occupy the post of governor.” Also fitting for the comments of one of the most current racist politicians of our time is the fact that he lost that primary to Nikki Haley. Jim Knotts later apologized saying it was merely a jest.

6. John McCain

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Not all racism is directed at blacks, Asians have also had a fair share of racial attacks. It is unfortunate that John McCain’s name pops up as one of the current racist politicians. The former presidential aspirant was noted to have said during the 2004 presidential campaign that he hated Asians – whom he referred to in the derogatory term “Gooks” – and would continue to do so as long as he lived. McCain has also been known to be hostile to Muslims, and Hispanics.

5. Rick Perry

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It was uncovered during the 2008 Republican presidential primaries that Rick Perry was less than friendly to black-Americans. He reportedly had a hunting preserve which he called “Nigger’s Head.” Unsurprisingly, the reported print on the rock at the entrance to the property vanished.

4. Lester Maddox

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Lester was a known segregationist right from his days as a restaurateur, refusing to serve black-Americans. Lester was known to pose for the camera with a baseball bat or axe intending to hit any black-American who attempted to enter any segregated premise – school, or business.

3. Brigham Young

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During his lifetime – 1801-1877 – Brigham was one of the most racist politicians in America. The Governor of Utah and leader of the Mormons, Brigham introduced racism into the Mormon faith – something that their founder, Joseph Smith never did. Brigham proclaimed that any Caucasian who mixed his/her blood by siring a child with an African-American should instantly be put to death.

2. George Wallace


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George Wallace as Governor of Alabama famously proclaimed, “Segregation today… tomorrow and forever.” He infamously stood at the steps to University of Alabama attempting to block the first 2 African-American students entering the institution. He was however, forced to yield to US Army troops sent in by President Kennedy.

1. Donald Trump

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Despite repeated support for his policies by members of the Ku Klux Klan, Donald Trump has failed to disavow the KKK when called upon to do so. Whilst he attempts to make us believe that he lacks a racist bone in his body, a lot of his words and recently, actions speak otherwise. He has on countless occasions attacked muslims and called a judge biased because he is Mexican. His company has – on two previous occasions – been sued by the Justice department for refusing to rent out to black people. As a matter of fact, his entire business history has been marred with a comprehensive list of discriminatory acts against black people. Even Native Americans have not been spared by Trump’s rhetoric. He has stereotyped Jews sharing an anti-semitic meme that was created by his white-supremacists followers. In all, his words, actions and inactions (calling the beating of a homeless latino a “passionate” act by his supporters – give a gore foreboding of what to expect when he finally assumes the role of commander-in-chief.

These so far, are the most racist politicians. Some current racist politicians still occupy significant positions in American politics today and one only recently got a post in the White House to steer the world affairs for the next four years. What do you think? Is Donald Trump really just being misunderstood? We would like know. So pass on your comments and we would respond.

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