Top 10 Quirky Dishes

The world is a global village now. Foods and dishes that were only limited to one country before are now easily available all across the globe. In the USA, there are different restaurants specialized in providing food items that belong to other countries. So, tasting something new is not a difficult task and quirky food dishes have become very famous these days. People are always excited to know more about quirky serving dishes and try them. Different quirky dishes out there will surely amaze you. Here is the list of top 10 quirky dishes for you.

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10. Balut

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It is one of the quirky dishes you won’t believe exists at first. It is actually the duck embryo. It is boiled alive and that too before it hatches. After that, you need to eat it from the shell. How does it sound to you? Taste it once to know.

9. Chicken Feet

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Chicken feet are next in the list of our quirky food dishes. It is mostly made up of the skin that adds a bit fun to it. It has a nice and good taste but one thing to worry about is that the bones will get on your nerves after few minutes.

8. Tripe

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When it comes to quirky serving dishes, one can’t forget about tripe. It is the stomach lining of various animals with an unusual texture. It has a strange look. Different sauces are used to add some flavor to it. Moreover, it can be served only with onions.

7. Black Pudding

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Black pudding is one of quirky food dishes you need to try. It has a good taste. Congealed blood is cooked up and various natural flavors are added to it. Breadcrumbs and thickening agents are also added to make it more lush and tasty.

6. Marmite

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Marmite, also known as Vegemite, is surely a quirky dish. It is made from yeast extract. It is slurry from the bottom and that’s why most of the people just throw it away. It is a brownish paste with a salty flavor. Some people use it with cheese and toast. You will either love it or hate it.

5. Pickled Egg

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Pickled egg is one of the quirky dishes you must try. As the name suggests, it is a hardboiled egg. It is sour in taste, but many people still love it.

4. Guinea Pig

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It is one of the most strange food items when it comes to quirky serving dishes. But yet, the same species is used for different tests, experiments and medicines. According to some people, it does not taste good. It is roasted in casserole and is similar to a rabbit in taste. If you want to eat some exciting quirky food dishes, you must give it a try.

3. Turtle Soup

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Turtle soup is made of the skin, meat and innards of a turtle. It is easily available in all parts of the United States. However, it is considered as a Chinese recipe. Some people may not want to give it a try. Although it doesn’t look ugly or weird, the feel and the thinking of how it has been made may spoil the mood of a person. If you want to try something different and want to have the strangest quirky serving dishes, it is a must dish to try.

2. Snake Wine

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The name says it all. It is an alcoholic beverage made of rice wine and snake. The snake may be venomous but it is still safe to drink because of ethanol. Generally, the drink is available in two different types. In one type, the snake is immersed in the wine and left there for months. In another type, the fluid of snake is drained directly. Many people believe that this wine is good for health.

1. Rats

Quirky Dishes

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None of us would like to eat rats until or unless we die of hunger. Today, eating rats is considered as something quite normal. When it comes to quirky dishes, the rat is the strangest item you would ever hear about. Fried, dried and salted rats are served and eaten by people from some parts of the world.

Each one of us is different. The food liked by one may not be liked by another. However, you may try all the above-mentioned quirky food dishes and see how it feels. If you want to enjoy quirky serving dishes, there are so many options available for you. Hit the restaurants today and get something strange to eat.

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