Top 10 Psychic Powers You Wish You Had

Admit it, there are some psychic powers you wish you had. There comes a time in life when you get stuck in something and you just wish to have some extraordinary human psychic powers to get out of that situation. Stories of superheroes and other creations always fascinate us no matter how old we are and we just want to have the reallife psychic powers like them. Below mentioned are some of the most talked about and famous psychic powers people would love to have.

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10. Invisibility

When it comes to having super powers, invisibility is one of the most wanted one. People love to be invisible. It will allow them to do whatever they want. Just think for a while what can you do if you are invisible? You can help eliminate the crimes and help the society. You can also fulfill all your dreams. You can go wherever you want without any worries. It will surely be something exciting and funny, isn’t it?

invisibilityImage Credit: Adam Mabry

9. Super Human Strength

After watching the super humans in different TV shows and movies, one surely wishes to have all such powers in the real life. It is one of the human psychic powers everyone wishes to have. If you have this power, you will be able to save your people from any evil or danger. You will also be the person everyone would love to meet with.

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8. Healing power

When someone gets ill in our families, we dream of having some healing powers. All of us have seen in the movies that a magical person makes the patient healthy through holding the hand in a flash. Every one of us would like to have such human psychic powers. Apart from our friends and family members, we can save the life of many other people as well.

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7. Time travel

Time travel is one of the most talked about real life psychic powers people would love to have. We all imagine that if we had such real life psychic powers, we could go to the past to see what it was like when we came into the world. It will let you know about the future as well. All of us have seen many movies about time travels and time machines.

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6. Night Vision

The vision of the human being is very less at night. There is no natural light at night and we need to switch on the electric lights. But imagine having night vision! Doesn’t it sound exciting and funny? It is one of the human psychic powers we all would love to have.

Image Credit: We Know Your Dreams

5. Superhuman Speed

Imagine if you could run at the speed of light! You could run from one part of the world to another with this power and no one could catch you. You could also enjoy racing with underground trains as well as fast animals. It would have been really fun if we had such real life psychic powers.

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4. Talking to animals:

Many people love animals and they wish to have such real life psychic powers that could allow them to talk to the animals directly. It would have been lot of fun and exciting if humans had such psychic powers.

talking-to-animalsImage Credit: Wall321

3. Mind Control

What if you could control the mind of other people? Possessing such human psychic powers would be simply amazing. It could allow you to convince everyone easily and make others think the way you are thinking. Such psychic powers could also allow you to do whatever you want without any worries.

Image result for Mind ControlImage Credit: Patterns of meaning

2. Magic Finger

Imagine having the world controlled only with your finger. What if you could draw anything through your finger and then it appeared in front of you. You could have all the cars, foods and simply anything you want.

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1. Flying:

All of us would love to fly and see the sky. It is one of the psychic powers everyone wishes they could have. Thus, you could go anywhere you want anytime and do different things. You could also play your role of saving the lives of others and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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There are some reasons why such psychic powers have not been given to the human beings. The world could have been a totally different place if we had such powers. Such powers could have given birth to many fights and disputes in the society. Whenever you think of such powers, think of making use of them in the right manner. Life is still beautiful and you should enjoy it to the fullest. There is a real life psychic powers in all of us . Make use of the psychic powers you have in your life and live happily.

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