Top 10 Most Polluted Countries

To say that we can find a country totally free from pollution would be an outright lie. That notwithstanding, some countries have really pulled up their socks as far as pollution is concerned. These countries who decided to take the bull by its horns ensure a safe environment for animal, plant and human life. Some, on the other hand, need a little bit of encouragement and inspiration to do so. We have decided to name the top polluted countries here and hope that their leaders will rise to the occasion and change things for the better. Here is the list:

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10. Bahrain

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With a PM2.5 pollution of 57ug/m3, Bahrain almost didn’t make it to the list of the world’s most polluted countries. It is ironically the cleanest country in our list. However, compared to other nations, air pollution is dangerously high in Bahrain. What makes this great country one of the most polluted countries on earth is smoke, energy production, dust and industrial emissions. The life expectancy in Bahrain is 73 for males and 76 for females.

9. India

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India is all about industrialization and technology. They have thousands of manufacturing companies which emit hazardous gasses to the environment. Their population of over 1.2 billion citizens also worsens the situation. A high population translates to more vehicles, building construction projects and more waste. Their average PM2.5 pollution is 59ug/m3. Delhi, Ahmedabad and Raipur are some of the most polluted cities in the whole world.

8. Turkey

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What makes Turkey one of the top polluted countries is its great number of cities with a PM 2.5 of more than or equal 35 (more than 48 cities). Some of these cities include Zonguldak, Duzce, Aydin, Batman, Igdir and Isparta. Turkey is a manufacturing hub for a wide range of motor vehicles, textiles, agricultural products, home appliance, consumer electronics, transportation equipment and construction materials. These industries aren’t friendly to the environment.

7. United Arab Emirates

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It is sad that one of the richest countries in the world suffers from air pollution. The average PM2.5 pollution for the United Arab Emirates is 61ug/m3 making it one of the world’s most polluted countries on the planet. Al Gharbia City, UAE’s capital, is ranked as the most polluted in the country. Vehicle emissions and waste from construction sites contribute to the environmental degradation of the country.

6. Egypt

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Egypt lands in the 6th position of the most polluted countries with a PM 2.5 pollution of 74ug/m3. This is mainly contributed by the population which totals 87.4 million. The country also burns a lot of coal and wood used for heating. Egypt has many factories and vehicles which also add up to the air pollution. Egypt’s capital, Cairo is among the world’s most polluted cities in the world.

5. Bulgaria

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Technology and scientific research make Bulgaria one of the top polluted countries of the world. It has a great emerging market economy with the private sector accounting to approximately 80% of the total GDP. Just a while ago, this nation enjoyed clean air and water because farming was the order of the day. Once industrialization took over, it didn’t take long for it to contend to the list of world’s most polluted countries

4. Bangladesh

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If you have ever visited Bangladesh, you bear witness that it is one of the most polluted countries of the world. Its population estimate is 156.59 million with a DP (PPP) per capita of $3,167. Three of its cities make it on the list of the top 25 world’s cities with the worst quality of air. Narayonganj which is the capital of Bangladesh is the most polluted city in the nation followed by Dhaka and Gazipur. Its PM2.5 pollution is 79ug/m3.

3. Afghanistan

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Afghanistan comes in 3rd place among the world’s most polluted countries with a PM2.5 pollution of 85ug/m3. Kabul the country’s capital happens to be the worst of them all. It features 3,000 deaths due to air pollution every year. What contributes to Afghanistan’s position in the top polluted countries is burning of rubber tires and plastic bags as well as using diesel generators.

2. Qatar

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There’s a downside to being a rich and industrialized country. Pollution levels rise as the economy rises. Qatar is one of the best examples of rich yet most polluted countries. It has an average PM2.5 pollution of 92ug/m3. The total population is estimated to be 2.15 million with a GDP (PPP) per capita of $96,903. Everyone enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life but all suffer from air pollution.

1. Pakistan

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With an average PM2.5 pollution of 101ug/m3, Pakistan emerges at the top position of the world’s most polluted countries. Pakistan’s Karachi, Peshwar and Rawalpindi are ranked the 5th, 6th and 7th cities with the worst air quality respectively. If you still doubt whether Pakistan really is the number one in the list of the top polluted countries in the world, think about the 80,000 hospital admissions reported every year in the country as a result of pollution. Most of these patients often suffer from chronic bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

Do you know any countries that are missing from this list of the mist polluted countries? Let us know in the comments section below. Please find time and read our hot top 10 articles from around the world.

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