Top 10 People Who Communicated With Souls Through Ouija Board

Across history, we find a lot of stories and information about people trying to contact the other side of death through Ouija board. This is a bizarre soul communication method that scared the hell out of those who have used it. It is also one of the most popular sold items that are meant for this use. It consists of a flat board, printed with letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks, the words “yes” and “no” and some numbers. Users need to place their finger on a pointer that is supposed to move and tell a series of messages without the participant intentionally moving it. Most people have laughed about the potentially dangerous effects that the board can have and use it for fun at pajamas parties. Some people who have used this method for communication with souls reveal their stories.

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10. Kristine Cannon – Halloween, 2009

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On the day before Halloween, Kristine and her husband Frank were really bored and went to Walmart to find some board games to kill their time. Once arrived there, Kristine seemed to be attracted to the Ouija board, maybe because of the holiday spirit and decided to try and contact a ghost for fun. After a few attempts in asking ghosts to talk to them, Frank asked for the last time if there are any demons that want to talk to them and asked for a name. After the pointer moved alone to “yes” and then spelled the number “666” Kristine got really scared and told the demon to go, but he moved the pointer to “no”. Seconds after it started to count down from 9 to 1 and then their dog began to bark at the door. She opened the door but no one was there and the dog ran barking to the bedroom. They have let the demon enter their home.

9. Robert Stamper

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Robert Stamper and his brother have experienced a bizarre soul communication using this psychic device. At first, it seemed that nothing happened, but then, the indicator began to move on its own spelling the name Seth. They did not believe that it was really a person and asked for a supernatural action that resulted in a scary experience as the temperature dropped drastically and the chandelier began to move violently. The ghost told them that a friend’s grandfather will die in a week.

8. John Ravens – Toronto, Canada

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During their experience of trying communication with souls through the board, John Raven and his family invited a demon into their house. What was supposed to be a joke became their worst nightmare since the demon made them bleed and gave theme severe burn marks turning their living room upside down. The planchette started to spell words and John thought the children were playing jokes on him and his wife, so when the spirit asked if he could visit, John said yes and in a few seconds the demon appeared.

7. Sandra Jobin

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Due to the popularity of Ouija boards amongst Sandra’s colleagues from school, she and her friends decided to make experience this bizarre soul communication. During the experiment, they got into contact with Nath, who committed suicide. Nothing scary till the kids asked Nath if he is a good spirit and no answer came back. After a short pause, Alex asked again if there is anyone there and the answer blow their minds: “Death”. They told the spirit to prove it, confident that one of them was doing this when it went dark and Alex started screaming. After the light went back up, he had a big scratch on his arm and the board spelled: “see”. They decided to say goodbye and never use it again.

6. Jason – 2009

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Jason’s older brother brought home, this supernatural device for them and their sister to experience communication with souls. After a few minutes of messing around with questions, their mother walked into the room and took the board to the trash. After 26 years from this experience, their mother found the board in the attic and she thought her kids took it out from the trash.

5. Sharese

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After a few times during her childhood, she has messed around with the Ouija board something started to become really creepy. When some of her friends were playing with the board in she was just watching, the board started to spell “it’s her, get her out”. After this experience, the devil started to follow her and she could see it standing in corners, in far away windows and feel him constantly. She fell into a deep depression and started to have long memory gaps.

4. Amber – Alberta Canada

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Amber lived in a basement suite with her boyfriend and curiosity made them buy an Ouija board and play with it. They still made some research before using it and noticed that in order to contact peaceful spirits from the other side, they should use the board in broad daylight at 3 pm (the hour when Christ died and Virgin Mary ascended to Heaven). They had an interesting and positive experience with a Pakistani that was murdered in their house and couldn’t leave but he was happy.

3. Liam – USA

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Liam and four of his friends have come with the idea of trying out bizarre soul communication for fun. They used a scotch glass instead of the pointer, turned off all lights and lit some candles. They got a spirit that told them he was Ilkerl and proved his presence by slapping one of Liam’s friends. They asked if he is a spirit? But he told them that he is “El penumbra”. The boys asked if he is a demon and he replied “YES. NOW DIE” and the room got cold and the board started spelling PORTAL. That’s when they tried to bid the spirit goodbye and started to pray.

2. Shelley Hennig

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Shelley Henning playing the role of Debbie Galardi in Ouija board movie from 2014, uses the device and tosses it in fire after getting frustrated for not getting any answers. After that, she finds her board in her bed and looks through its oculus. This communication with souls device made her commit suicide by hanging herself.

1. Elizabeth Reaser

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Elizabeth Reaser plays Alice Zander in Ouija 2016. She and her two daughters make money by getting people to believe they have a bizarre soul communication way for them to speak with their loved ones who have died. At some point, her teenage daughter comes with the idea to include an Ouija into their scam sessions. Paulina prepares the board with magnets so that she can move the pointer where she wants. During these attempts, she opens a portal for an entity that takes possession of her 9-year-old sister.

Putting in balance one or two positive communication with souls experiences and a dozen sessions went wrong, I would say it would be better to leave the spirits from the other side stay there. Most people underestimate the power of this device and use it as a fun experiment. Scientists, mediums and paranormal specialists have explained a thousand times that this board can only be used with an expert that knows all rules and instructions of it in order not to put yourself or others in danger. Personally, we would not use the Ouija for anything in the world.

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