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Ever since 1938 when video games were conceived, there have been over a hundred million PC strategy games developed. With all these options out there, it is increasingly becoming difficult to pick out the best strategy games on PC to play. Thankfully, this list article will make your work much easier- we have sorted through the mess and listed the top 10 best PC strategy games.


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10. Transport Tycoon

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Laden with modern designs and isometric landscapes, this PC game is bound to give you the thrill of your life. What makes this game one of the best PC strategy games is the fact that it has a freemium version that users can start with and only upgrade to the premium version once they are convinced it is worth their bucks.

9. Hearts of Iron IV

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Critics believe that the long time the developers of hearts of iron took to develop the game as an indication that they were taking time to factor in all user recommendations gathered from previous versions. Arguably, this is one of the reasons why they ended up with one of the best strategy games on PC. You will not find many PC games that take such an intricate look at political environment both before and after war.

8. Imperialism 2

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Good PC strategy games ought to find a theme that has both fun and interesting tasks without seeming too entertaining or attractive. This is what imperialism 2 is all about. They have taken the normal war game themes but then added a twist of logistics and taxation that almost takes the thrill out of the war – unless of course you find work thrilling. Any lover of PC strategy games will agree that this is one of the best strategy games on PC.

7. Warlords III

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This game by red orb entertainment is a must have on the list of best strategy games on PC. It is a minimalist PC game that portrays how clashes between a number of rival armies lead to grand conquests. The complexity of challenges in warlords III is cleverly hidden in its simplicity and one could easily miss the point.

6. Darkest Dungeon

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Some gamers love this PC game because of the amusing narrator while others love it because of the atmosphere of corpses. However, the biggest winner for the game that makes it one of the enviable PC strategy games is hidden combat techniques in the game. Darkest dungeon will give you a gaming experience that can best be described as something in between Poe and Lovecraft.

5. Battle of Wesnoth

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This is one of the PC strategy games that every gaming enthusiast should install on their PC. This freeware game is one of the most downloaded and reviewed strategy games and that explains why it has been constantly updated and improved for the last 10 years. What makes this game popular is that it is absolutely free – not free like the other games that have locks that you have to purchase. It is free-as-is.

4. The Settlers II

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This is arguably the most relaxing of all strategy games. The challenge of the game is to transform a nascent colony into a fast paced economy. The player spends most of their time watching transportation loops and is therefore not a good game for lovers of thrilling action. The game is built to encourage contemplation rather than rushing through the levels to reach the finish line.


3. Myth


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Myth is another interesting strategy game. It is more about survival rather than growth and conquest. The game is an interesting concoction of a rather boring narration coupled with some pretty sophisticated physics which work together to catapult the game to higher echelons of tactical combat. No other game portrays the picture of the outnumbered better than myth.

2. Off World Trading Company

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What makes this game a very unique strategy game is the way it was developed into a theme without following the other patterns already adopted by similar games. Even though the game is about off world colonies, the challenge is not keeping the colonies happy but rather to make huge profits. Even though the game doesn’t have any combat, it is probably the most ruthless strategy games that have been developed so far.

1. Frozen Synapse

PC Strategy Games

                                                                                                                                                    Image credit: PSV Home

If you have ever wondered how it feels like to be a genius, then this is the strategy game for you. Every now and then the game gives you 5 seconds of tactical genius play. All you do is provide orders to your soldiers and then either watch your enemies walk right into your trap or watch your soldiers get stuck in an impossible situation – until you get your five seconds of genius and save the day.

We hope the list makes it easier for you to select the best strategy game for your PC. If it does, share the link with your friends and help them too!

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