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Nowadays, depression seems to be a very common problem due to different daily stressful factors. Despite all doctors prescribing a large amount of medicine for people who suffer from depression, you should know that there are a lot of natural drugs that can help you escape this feeling. On the other hand, the existence of natural drugs to get high has diminished drug addiction and drug dealing today. Even though, taking drugs is not recommended you need to choose the less harm thing between two harmful things. Also, before taking any kind of pill you should to some research in order to know the side effects of natural drugs in human body. Further on we will make a top ten list of natural drugs that can treat different health problems and get you high.

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10. Catnip

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It may seem awkward to use the same thing that you give your cat, but nevertheless, it is one of the natural drugs to get high with. Of course, it is not as powerful as heroin but it gives you a narcotic buzz. Additionally, you need to know that it is far less harmful than illegal drugs since it has a low risk provoking toxic shock syndromes. The active substance is nepetalactone, known for its anti-bacterial properties but that acts like a sedative. It has the ability to develop well-being feelings being a bit psychoactive. It is commonly known as “the mellows”.

9. Betel Nuts

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Betel nuts are used as traditional natural drugs to get high in Indonesia. This is the main reason why people in Sulawesi are always smiling proudly, despite their stained teeth and their mouths are always full of bloody liquid. Betel nuts is a cocktail made of local narcotic plants, common in Southeast Asia and an areca nut wrapped in betel pepper leaves with mineral lime and spices. In this combination betel nuts act as a minor euphoric and powerful stimulant. Though they don’t have serious side effects it is better to consume them only occasionally.

8. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seed

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This type of natural drugs to get high is a natural alternative to LSD. This cheap supply that can be found in all Home Depot, Walt-Mart and Lowes is one of the most powerful hallucinogens. Despite their innocent looks contain LSA, a d-lysergic acid amide. If you take 3 seeds you can prepare for a ride in space. This won’t kill you no matter how many you take but they can make you vomit.

7. Wormwood

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Yes, it sounds awful, but this leafy green plant is the ingredient of the most hyped up liquors, Absinthe. This drink has been banned in a lot of places around the globe due to its psychoactive effects after the natural drugs in human body start to activate. Wormood can be drank of smoked and offer mild to moderate psychoactive experiences just like marijuana.

6. Kratom

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Kratom is one of the natural drugs in human body that can do a lot of things. From helping with erectile problems, premature ejaculation to heightening all your senses for an amazing sexual encounter but also for getting you high. This brown leaves can turn into a very fine powder that can be eaten, drank or smoked. The easiest way to ingest it is with a drink, for example in your tea due to its awful taste.

5. Penicillium Mold

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These natural drugs might not seem so pretty at the beginning, but their benefits can help you get over the aspect, taste and smell and take them in order to feel better. Penicillin has changed the medicine history, being the first drug to combat bacterial infections effectively and resulting into cures for a lot of affections like syphilis and strep. It is a common species of mold that can grow on organic material.

4. Willow Bark

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Willow dark is amongst the most common natural drugs as it contains salicylic acid that helps reduce fever. In antiquity people used to chew bark in order to reduce fever and inflammations. This natural ingredient can be found in a lot of medicine and drugs and has powerful healing effects.

3. Psilocybin Mushroom

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These natural drugs in human body cause psychedelic trips and euphoria and are found in 200 species of mushrooms. Most of these mushrooms can be found in the wild of Mexico. The concentration of psilocybin varies from a species to another and from a part of the fungus to another. Still, you should be careful with mushrooms since there are poisonous species that have lethal effects.

2. Blue Agave

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The most popular amongst natural drugs in human body is alcohol. Its uniqueness consists in the production process of fermentation that appears when yeast eats the sugars of the used water plant. Blue agave is a Mexican plant, named usually tequila, with a center looking like a pineapple. This plant is roasted and mashed in order to provide sugar that will be rotted resulting in alcohol.

1. Opium Poppy

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Opium poppy has the first place in the top ten natural drugs to get high due to the strong substances that are quickly absorbed by the human body. Opium poppy can result into morphine, heroine and codeine after the slicing process of the poppy, drying the milky fluid and obtaining raw opium. Morphine is usually used in hospitals for painful procedures in order for the patient to feel nothing.

All gathered, nature has a lot of mysteries and natural drugs have been discovered across history. Used to treat depression, pain, had aches or stress, these natural herbs have helped the development of medicine along time. Even though they are not always used in the right way they have a lot of benefits for the organism.

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