Top 10 Natural Disaster Movies

Just a few hours ago, the small town of Forbes in New South Wales, Australia was declared a natural disaster zone after over a hundred properties were affected by floodwater over the weekend. That is the thing with natural disasters, they can happen to just about anyone, at any time. In honor of the victims of the flooding in Australia and all those who have experienced a natural disaster, as well as all those who are yet to or may never experience one –lucky you – this is a list of some of the best natural disaster movies 2015 – 1997, that have ever been made. Find the links to these disaster movie trailers here.

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10. Aftershock

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In number ten of the list of best disaster movies ever made, is a tale of an earthquake in New York. This miniseries which was nominated for the Emmy Award was shot in 1999 and found its way to CBS airing on November 14 and 16 of the same year. Based on the book written by Chuck Scarborough, it tells the story of a city’s efforts at surviving and rescuing victims of an earthquake. It also shows the unity the natural disaster brings to its inhabitants as they are faced with no other option than to rally what is left of their lives amongst the ruins. This and other disaster movie trailers can be found here.

9. San Andreas

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Of the disaster movies 2015 had to offer, San Andreas was a shining light. Whilst this daring tale of a couple’s rescue of their daughter received mixed reviews by critics, it still remains one of the best disaster movies 2015 produced. The San Andreas movie trailer was rated amongst some of the best disaster movie trailers by various websites.

8. Doomsday Prophecy

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We all thought that the world would end in 2012. Brett Moore, the author of the novel that bore the movie had a clear vision of how it was all to play out. Starting with the mysterious disappearance of the black sea, this movie tells the story of how the Earth is destroyed by earthquakes caused by the black hole swallowing up planets. Seven mystical Indian creatures help stop the black hole and the world is forced to rebuild itself.

7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Amongst disaster movies, none gets points for originality as this proud member of the Planet of the Apes series. This sequel to its predecessor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is a tale of how a deadly virus, commonly known as the Simian Flu, destroys human civilization eliminating over 99% of the world’s population and leaving genetically enhanced apes to start a civilization of their own. This eventually brings conflict between the mutually suspicious apes and humans as another war prepares to begin. Everything about this movie is perfect, including its movie trailer, which was ranked amongst the best disaster movie trailers of 2014 by Empire Online.

6. Dante’s Peak

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Meritoriously amongst the list of best natural disaster movies ever made is Dante’s Peak. This is a tale of a volcanologist (the role portrayed by Pierce Brosnan) who visits a small countryside town that had only just been ranked as number two in the list of most desirable places to live in America. The volcanologist soon discovers that a volcano which has been considered dormant could become active impromptu. This tension and tragedy filled movie is, by every means, deserving of the four awards it has won till date.

5. World War Z

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A defining mixture of adventure, action and horror, World War Z stands tall amongst all the zombie movies ever produced. This tale of how a former United Nations staff fights against time to put an end to a zombie pandemic is chilling. Directed by Marc Forster, this movie has been nominated for 23 awards and won 3 including the MTV Movie Awards.

4. Perfect Sense

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A very small faction may debate the inclusion of Perfect Sense amongst a list of disaster movies. But otherwise, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? A romantic tale of two lovers at a time when a global epidemic causes people to lose their sensory organs one at a time. In spite of the disaster movie trailers somewhat depressing in nature, only few movies on this list can be considered as original or as heartbreaking as this.

3. The Day After Tomorrow

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A morbid tale about global warming and the effect it may have on the planet, the Day After Tomorrow features Dennis Quaid. He plays a paleoclimatologist, Jack Hall, who is forced to undertake a daring trek across America to find his son as the world undergoes a cataclysm as a result of climate change.

2. Children of Men

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Children of Men is a futuristic tale of a chaotic 2027 planet earth in which all the women suddenly become infertile. The psychological play of this storyline is one for the ages . The infertility of the women does not kill the living but rather deprives humans of any hope for the future; a much worse scenario. This movie which has been nominated for 71 awards (including 3 Oscars), out of which it has won 41, has every right to be amongst the list of best disaster movies of all time.

1. Armageddon

Natural Disaster Movies

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What could be better than a Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck portrayal of a Michael Bay directed movie; an asteroid attack on Earth? Not much I guess. Whilst the scientific accuracy of Armageddon may be debatable, the twist, horror and suspense certainly aren’t. If you aren’t a fan of disaster movies, Armageddon is certainly the place to start.


So those are the best natural disaster movies that ever found a way to the cinemas. Whilst many may understandably fault us for not including other good natural disaster movies 2015 had to offer, this disaster movie selection is based on various movie critics rating disaster movies 2015 – 1997. We would, however, urge you to fill in your comments as we love hearing from you. Natural disaster movies are simply a reminder of the fact that we can face a natural disaster at any point in our lives. We only have to be prepared.

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