Top 10 Myths About Witchcraft

If you are one of those people who are ever curious about what witchcraft is all about, then stand up and do a dance now because, apparently, you are not alone. This is your lucky day since you get to join us and many other curious minds into the journey of exploring the myths about witchcraft. We are here to put to light, the top 10 misconceptions concerning these spiritual beings known as the witches so read on and discover some great insights that will transform your mind.


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10. Witches do not marry


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Contrary to common belief, witches do marry. They are basically normal people with supernatural abilities. Witches cry, fall in love, live normal lives, marry and give birth to children like we all do. The next time you have a crush on a witch, go ahead and table your case. You may be in for the best relationship of your life.

9. Witches have no respect for wildlife


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Most rituals performed by witches depict the use of animal blood which brings the general population to the conclusion that they slaughter animals anyhow. Unfortunately, this is one among the many myths about witchcraft that is just that: a myth. Wiccans have spoken widely concerning their love for Mother Nature and one of the real facts about witches is that they wouldn’t tamper with creation unless the gods have been given permission to do so.

8. Witches dress in black


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We know of people among us who hold a steadfast belief that when they discover an individual who always wears black outfits, they immediately conclude it is a witch. If you are anything like them, you have got to snap out of this silly thinking and place it on the top 10 list of the witchcraft myths.

7. All witches are Wiccan


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The Wiccan religion begun by Gerald Gardner back in the 1950s sought to bring all witches together under the name of “Pagans”. The religion preached the good news that witches are not harmful creatures but rather peaceful people who want to use their gifts to help humanity. To say that all witches subscribed to Wiccan religion, would be one of the witchcraft myths because some witches just felt no need to be restrained within the boundaries of any religion.

6. A witches’ diet includes blood


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Please stop watching “Witches of East End” and “The originals” if you want to stop believing in untrue myths about witchcraft. Witches eat normal food which is tasty and suitable for human consumption. They may use blood to cast spells and perform other rituals but drinking it is out of question for most them.

5. Witchcraft is all about the devil


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One of the real facts about witches is that they do not worship one god. They have gods and goddesses they offer their prayers to. However, witchcraft is not Satanism as other people may believe. The latter worship and submit to the fallen angel Lucifer also known as the devil but the former have their own gods. You will be surprised to know that witches do not even believe in the existence of Satan. Christians are the ones who do. The movies we watch, the books we read and what we see around us have led us to believe in these myths about witchcraft.

4. Witches are cultic


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For as long as we can remember, covens are known by most people as cults. Whenever a group of witches came together to channel energies towards a certain goal, the meetings were known to be highly cultic. This is one of those myths about witchcraft with no basis at all. We guess it is the secrecy of these magical businesses that led us to the conclusion that these clandestine and chanting meetings must have belonged to a cult.

3. All witchcraft practices are evil


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In all honesty, some witches are more vicious than the devil himself. All they do is practice black magic on others. These are the ones who through casting spells, force people into falling in love with them or their clients, kill others, curse the innocent and steal property. While this is among the real facts about witches, it is also a mythology because not all witches are evil. A good number of them promote the greater good of the society they live in.

2. Witchcraft is a feminist religion


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Wrong. Even male witches practiced and were persecuted just like their female counterparts. What makes this myth stick to the minds of many is the number of female midwives, healers and spell caster compared to that of men.

1. Witchcraft is a threat to Christianity


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According to the Bible, witches and wizards are sinners who have no place in the society. Christians term them as evil-doers who deserve punishment by fire. What makes this accusation totally untrue is the number of common facts between Christianity and Witchcraft. They both believe in a supreme being who rewards good deeds and punishes wrongdoing. One of the real facts about witches is that they have no beef about Christians but they are killed and persecuted for believing in a sovereign being of their choice.

Before you go around spreading untrue information about witchcraft, please update your ‘realfacts about witches” list following this read. It will do everyone great favor if the words out of your lips were based on nothing but the truth. Thank you for finding time to read this article today. We will be even happier if you went through the other interesting reads on this website.

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